Alan E. Sears: On “Enemies,” Foreign and Domestic

Christian Club Reinstated at NY Public School

Future of Family in Coalition Britain Conference — A WCF Regional Congress — To be Held June 29

    Christian Newswire: Speakers will include Rt. Rev. Dr. Michael Nazir-Ali (retired bishop of Rochester, Church of England, and former chairman of the Human Fertilization and Embryology Authority’s Ethics and Law Committee), Stewart Jackson, MP, Peter Hitchens (award-winning columnist and author of “The Rage Against God”), Graeme Leach (Chief Economist, the Institute of Directors, which provides support services to business leaders), Prof. Julian Rivers (professor of Jurisprudence, University of Bristol), Benjamin Bull, Esq. (chief counsel, Alliance Defense Fund) and Ignacio Arsuaga (president of the Spanish pro-family group and organizer of World Congress of Families VI — Madrid 2012).

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Tennessee House Unanimously Urges Counties to Display Ten Commandments

Moody’s Just Threatened To Slash The US Credit Rating

“Gay softball league limit on straight players OK’d”

Legal Periodical: The Convention of the Rights of the Child: The Rights and Best Interests of Children Conceived Through Assisted Reproduction by John Tobin

“Teaching creationism: Louisiana law that skirts US ban survives challenge”

Christian refugees may be trapped in Iran

Legislation to limit abortion proposed in Russian parliament

Some Missouri strip clubs dance around new restrictions

UK: Why do people get married after having children?

Maine Senate debate on violence to fetus bill put off

European Court of Human Rights Targets Poland Pro-Life Laws

“Obama gay pride month proclamation ignores the ‘real persecution,’ SBC leader says”

Study: Marriage Key to Healthy Economy

Chuck Colson: Born Homosexual?

Alabama House votes to delay vote on abortion-related bill – State News

Former Senate candidate Christine O’Donnell says FEC dismisses Delaware GOP complaint

Amsterdam marriage commissioners to undergo annual reviews ensuring support for gay ‘marriage’

Andre Agassi launches charter school building fund

IN: Pro-Lifers Blast Obama for Defending Planned Parenthood Funding

$14,000 Fine (Plus Order to Apologize) in South Africa for Anti-Homosexuality Op-Ed and Cartoon

“Gays and God: German Catholic Doctors Offer Homeopathic ‘Gay Treatment’”

VA: FFRF Says “Ten Commandments Proposal for Giles County Schools is Unconstitutional”

Madison Center Brief Argues Federal Ban on Corporate Contributions Is Unconstitutional

Rhode Island: Motion to cover Cranston school prayer to be heard Aug. 31

2nd Circuit: NY can block school worship service – Bronx Household of Faith

8 senators hold fate of N.Y. ‘gay marriage’ bill

Richmond Federal Reserve Bank hoists rainbow flag

By 2100, some see too many births, some too few

IHOP (the restaurant) files new lawsuit against IHOP (the ministry) –

India: She’s 10 and Now May Be Sold to a Brothel

Group Asks California AG To Sue Preacher Who Falsely Predicted

China to name bishop without pope approval

Federal budget no easy moral question

Dalai Lama Gives Up Secular Powers, Thwarting Alleged Chinese Plans

U.S. urges 4th circuit to decide constitutionality of Obamacare

Rep. Steve King compared to McCarthy in ACORN floor spat

    The Hill: Rep. Norm Dicks (D-Wash.) made the comparison in comments on the House floor after King attempted to exclude dozens of groups related to ACORN from receiving government funds through an amendment to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) appropriations bill.

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Oil and Gas Prices Rise Again

Dispute Grows as Egyptian Gas Doesn’t Flow to Israel

Ron Paul warns of ‘dictatorship in Washington DC’

Legal Periodical: Discrimination by Religious Schools: Views from the Coal Face