VA May Not Require Memorial Day Invocation At National Cemetery To Be Non-Denominational

Herman Cain and the Fed

Feminists shouldn’t try to stifle debate about abortion

MP: Christianity is seen as fair game for abuse in UK

NY: Bill would strip Planned Parenthood of funding

Tennessee Gov. Asked to De-Fund Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz

African-Americans, Bullies and the Debate Over Same-Sex Marriage

Marriage: “There just wasn’t any rush”

Wisconsin man charged with plan to attack abortion clinic

“What’s Really Behind’s Bloomberg’s Gay Marriage Pitch?” The debate about how much economic benefit legalizing same-sex marriages in New York will have might be in doubt, but Bloomberg’s libertarian message will do more than add dollars and cents to the argument. By providing intellectual cover for those Republican senators he’s been targeting, Bloomberg’s conservative argument for gay marriage might keep the fence-sitters from feeling like they’ll have to fall on their swords.

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Nebraska Gov. Signs Webcam Abortion Ban, Parental Consent Bill

W. Bradford Wilcox: Sex and the married American

FFRF objects to Tennessee school prayer

Head of Russian Railways says homosexuality is the same threat as environmental pollution

CNN: “Expert: Use gay slurs controversy to tackle homophobia in sports”

    CNN: “Kobe Bryant, Joakim Noah and Roger McDowell are not any different from many people in our society who use offensive language like that on a daily basis,” said Jarrod Chin of the Society for the Study of Sport in Society at Boston’s Northeastern University. “These incidents provide a real opportunity for the NBA and MLB to take a strong stance against homophobia.”

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Senate to Move Forward on Verrilli, Mueller Nominations

Law school sued over ‘false’ employment statistics

MN: Anoka-Hennepin School District GLBT policy criticized

Dem senators want to warn states against targeting Planned Parenthood

Court Rejects Same-Sex “Marriage” In Costa Rica

Pakistan: Christian tombs desecrated, woman gang raped

John Jay Study: A $2 million exercise in political correctness

India cracks down in coerced child marriage marriage case

Gallup: “U.S. Adults Estimate That 25% of Americans Are Gay or Lesbian”

Pro-Life Activist Confronts Culture of Death in Azerbaijan

FRC: Research Shows Marriage Reduces Childhood Poverty by Two Thirds

Kenyan Christians raise alarm over judicial nominees

Conservative Group Threatens to Sue Over Military Weddings

Kansas: Brownback Signs Bill De-Funding Planned Parenthood

FIRE: Justice Robert H. Jackson Legal Fellowship

    FIRE: FIRE is seeking one energetic person to serve as our next Justice Robert H. Jackson Legal Fellow. Working closely with FIRE’s President and Director of Legal and Public Advocacy, Jackson Fellows produce legal scholarship on issues central to FIRE’s mission of protecting core constitutional liberties on campus—freedom of speech, due process rights, freedom of assembly, freedom of conscience, academic freedom, and more . . .

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Prince William County schools respond to ACLU by removing filter on websites about LGBT issues

Planned Parenthood and ACLU sue to stop new SD abortion counseling law and waiting period

UN advisor: “Nigeria should work towards attaining a maximum of three children per family”

Conservatives want congressional action for chaplains

Activists call on Congress to protect military chaplains

Pastors Question IRS over Preaching Politics

    CBN: Jordan Lorence, a religious rights lawyer for the Alliance Defense Fund, said the muzzling law goes back to the 1950s.”For most of American history, there was no restriction at all on what pastors could preach from the pulpit,” he said. “Lyndon Baines Johnson, when he was the majority leader of the Senate, basically got irritated with some pastors who were on the radio opposing his re-election as senator,” Lorence continued. Johnson eventually amended the tax code to limit what church leaders could say. “The Johnson amendment violates the freedom of speech clause of the First Amendment,” Lorence said.

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Berlusconi to Obama: “we have almost a dictatorship of leftist judges.”

Belarus’ president threatens to ban foreign media

Ken Klukowski: Supreme Court releases thousands of imprisoned felons

ADF Requests Immediate Release of Imprisoned Belarus Christian Leaders

Va. Federal Court Strikes Ban on Direct Corporate Contributions to Political Candidates

Australian State Defeats Bill To Exempt Religious Groups From Some Equal Opportunity Requirements

School Choice Is the New Normal

Feds Raid Home Of Suicide-Kit Selling Grandmother

Christians worry Egypt being hijacked by Islamists

A 62% Top Tax Rate?

Swedish hospitals launch campaign touting early pregnancy