“Human Rights Campaign Praises New Federal Guidance on Protecting Transgender Federal Workers”

Ed Whelan: Stubborn Facts About Judicial Elections

The Totalitarians Within – “UCLA is a UC Campus Against Islamophobia”

Polish Lawmakers Want Ban on Gay Foster Parenting, Resist Civil Unions – Emerging Europe Real Time – WSJ

South Africa Uganda envoy Qwelane guilty of hate speech

Prayers removed from Texas public school graduation

Senate Gets 100K Petitions Asking to Stop Tax-Funded Abortions | LifeNews.com

Stopping the Hate: The Attack on Chick-fil-A

Swedish women warned over Danish sperm

Teen boys in high schools in Florida and Virginia named prom queen

Scotland: “Second minister set to quit Kirk over gay clergy row”

Wis. Supreme Court challenger concedes defeat in race seen as referendum on union rights bill – The Washington Post

OR: Christian Faith-Healing Parents on Trial for Refusing Medical Attention

You Are Funding Forced Abortions in China

‘Illegal Children’ Abducted by Chinese Authorities and Trafficked Abroad

11th Circuit appeals court authorizes recordings of Obamacare oral arguments so they can be sold

RI civil union bill faces next hurdle

Rabbi Pursues Class Action Over D.C. Special Election During Passover – The BLT: The Blog of Legal Times

Russia’s Orthodox Church, MPs Pushing Bill to Limit Abortions

Britain finds cross-party support for decriminalizing saying ‘homosexuality is sinful’

Legislature could pass up to 6 abortion bills

Alabama Senate approves major personhood measure, pro-life bills

Marriage reduces childhood poverty by two thirds: study

1st Circuit: Maine judge, lawyer nominated for federal appeals court

The United States of Justice Kennedy

Groups Target Thomas’ Wife’s Work to Force Him to Sit Out High Court Rulings on Health Care

Warrantless cell phone searches spread to more states

    CNN.com: Think about all the data — photos, videos, text messages, calendar items, apps, call log, voice mail, and e-mail — on your cell phone right now. If you’re arrested, could the police search your cell phone? And would they need a warrant?
    That depends on which state you’re in.

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Scottish government moves against UK Supreme Court

Texas court again affirms sex is determined at birth, not changed by surgical procedures

Some Christian Colleges Are Concerned About New Federal Regulations Taking Effect In July

Many Churches Miss IRS Filing Deadline For Health Care Tax Credit

AFP: “More countries accepting homosexuality: study”

Collateral Attack On Santa Rosa School Consent Decree Is Limited By Court

Pepsi Ignores Criticism on Use of Aborted Cells in Research

ACLU Wants Porn For Inmates

Hungary’s Cabinet To Consider New Law On Churches

Advocate.com: “Progressive Military Chaplains Fight Back”

“Ministers: ‘Gay’ rights shouldn’t hurt religious rights”

Peaceful expression, imprisonment, ADF plea

Desert Sands school district near settlement over bricks

A terrifying future for female fertility – by the man who created the Pill

Pakistan: Christian girls kidnapped, forced to marry, convert to Islam

Algerian Christian Given Five Year Prison Sentence for Blasphemy

Another Christian murdered in Iraq

Chaplain groups ask military to create religious liberty protections

Steven Aden: Amendment IX of the United States Constitution

Gas Tanks Are Draining Family Budgets

Turkey defends Internet filtering plans

Maltese voters opt for legal divorce in national referendum

Gallup poll: Approval of Assisted Suicide Support Drops to Lowest Level in 8 Years

Anti-Christian Violence Continues in Pakistan

Illinois House approves bill allowing casino in Chicago