Christians fear for their lives in Arab Spring

BBC suicide documentary Choosing To Die sparks debate

UK: Christian sacked after abortion leaflet row

“Top gay rights leader: kids of religious families are ‘target demographic’ of anti-’gay bullying’ ad”

Dem. representative uses Hyde Amendment to defeat Louisiana bill banning all abortions

Belgian Doctors Boast of Harvesting Organs After Euthanasia

Indiana: Donations to Planned Parenthood Not Tax-Deductible

John Garvey: “Why We’re Going Back to Single-Sex Dorms: Student housing has became a hotbed of reckless drinking and hooking up”

Reports Of Muslims Stoning Praying Jews At Western Wall After Friday Prayers (VIDEO)

Muslim birth rate falls, population to grow more slowly

European Union commends Turkey’s Erdogan for victory

Catholic opposition forced China to halt illicit ordination

Spanish pro-abortion politician ‘not welcome’ in Paraguay say thousands on Facebook

Pakistan Punjab: acquittal for 70 Muslim extremists on trial for the Gojra massacre

Nepal: New criminal code to stop conversions to Christianity

Ctr. for Reproductive Rights Files Lawsuit Challenging Texas Abortion Sonogram Law

Cleansing of Christian Thought from UK Health Services

Spokane religious and other sculptures provoke controversy

ADF argues to breathe new life into Arizona Abortion Consent Act

High Court Upholds Nevada Ethics Law

Tennessee Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz Loses Tax Funding

Georgia Supreme Court stands by charter school decision  

Indonesian Court Sentences 17 In Attack on Christian Churches

Azerbaijan Parliament Passes Amendments To Law on Religion

“Gay Advocates to Hand-Deliver Petition to Southern Baptist Convention Calling on Group to Apologize For Mistreating LGBT People”

“El Paso City Council to revisit gay benefits issue (4:10 a.m.)” despite voters

“Orlando gay rights and domestic partners: Orlando will pursue a domestic partner registry”

“Video: Pro-gay Kenyan senior legal appointees reach last hurdle”

MA: “Church delays priest’s gay-friendly Mass”

Croatia: 137 arrests, violence as thousands protest “gay pride” parade

Omaha, NE: “Clergy Proclamation: Being Gay Not A Sin”

More South Dakota couples choosing to live together outside of marriage

English archbishop: Marriage a ‘public good’, other relationships are inherently unstable

“Poll: Taxes, ethics trump gay marriage, rent in Albany”

“New Same-Sex Marriage Initiative Unlikely in California”

Supreme Court rejects sex bias claim on citizenship rule

Pa. judge: No expulsion for kindergarten touching

California: “Butte gay couple challenge federal marriage act”

Top Cuomo aide: ‘The votes are there’ to redefine marriage – vote expected before end of the week

“Court to decide whether Prop. 8 judge’s relationship should wipe out gay marriage ruling”

Boies, Olson Video: “The freedom to marry is a constitutional right as recognized in Loving v. Virginia.”

U.S. State Dept. lauds “LGBT Pride”

Scott Yenor: The Family’s End

Setting the Record Straight on Texas School Choice SB 1 Bill

Brian Raum: “Cuomo, Bloomberg: Social re-engineering is our highest priority”

    ADF attorney Brian Raum at The Daily Caller: New York is faced with a monumental decision, the full consequences of which we cannot begin to predict. One thing is sure, however: if the politicians succeed with their “highest priority,” it will guarantee, by design, that more children will be raised without either a mother or a father. That may be a side of history that Gov. Cuomo and Mayor Bloomberg want to be on, but I and most other Americans do not.

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Fundraiser Ended Over Bible Verses

Suit filed after student allegedly told not to share faith on campus

Late-term abortions at University of Wisconsin Hospitals prohibited, no longer funded

High School Fundraiser Canceled Over Bible Verses

Told Not to Preach, Tennessee Student Sues Community College

Fox News: “Some Gay-Rights Foes Claim They Now Are Bullied”

Legal Periodical: George W. Dent, “No Difference?: An Analysis of Same-Sex Parenting”

ADF: Will court throw out ruling on Calif. marriage amendment?