Clergy Set to Defy IRS Ban on Endorsements

Russian Orthodox Church against becoming state religion

“N.Y. clerks opposed to gay ‘marriage’ have lawful options, legal group says”

“Obama, in stand for gay rights, calls for repeal of DOMA”

Criminal Prosecution for Clerks Who Won’t ‘Marry’ Homosexuals?

NY County Clerks Have Allies

Christian Clerks Face NYC Same-Sex Marriage License Dilemma

Pornography targeted by MO Baptist convention

Albert Mohler: Reparative Therapy, Homosexuality, and the Gospel of Jesus Christ

House Lawyers Denounce 9th Circuit Decision on Legislative Privilege

Maryland: “U.S. Sues ‘Aggressive’ Abortion Protester”

UK: Mother in court to end her ‘conscious’ daughter’s life

ACLU sues Vermont resort for refusing lesbian wedding

NC: GOP Searches For One More Vote on Abortion Bill

Obama Supports Repeal of Federal DOMA

“Catholic Maryland Gov. pushing homosexual ‘marriage’ on the state”

King announces third hearing on Muslim radicalization in US

ADF Allied Attorney Success Stories: July 2011

    Congratulations to allied attorneys Jim Bopp, Matthew Burkhart, A.C. Donahue, Peter Gentala, Ted Hoppe, David Langdon, Josiah Neeley, Brad Peppo, Deborah Sheasby, Dee Wampler, and Anita Woudenberg, as well as new Honor Corps members Charles Bundren, Ryan Kennedy, and Joseph Platt for their recent accomplishments and successes listed below.

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PA: Monroe charter school fights for right to sue

Vegetarian Hindus Can Sue N.J. Restaurant Over Meat

Mexican pro-lifers file human rights complaint over murder of 61,000 unborn babies

Hong Kong: IVF clinic aborts babies after implanting them in wrong woman

Chuck Colson: Danger of “Pro-Choice” Worldview Seen in Sex-Selection Abortions

Poland Abortion Ban Would Comply With International Law

ADF Attorneys on the Hugh Hewitt Show at the 2011 Alliance Defense Fund Academy

Utah Democrats choose homosexual to lead

NYT: “Same-Sex Marriage Faces Military Limits”

Board: Obamacare Should Force Coverage of Birth Control, Abortion Drugs

Ed Whelan: Senate Testimony on Defending Marriage

    EPPC: Thank you very much, Chairman Leahy and ranking member Grassley, for inviting me to testify before this Committee on S. 598, which is misleadingly titled the “Respect for Marriage Act of 2011.” I will briefly explain in my testimony why I oppose S. 598 and why I support the continuation in law of the Defense of Marriage Act (“DOMA”). S. 598 should also be understood in the broader political context of the Obama administration’s stealth campaign to induce the courts to invalidate DOMA and to invent a constitutional right to same-sex marriage. I will therefore discuss more extensively how, even before its February announcement of its formal decision to abandon defending DOMA, the Obama administration’s Department of Justice was systematically sabotaging its supposed defense of DOMA.


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Malay transsexual loses court bid to officially change gender

Second NY town clerk quits over marriage redefinition

ADF attorney to provide testimony before Senate Judiciary Committee on proposed DOMA repeal

“NYC to hold lottery for 1st day of gay weddings”

IL: More than 800 in Cook County get civil unions in June

Johnson’s block of UW judicial nominee draws criticism

Malaysian Court Says Constitution Does Not Protect Right To Renounce Islam

Michigan Church Sues Claiming RLUIPA and Constitutional Violations In Zoning Law

“In a first, Senate confirms judge who is openly gay”

Canada: “Christian or Lesbian: Identity matters”

International Representatives Call For Effective Measures To Combat Religious Discrimination

Can New York Municipal Clerks Require Accommodation of Objection To Licensing Same-Sex Marriages?

Fla. Federal judge orders Ten Commandments removed from Dixie courthouse

“Gay Marriage May End in Divorce at The Supreme Court”

ACLU: Alaska requirements for correcting transgender drivers’ licenses unconstitutional From a news release

Panel Set for July 20 Senate Hearing into Respect

‘Instant churches’ convert public schools to worship spaces

Despite N.Y.’s redefinition of marriage, clerks still have right of conscience

Traditional marriage advocates will defend clerks

Alliance Defense Fund Defends New York Clerks

“Religious freedoms group offers aid to clerks on gay marriage”

69% Think Competition Between Health Insurers Better for Consumers Than More Government Regulation