Albert Mohler: “Christian Church facing a revolution that is shaking its foundations: the gay revolution”

Poll: 94% of ob/gyns would provide contraceptives to minors without notifying parents

Ctr. for Reproductive Rights: Historic U.N. Ruling Finds Brazil Violates Woman’s Human Rights in Maternal Death Case

“Yes! There are people who don’t want to be homosexual anymore”

Perry and Romney split on global warming

“Same-sex marriage takes away children’s rights”

Rhode Island Pro-Lifers Prepared for Chafee Funding Abortions

Canada: B.C. Supreme Court shoots down Right to Die’s quest for assisted suicide

Muslim face veil fine in Belgium paid off by French businessman

Richard Landes: Liberal intellectuals are frightened of confronting Islam’s honour-shame culture

    Richard Landes at the Telegraph: The disconnect referred to in the article constitutes one of the most worrying developments in Western culture over the last decade: between a elite that controls much of the discussion in the public sphere (journalists, academics, talking heads, mainstream politicians) and who fear being called Islamophobes and racists more than they fear Islamist racists, and a population of people who, whenever they voice concern about the behavior of the Muslim neighbors, are told not to be Islamophobic racists. The problems are knotty and painful to disentangle.

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Iranian authorities seize thousands of Bibles

More Christians butchered in Nigeria

Italy ‘could recover billions in taxes by setting up licensed brothels’

Denny Burke: ‘Pregnancy reduction,’ an everyday horror

Perry says he doesn’t believe in global warming He said some want billions or trillions of taxpayer dollars spent to address the issue, but he added: “I don’t think from my perspective that I want to be engaged in spending that much money on still a scientific theory that has not been proven and from my perspective is more and more being put into question.”

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UK: ‘Wonderful’: Baby born after mum refuses abortion

Teresa Collett: ACLU attacks KS law protecting consumers from forced insurance coverage of abortion

Are women legislators more liberal on abortion?

Teresa Collett: Infanticide or Murder? Canada’s shifting answer

Wiccan days included on Tenn. university calendar

Organizers Sue to Take Down Michigan’s Anti-Union Law

UK: Couple sue employers over ‘caste discrimination’

Michigan Supreme Court supports cutting 49 judge positions

Maine: Same-sex “marriage” petition approved for ballot

Study: Are Cohabiting Parents Bad For Kids?

NY Times: “Parents Choose Cohabiting Over Marriage”

“Vermont governor presides over lesbians’ marriage”

Ron Paul clobbers Rick Perry in latest poll in Texas

OK: Court blocks harassment of pro-lifers

Canada: Coptics renew threat to remove 4,000 families from Catholic schools over ‘equity’ policy

Newly elected socialist president of Peru filling women’s ministry with pro-aborts, critics say

Phyllis Schlafly: Oh, How America Has Changed

Matthew Bowman: Why Force Abortifacient Drugs on America?

Louisiana: OHS prayer rally contested

VA: ACLU letter doesn’t stop Pittsylvania County prayer

Armstrong Williams: The Meta-Virtue That Creates Wealth

Astonishing story of family with 11 children under age 12 hits the mainstream media The astonishing story of a Maryland family with 11 children, ranging in age from 1 to 12, has been featured in a back-to-school piece by the Washington Post Newspaper. The August 10 story chronicles the Kilmer household’s day-to-day life and details how they manage to stay lighthearted and have fun while balancing what some might consider an impossibly difficult lifestyle. Read the Washington Post story here.

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Poll: Americans Trust Teachers, Split on Teachers’ Unions

Sex Ed Mandates and Children’s Innocence

Louisiana: OHS prayer rally contested

Planned Parenthood in Texas Regroups After Losing Tax Funds

“Selective Reduction” Abortions Shows Catholics Right on IVF

“American girls enlisted in global campaign against child marriage”

Republicans Urged to Try Again to De-Fund Planned Parenthood

Mass. convicted murderer claims right to state financed sex change operation

Election Looms in Health-Law Review

Washington Post: “Lawmakers’ destructive gamesmanship with judicial nominees”

FFRF: Care Net gone from

Onslow Co., NC: Invocation issue surfaces at commissioner’s meeting

Ruthann Robson: What’s rational about rational basis review? The stakes in cases involving DOMA or Proposition 8.

Report Disputes Data On Decrease of Christian Population In West Bank, Gaza and Jerusalem

Georgia City Approves Controversial Mosque

Prayer ban in public schools is a misconception

Wisconson: Wirch, Holperin win Senate recalls; GOP retains 17-16 majority

“ACLU Lawsuit Over School District Blocking Gay Sites Without Merit, Attorney Says”

Louisiana law school delays its opening; planned Indiana school deflects criticism

Millionaires Go Missing: There’s nothing like a recession to level incomes. (via Google): In 2007, 390,000 tax filers reported adjusted gross income of $1 million or more and paid $309 billion in taxes. In 2009, there were only 237,000 such filers, a decline of 39%. Almost four of 10 millionaires vanished in two years, and the total taxes they paid in 2009 declined to $178 billion, a drop of 42%.

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WV: New State Homeschool Policy “in the Works”

Transit agency head defends cell service shut-off

    AP: The idea to cut wireless communications to quell a brewing protest – a tactic that has put San Francisco’s subway system in the middle of a global free speech debate – first came to the agency’s chief spokesman in the middle of the night.

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Legal Periodical: What are Moral Absolutes Like?