NY effort to redefine marriage gains support in GOP Senate

ProtectMarriage.com legal team responds to Judge Ware’s ruling

Pakistan: bishop urges release of woman forced to convert to Islam

European Parliament President opposes Palestinian drive to UN

Hong Kong: Beijing wants socialist patriotism taught to Hong Kong students

India: “Karnataka: Three Christians arrested on false charges of forced conversions”

Ed Whalen: “Ware, rather than grapplying squarely with Prop 8 Proponents’ argument, disposes of it by mischaracterizing it”

LA: Abortion Center Shown Falsifying Documents on Botched Abortions

Catholic University reverts to single-sex dorms

New Threat to Ireland’s Pro Life position from Council of Europe

Boehner demands that Obama provide legal basis for Libya mission

Ken Blackwell and Ken Klukowski: Recovery and resurgence starts with the family

    Ken Blackwell and Ken Klukowski at the Washington Examiner: First of a series of three excerpts from “Resurgent: How Constitutional Conservatism Can Save America,” published by Threshold Editions of Simon & Schuster.
    There are many trying to define the current political crisis as entirely about the cost of government and size of government. They fail to understand the big picture of the interdependent nature of the American body politic and the precepts that are absolutely essential to sustaining limited government over a multigenerational time span.

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IN: FFRF contests South Bend plan to give property to a Catholic school

LA Times: “Gay jurist in Proposition 8 case had no legal obligation to remove himself, judge rules”

Egypt Debt Buoyed by Obama Guarantee for $1 Billion Eurobonds: Arab Credit

LA Times: Bankruptcy Court declares Defense of Marriage Act invalid

Clarence Thomas on defendants: “But for the grace of God, there go I.”

Landmark prostitution case hits Ontario’s Appeal Court

“Walk with us” concerned parents beseech Catholic Bishops in Ontario

New Zealand gov’t facing charge of genocide for Down’s testing scheme

“Utah’s first openly gay legislator resigns”

Pennsylvania senators vote to study cost of proposed abortion-clinic rules

“Early Man and the Law”: Alabama ruling upholds parental rights, concurrence invokes Blackstone and the law of nature

Fifth Circuit Invalidates City Zoning Ordinance that Treats Churches Less Favorably than Similar Secular Land Uses

5th Circuit: Aliens not covered by the Second Amendment

NYT: “Census Shows Rise in Number of Gay Adoptions”

3rd Circuit: Appeals court limits punishment for speech or writing done by students out of school

William C. Duncan: Bankruptcy Court Goes After DOMA

NY GOP senator: Religion freedom exceptions key to marriage vote; measure to redefine is two votes short

Contract to Defend DOMA Violates Spending Law, Complaint Says

Southern Baptists see drop in members, baptisms

Transcript: Republican Presidential Debate Covers Marriage, DADT, Abortion

Transcript: Republican Debate Includes Discussion of Church-State Issues and Attitudes Toward Muslims

Suits Challenge Religious Leaders In Two New York Hasidic Enclaves

Supreme Court Denies Review In Pledge of Allegiance Case

Spanish Parliamentarian Is Sworn In Using Crucifix

Report: Students don’t know much about US history

“French parliament rejects same-sex marriage bill”

ACLU: Department of Education Reinforces Students’ Right to Form Gay-Straight Alliances

Catholic Archbishop of NY: The True Meaning of Marriage

GA: ACLU still awaits GCPS response on Internet filter

George Berkin: Return prayer to public high school graduations

Austin R. Nimocks: Why should we trash Walker’s Prop 8 ruling? Court rules spell it out

Marriage Equality Foes Respond in New York

MD: Problematic law targets pregnancy care centers

College charging fee for witnessing

‘Gay’ judge’s verdict ‘must’ be abandoned: Prop 8 supporters argue Walker stands to benefit personally from his court decision

“Ruling soon on gay judge in California same-sex case”

Homosexual Federal Judge the Center of ‘Unprecedented’ Legal Challenge

“U.S. court mulls if gay judge can rule on gay marriage”

Court Mandates Idaho Town to Lift Church Meeting Ban

Arizona Court Holding Hearing on Pro-Life Abortion Law

Calif. High School Rejects Bible-Verse Bricks, Bails on Fundraiser

ID: School Fights to Use Religious Books in Classroom

TN: College Bars Student From Preaching

Erik Stanley: Politics Stand between a Church and the Disadvantaged in Virginia

Religious text ban case climbing ‘the ladder’

Speaking for the sisters?

“Political allies of the abortion industry”: San Francisco supervisor joins with NARAL in assault on pro-life pregnancy centers

Everyone gets punished

NC Register: “Strong Catholic Identity Can Protect Religious Liberty”

    NCRegister.com: The problem is that the NLRB’s attempts to force Catholic colleges to comply with federal labor laws are part of a larger trend, described by Kevin Theriot of the Alliance Defense Fund in a recent analysis for the Center for the Advancement of Catholic Higher Education. “Federal and state laws are increasingly being used to coerce religious institutions into actions and commitments that violate deeply held religious convictions and moral principles,” Theriot writes . . . “But an educational institution that veers from a religious founding will probably not be able to demonstrate that it is a religious organization,” Theriot warns. Authentically Catholic colleges have an “advantage” over other religious colleges because they have been given clear standards to follow in the 1990 apostolic constitution Ex Corde Ecclesiae.

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VA: Church Says City Violated 1st Amendement Rights

Judge to decide Calif. marriage case Tuesday

New Egypt? 7,000 civilians jailed since Mubarak fell

UK mother agrees to donate her womb to daughter

Ken Klukowski: Supreme Court says officials’ speech is not protected by First Amendment