Missouri Gov. Nixon Lets Late-Term Abortion Ban Become Law

Calif. governor signs law mandating “gay history” lessons

Ireland moving to compel church to report sexual abuse, even breaking “seal of confession”

Ireland: Transgender legislation pledged

Australia: “Abuse and demonisation of gay marriage opponents must stop”

Australia: Foreign minister’s sister blasts “Global Gay Gestapo”

China Urges U.S. to Take Responsible Action on Debt

Muslims call for imams in the German military

Push for same-sex ‘marriage’ continues in Maine

A Gun Activist Takes Aim at U.S. Regulatory Power

    WSJ.com: Mr. Marbut isn’t basing his pro-gun effort on the Second Amendment, the one that talks about a right to bear arms, but on the 10th, which discusses the limits of federal power. “This is really about states’ rights and federal power rather than gun control,” Mr. Marbut says. There is “an emerging awareness by the people of America that the federal government has gone too far,” he maintains, “and it’s dependent on a really weird interpretation.” He is talking about the 1942 Supreme Court case of Wickard v. Filburn, which looms for him the way the Dred Scott decision denying rights to blacks did to antebellum abolitionists.

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America’s Budget Mess May Be Worse Than We Realize

A Generation of Divorce Testifies to the Importance of Marriage

    In a snapshot summary of her memoir released on Tuesday, In Spite of Everything, Susan Gregory Thomas gives a firsthand account of what remains of children and parents after the devastation of divorce. Thomas presents a vivid portrait of the children of divorce in her neighborhood who, with her, wandered as “sad-eyed, bruised nomads.”

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Poll: Young people in Indonesia, Malaysia oppose polygamy

Catholics shouldn’t fear Michele Bachmann

The Nonprofit Quarterly: Is El Paso Church Engaged in Inappropriate Political Campaigning?

Americans United for Separation of Church and State and allies send letter to Congress opposing parental choice in education

Pro-Lifers to Rally in New Hampshire for Planned Parenthood De-Funding

Committee Backs Judicial Nominees, Including Two for SDNY

Senate Judiciary Committee approves Higginson and Triche-Milazzo judicial nominations

ACT Moves Ahead on Dangerous Human Trials of Embryonic-Like Cells

Judge Rules for Pro-Life Girls Shackled, Strip Searched

Abortion adverts set to carry warnings in Russia

Dayton Agrees to Republican Budget to End Minnesota Shutdown

UN welcomes South Sudan as 193rd Member State

Pregnancy Center Leader Delighted by Ruling Against NYC Law

“Bloomberg gives maximum to NY Republicans who voted for gay marriage”

‘Conservative’ Chilean president to introduce civil union legislation

WI Court OKs Purchase of Search Engine Placement Triggered by a Competitor’s Name

One Last Alito Footnote: Let Judges Be Judges

2 Alaskan state judges face confirmation hearings for federal bench

“N.Y. Republican Senators Rewarded for Marriage Vote”

“Episcopal Church in New York Prepares for Same-Sex Marriage Law”

“New Deportation Case Tests Obama Administration on Gay Marriage”

New York Times article attacks natural family planning

Bachmann : 2012 is only window to undo Obamcare

Pro-Abortion activist plans Wichita clinic

Ohio Legislature Sends Late-Term Abortion Ban to Gov. Kasich

Stories of Hope: Moms Sacrificing to Give Birth to Children

Senate Cmte Votes Thursday on Pro-Abortion Judge Steven Six

Michelle Bachmann and Ex-Gays

    Greg Quinlan at PFOX-ExGays: Why have gay activists instigated media attention over ex-gays and the husband of Presidential candidate Michelle Bachmann? Apparently, Mr. Bachmann, who has a PhD in clinical psychology, operates several counseling centers which also offer services to homosexual clients seeking to overcome unwanted same-sex attractions. But because even one ex-gay proves that homosexual behavior is not innate or immutable, the gay lobby’s fear of their former members results in false claims and attacks aimed at preventing homosexuals from exercising their right to self-determination.

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CA: Anti-bullying law expanded to social networking sites

TN: ACLU lawsuit sparks changes by Sumner Co. Board of Ed.

Jeremy Tedesco: Anoka-Hennepin’s neutrality policy on sexuality makes sense

China ordains third illicit Catholic bishop in eight months

Law and Prophets Need Each Other

Ninth Circuit Hears Challenge to Health Care Mandate

NYC Women’s Clinics Don’t Have to Post Abortion Notices

Jim Campbell: The Intellectual Facade of the Case to Redefine Marriage

Ohio City Grants Free Speech for Independence Day

Judge Halts New York City Law Attacking Pregnancy Centers

    LifeNews.com: ADF Legal Counsel Matt Bowman commented on the law and the lawsuit in remarks to LifeNews.com. “Pro-life pregnancy centers, which freely offer real help and hope to women and their preborn children, shouldn’t be punished by political allies of those who make their money aborting babies,” he said. “This order keeps the city from enforcing a law that is specifically designed to deter pregnant women from receiving the help they need to make fully informed choices about their pregnancy while this lawsuit goes forward. The order also means that the court is likely to find the ordinance unconstitutional.” Bowman noted the court was also critical of the New York Civil Liberties Union’s defense of the city ordinance: “Given the New York Civil Liberties Union’s (“NYCLU”) usual concern for First Amendment rights, its amicus brief supporting Defendant’s expansive view of the commercial speech doctrine is puzzling.”

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Judge Blocks NYC Pregnancy Center Disclosure Law

US, Russia agree on rules for safer adoptions

Poll: Western Europeans believe China has supplanted or will supplant the U.S. as leading power

China worried about U.S. economy

Childhood Obesity: Harvard Prof Calls for Parents to Lose Custody

Chinese officials kidnap bishops of Guangdong to force them to take part in illicit Shantou ordination

Iraqi Christians open first new church since 2003

Moody’s Places U.S. on Review for Downgrade As Debt Talks Stall

    Bloomberg: Moody’s Investors Service put the U.S. under review for a credit rating downgrade as talks to raise the government’s $14.3 trillion debt limit stall, adding to concern that political gridlock will lead to a default.

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Ireland needs to challenge contentious interpretations of UN human rights treaties

Germany: “Berlin’s incoming archbishop promises meeting with gay activists”

NY clerks threatened with criminal prosecution if they refuse to issue same sex marriage licenses

Sweden: An American Homeschool Leader Goes to Europe

Mexico: Spanish Homeschooling Grows Dramatically

Fixing Thomas Jefferson’s Debt Celing Regrets

    Alfred Regnery at Townhall: Thomas Jefferson wrote in 1798 to liberal political theorist and Virgina Senator John Taylor that he wished the constitution included strict debt limitations: “I wish it were possible to obtain a single amendment to our Constitution. I would be willing to depend on that alone for the reduction of the administration of our government; I mean an additional article taking from the Federal Government the power of borrowing. I now deny their power of making paper money or anything else a legal tender. I know that to pay all proper expenses within the year would, in case of war, be hard on us. But not so hard as ten wars instead of one. For wars could be reduced in that proportion; besides that the State governments would be free to lend their credit in borrowing quotas.”

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FFRF sues over Gov. Perry’s prayer rally

AU alleges Indiana City’s $1.2 Million Gift to Religious School Violates Constitution

ACLU in Tennessee warns schools across state about holiday celebrations

Judge Upholds For-Profit College Regulations, With One Exception