US commits ‘cultural terrorism’ by sponsoring gay pride event in Pakistan

Alan E. Sears: The Church Devalued and Demeaned

AFP: Furore over Nigeria’s bid to introduce Islamic banking

Joel Oster: Confusing Ruling Bans Worship Services, But Allows Worship

Ron Paul calls for abolition of an abusive TSA

    The Hill: What we need is real privatization of security, but not phony privatization with the same TSA screeners in private security firm uniforms still operating under the “guidance” of the federal government. Real security will be achieved when the airlines are once again in charge of protecting their property and their passengers. In the meantime, this week I am introducing the American Traveler Dignity Act . . .

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Hundreds Protest Veteran Cemetery Director

Choosing Boys Over Girls

“RI gay marriage groups vow to press on”

UK’s largest counselling body backs pre-abortion counselling amendment

“Ontario Premier: Catholic schools have no choice but to accept gay clubs”

Polish MPs give moving testimony before voting for total abortion ban

UN Using Sex-Selection Abortion Problem to Push for Abortions

Planned Parenthood Has Lost $200K in Kansas Tax-Funding

In Defense of the Debt Limit’s Constitutionality

Scalia and Thomas disagree about children and free speech

Under the U.S. Supreme Court: First Amendment, Kennedy triumph

Clarence Thomas: The Supreme Court justice doesn’t mind being the odd man out Conservative scholars who admire Thomas say he, more than any justice, exemplifies the legal theory of “originalism” — the idea that the Constitution must be interpreted solely as its words would have been understood by those who approved it 222 years ago. “He looks to how the Constitution was understood at the time of the ratification. He goes to first principles. And he is willing to challenge precedents that deviate from the original understanding,” said John Eastman, a Chapman University law professor and former Thomas clerk.

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Justice Ginsburg’s future plans closely watched

Michigan to appeal decision deeming affirmative action ban illegal

67% Say States Should Be Able to Prohibit Sale of Violent Video Games to Children

IG: Pentagon DADT Report had “Pro-Repeal Agenda”?

Legal Periodical: Equal Protection, Same-Sex Marriage, and Classifying on the Basis of Sex

Legal Periodical: Some Juridical Implications of the Same Sex Persons Marriage at México City

Philippine Officials Suggest Government Lottery Donations To Catholic Church Were Unconstitutional

Ken Blackwell and Ken Klukowski: Time’s Orwellian Story on U.S. Constitution Refuted!

Contradicting Earlier Report, News Story Says Iran’s High Court Overturned Apostasy Death Sentence

ACLU’s profile on the rise in Delaware

India’s health minister: Homosexuality is unnatural “disease”

U.S. opposes Mexican’s execution

Pro-’gay,’ anti-bullying training ‘not needed’

“Gay marriage across the land”: not so fast

Pro-Family Coalition’s First EU Conference

MilesEye View of 4th of July-Feature Commentary

“When Same-Sex Marriages End in Divorce”: Americans are a roving sort

Shock: Thousands of UK Abortions on Disabled, Down Syndrome Babies

49 House Members Demand Probe of Kagan, Obamacare

Churches Can Use City Schools for Worship During Appeal

“Mexican Church spokesman will appeal fine for public stand against gay marriage”

“Will Pennsylvania follow New York’s lead on gay marriage?”

NJ Citizen Banned from Displaying Religious Cross

Phyllis Schlafly: Court Wraps Video Games in First Amendment

Obama’s Price: $10 Tax for Union Teachers- You Pay

The Year of School Choice: No fewer than 13 states have passed major education reforms.

Legal Periodical: Untangling the Knot: Finding a Forum for Same-Sex Divorces in the State of Celebration

Wording matters in marriage polls

Legal Periodical: Same-Sex Marriage and the Right to Privacy

Legal Periodical: An Exemption for Sincere Believers: The Challenge of Alberta versus Hutterian Brethren of Wilson Colony (2011)

Legal Periodical: South Africa – Should Religious Associations Be Entitled to Discriminate?

Legal Periodical: Calculations of Conscience: The Costs and Benefits of Religious and Conscientious Freedom

Legal Periodical: Same-Sex Loving: Subverting White Supremacy Through Same-Sex Marriage