Anti-abortion students withdraw Minn. school suit

NYC Can Kick Religious Services Out Of Public Schools: Gothamist

Minnesota School District Agrees to Recognize Pro-Life Club – Life News

NY: Policy revision benefits Christian club – One News Now

Court: NYC Schools Allowed to Ban Worship Services – CBN

Netherlands: Geert Wilders’ Closing Remarks at his Trial, 1 June 2011

Texas Gov. Rick Perry Calls Graduation Prayer Ban ‘Reprehensible’

Federal Judge Prohibits Prayer at Texas Graduation Ceremony: AG says I’ve never seen such a restriction on speech issued by a court

US VP Biden, a Catholic who supports abortion, meets with the Pope in unannounced visit

Unions press for marriage redefinition in NY

Lesbian prostitutes in Prague: Abusive men and broken homes

Florida Gov. Scott Signs Bill to Not Fund Abortion in Obamacare

White House Launches New Website: “Winning the Future for LGBT Americans”

Now Bible Faces Blasphemy Charges in Pakistan

Huntsman plays up conservative credentials in speech

Allan Carlson: Pure Visionary: The Life and Times of Anthony Comstock, Moral Crusader

    Allan Carlson at Touchstone: Even Comstock’s political “descendants” in contemporary America, the socially conservative Religious Right, are largely oblivious of his legacy. My informal survey of a dozen contemporary American pro-family leaders found only one who had even heard of him; this despite the fact that Comstock succeeded in almost every aspect of his purity campaign: from crushing the pornography industry to suppressing abortion and contraception. Indeed, under any fair comparison, the current pro-family and pro-life movements have been failures.

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U.S. Offers Foreign Aid to Countries Holding Billions in Treasury Securities he United States is providing hundreds of millions of dollars of foreign aid to countries that it borrows billions from, according to a report by Congress’s research arm.

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Christian group plans prayerful protest at Medina Valley graduation

Feds Rule Against 2nd Catholic College, CNS Analyzes Assault on Religious Liberty

Bipartisan Congress rebuffs Obama on Libya mission

California Group Asks Court to Declare California Ballot Initiative Laws Unconstitutional

Matt Sharp on Connecting Faith: Religious Freedom in the Schools

Interview with RI Catholic Bishop: Civil unions are gateway to greater social evil

Home-schoolers sometimes at odds with Catholic dioceses

Moscow closes an Islamic center

Book details MacArthur’s efforts to fill Japanese ‘spiritual vacuum’ after World War II

State Delegate asks Richmond Federal Reserve Bank to remove rainbow flag

BC School Board trustee-candidate conducts ‘homophobia’ presentations without parental notification

Chilean Cardinal blasts homosexual ‘civil unions’ legislation backed by president

Australia abortion clinic pushes for bubble zones to fight pro-life vigils

Colombian Communist Rebels Kill Own Men for Being Christians

UK: ‘Father’ ordered to pay £100k for children he never knew he had after ex-wife tricked IVF clinic into using his frozen sperm

Radical social engineering is being pushed at the World Health Organisation (WHO)

UK: ‘Sex and the City generation’ of women in their 40s sees abortion rate soar by a third

Divorce ‘permanently harms learning and affects their ability to make friends’

    Daily Mail: But as soon as the divorce process started, the children suffered a range of problems that persisted, a report in the American Sociological Review [June 11] said . . . ‘Children of divorce experience setbacks in maths test scores and show problems with interpersonal skills and internalising behaviour,’ lead researcher Hyun Sik Kim, of the University of Wisconsin-Madison, said.

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What exactly does Obamacare regulate?

    aca litigation blog: The regulated activity: Much ink has been spilled over whether Congress–using its commerce power alone, or its commerce power in conjunction with the Necessary and Proper Clause–has the authority to regulate “inactivity.” But there is a logically prior question–a question that is often quite tricky in enumerated powers cases–that must be resolved before reaching the inactivity issue. Namely, one has to define exactly what conduct Congress is regulating in the challenged provision. | Hat tip: How Appealing

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Jennifer Roback Morse: The essential public purpose of marriage

Indiana Defies Federal Government on Planned Parenthood

Illinois: Baptists Can Proselytize At Catholic Festival– But No Bull Horns

Australia: Victoria Parliament Votes To Expand Religious Exemptions To Equal Opportunity Act

U.S. State Department: Message on the Twenty-Second Anniversary of Tiananmen Square

TX: Valedictorian Moves To Intervene In School’s Appeal of Graduation Ban On Prayer

9th Circuit Rejects Bid For Paid Position By Wiccan Prison Chaplain

Obama solicitor general: If you don’t like Obamacare mandate, earn less money

Debt fight continues despite Wall St. warning

Airman discharged under ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’

Wis. lawmakers target police, firefighter benefits

Linda Chavez: Putting Children First

Minn. pro-life club no longer aborted from campus life

Documents show FCC coordinated ‘Net Neutrality’ effort with outside group

The Circumcision Wars: San Francisco takes on a ritual rooted in the Jewish covenant with God.

“Michigan Adoption Agency Earns Human Rights Campaign Foundation’s ‘All Children – All Families’ Seal of Recognition for its Work with LGBT Families”

Chuck Norris and Stephen DeMaura: Loser Pays Tort Reform in Texas Protects Jobs and Spurs Growth –

LA: Vermilion board vote ends single-sex classes

Appeals Court Bans Church From Renting School Building – Charisma

Federal Court Rules New York City Can Ban Schools From Churches –

Maine Family Policy Council: They wonder if we exist: Where are the Christians?

N.Y. Schools Can Ban Church Worship Services, Court Rule – Christian Post

‘Biological fact’ wins in TX marriage case – One News Now

Schools Must Allow Religious ‘Expression’ But Can Ban ‘Worship’ – National Law Journal

Keep the Ten Commandments, Lose Your Job: Macy’s Sued for Religious Discrimination

Assisted-suicide advocate Jack Kevorkian dies at age 83