Wisconsin Pro-Life Group: Uphold Abortion Training Funding Ban

Alliance Alert Publication Schedule

U-turn on ban of religious items at elderly home

“Vatican official: UN gay ‘rights’ agenda endangers Church’s freedom”

Cal. Family Council urges constituents to contact Gov. to oppose “gay history” in schools bill

ABC: “Same-Sex Weddings: Who’s the Bride and Who’s the Groom in This New Relationship?”

Leniency shown to Muslims after charges filed

“Transgender” Students at U. South Fla. Will Have Option to Room With Either Sex

European court dismisses suit on Swiss minarets

Chicago drops buffer zone charges against another pro-lifer

Study: Children of divorced parents receive less financial help toward college costs

Poland begins its role as new head of the EU

Arizona: Judge Puts Abortion Drug Safety Rules on Hold

Pentagon suspends DADT in wake of court ruling

Civil rights groups sue to block Ala. law called toughest in US targeting illegal immigration

Top UN rights official says US breached international law by executing Mexican Humberto Leal

New Jersey Democrats Want Christie Planned Parenthood Veto Override

Laurence Tribe: We Cannot Pretend the Debt Ceiling Is Unconstitutional

    Laurence Tribe at NYTimes.com: They argue that the public debt clause is sufficient to nullify the ceiling — or can be used to permit the president to borrow money without regard to the ceiling. Both approaches provide the false hope of a legal answer that obviates the need for a real solution.

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FRC Praises House of Representatives for Affirming Defense of Marriage Act

China warns U.S. officials not to meet Dalai Lama

Controversial Debate On Secularism At The EP 

The Telegraph: “The American Right has lost its battle against gay rights. But will liberal propaganda feed more prejudice?”

NYT: “Marriage Options: A Simple Hyphen Will Do”

NYT: “Marriage in the U.S.: Unequal Opportunity”

W. Bradford Wilcox: Marriage Haves and Have-Nots

    W. Bradford Wilcox at NYTimes.com: The roots of this growing marriage divide are economic (the postindustrial economy favors the college-educated), cultural (less-educated Americans are abandoning a marriage mindset even as college-educated Americans take up this mindset) and legal (less-educated Americans seem particularly gun shy about marrying in a world where no-fault divorce is the law of the land). Alas, the same-sex marriage debate has crowded out any serious effort to remedy this marriage inequality.

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NY Times: “Marriage: How Moral Norms Evolve”

Three Louisiana abortion clinics cited for failure to report child rape

MI: Lawsuit Filed Over Lack Of Porn Available In Jail

Van Hollen urged to act against UW Hospital over abortion training

ACLU challenges ballot wording on Missouri’s public prayer proposal

Abortion foes ask Van Hollen to crack down on UW Hospital

Salaries Plunge for Lawyers; Unemployment Still High

UK: 1 in 3 children has never climbed a tree as figures show 60% would rather watch TV

Bryon York: Wisconsin schools buck union to cut health costs

Is Sex Just Like Race?

Pro-Family Coalition Targets NBC’s “Playboy Club” Fall Series

Senator Wants Information on AUSA Viewing Pornography at Work

CAP: AZVoterGuide.com Now Includes City Election Update

Frum Here to Insanity on Marriage Redefinition

ADF letter to Wis. Attorney General: Stop UW Hospitals from illegally funding abortions

Rep. Kline considers bill to block overhaul of union election process

Conservative senators lay out debt plan

    The Hill: Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah) and 21 GOP senators unveiled legislation Thursday that would require Congress to implement several spending caps across government spending, including entitlements, as well as pass a balanced budget amendment before the debt limit could be increased.

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Fox News takes on Media Matters’ nonprofit status

Texas executes Mexican citizen despite White House plea

Social Security Cuts Weighed by Lawmakers Under Change in Inflation Gauge

Why would anybody oppose an anti-bullying bill?