2 Dem Lawmakers Move to Expand Abortion in the Military

Pakistani Christians shocked by proposed Bible ban

CT legislature approves gender identity bill, Gov. expected to sign

Gates to Marine Sergeant: No opt-out for opponents of normalization of homosexuality in the military

Giles County Ten Commandments vote expected this afternoon

SF to PCC’s: Your Clients Are Too Dumb; Tell Them You Don’t Abort Children at

L.A. officials proclaim first “LGBT Heritage Month”

Catholic Charities sue Illinois over foster rules

GSA Network gets federal grant to launch “Safe & Healthy LGBT Youth Project”

Maine Senate Defeats Bill to Protect Pregnant Women, Unborn

Pro-Life Group Takes on Baltimore Law Hitting Pregnancy Centers

Death Row Inmate Execution Pain an Issue, Abortion Pain Ignored

Steve Mosher: Why is the UN arbitrarily inflating population predictions?

MS: Pro-choice forces seek to prevent referendum

U.S. high court allows in-state tuition for illegals to stand

Soccer Official Bans Islamic Head Covering For Iran’s Olympic Women’s Team

Army Appoints Military’s First Hindu Chaplain

Waivers — who gets ‘em and why?

Va. inmate sues after gruesome tries at sex change

“ACLU Asks Gwinnett Schools to Unblock Gay Websites”

GM chief pushing for higher gas taxes

Gary McCaleb: Crossing the West

How Religious Is Religious Enough?

Gregory S. Baylor: Pressure on Messiah College to Abandon Biblical Sexual Ethics

Jordan Lorence: “Worship Services Are Like A Rodeo: NYC School Board May Bar Church Services From Meeting In Schools On Weekends”

Czech Republic Strikes Down Cheap Foreign Abortion Legislation

Pro-life club alive at Minn. high school

New Yorkers and Their Bishops Speak Up on Marriage: Rallies oppose governor’s effort to legalize same-sex ‘marriage.’

John Jay Study Undermined by Its Own Data

    Bill Donohue of the Catholic League at the NCRegister.com: Despite many strengths, what seriously mars the report is its ideological reluctance to deal forthrightly with the role of homosexuality. Let it be said at the outset that it is not my position that homosexuality causes predatory behavior. Indeed, this argument is absurd. As I have said many times, while it is true that most homosexual priests are not molesters, most of the molesters have been priests who are homosexual. Nothing in the report changes my mind, and indeed there is much in it that fortifies my position.

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TX Public School Teachers Set To Protest House Budget Debate

The Justice Department’s PC-Heavy Press Releases

Alaska’s Ebbing Oil: The Obama supported campaign to shut down the Trans-Alaska Pipeline

Richard A. Epstein and Mario Loyola: ObamaCare’s Next Constitutional Challenge

    Richard A. Epstein and Mario Loyola at WSJ.com: The constitutional battle over ObamaCare has largely focused on the constitutionality of the individual mandate. Namely, does forcing individuals to buy health insurance violate the commerce clause? But as the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals prepares to hear Florida v. United States, a second issue is of equal importance: Was District Court Judge Roger Vinson correct to rule that the federal government can force states to expand their Medicaid programs as a precondition for continuing to receive matching federal funds for the program?

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Dollar Index at 1-Month Low as China Warns on US Assets

U.S. has $61.6 trillion in unfunded obligations or $534,000 per household

McConnell: Dem plan is to do nothing

Ninth Circuit to Hear Health Care Challenge | Pacific Justice Institute

Husband-wife couples no longer a majority in Kentucky