Obama cancels deportation of illegals

Obama mandates new Federal diversity standards

Planned Parenthood to end abortions in 3 AZ cities

Exxon sues government over control of major Gulf of Mexico oil discovery, report says

ACLU sues over AZ law denying tax credits for organizations that promote abortion

‘Dominionism’ beliefs among conservative Christians overblown

Terence P. Jeffrey: Will Boehner’s House Fund Group That Kills 910 Babies Per Day?

David French: ‘Selective Reduction’ and Self-Indulgence

ADF on flawed marriage attack: Minn., U.S. Supreme Courts have already settled it

Christian Pakistani family escapes to Canada after 2 year old is raped for refusal to convert to Islam

UK: Man fights for changes to assisted suicide regs

Italian women ‘the most unhappy in Europe’: 1/2 regret marriage, 2/3 regret having children

Virginia reopens comment on proposed adoption rules

Islam Overtaking Catholicism in France; Nearly 150 Mosques Under Construction

IVF turns pregnancy into a shopping expedition … with deadly results

Appeal Filed Against Democrat Seeking to Silence Pro-Life Group

Does Your Marriage Have What It Takes to Last a Lifetime?

Florida teacher of the year suspended for calling “gay marriage” a “cesspool”

City Councilmen from Grimes, Davenport, Council Bluffs, join Iowa GOP group backing same-sex marriage

Bryan Beauman: In Indiana, it’s back-to-school time at the school of your choice

Brian Raum: If you can’t beat ‘em join ‘em

What Drives Law School Tuition?

Eugene Volokh: Tying Abstract Arguments to Concrete Ones

TN: Davidson sheriff’s booking policy eases rules on religious headwear

“9th Circuit: Idaho Charter School Teachers Have No 1st Amendment Right To Use Religious Texts”

“Most Austrians back extended abortion services”

Sex-selection shows pro-choice on abortion is wrong

    George Berkin at NJ.com: It turns out that some of the staunchest pro-choice advocates in New Jersey are shocked when adults overseas practice abortion for reasons that make sense there – but which offend the sensibilities of the domestic pro-choice crowd. Specifically, many in Asia are choosing abortion when a fetus is female, because they want sons rather than daughters.

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Philippines: House leaders vow fair debates on RH

Chuck Colson: Abortion Abatement

NY City Council Passes Bill To Prevent Religious Discrimination In Workplace

International tribunal rules that U.S. courts failed mom of 3 Castle Rock children in 1999 case

Iowa: Cedar Falls preschool plan draws fire from Atheist group

Your Religion, On Your Land, Is None Of My Business

    Amy Alkon on MND: He also contacted the Arizona-based Alliance Defense Fund, a coalition of conservative Christian lawyers. The alliance told the township it may take the matter to court if officials don’t allow Racaniello to put the cross wherever he wants on his property. “We believe this is private property, and therefore he has a right to engage in this expression,” Jonathan Scruggs, a lawyer for the alliance, said in an interview. “We believe that either cross is protected by the First Amendment.”

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N.C. University Puts Out List of “Gay Friendly” Churches

New Maryland “anti-marriage equality” site advises pastors how to engage politically, keep nonprofit status

Student-Loan Delinquencies Rise, Adding To Fears Of An Education Bubble

New Hampshire Won’t Reinstate Planned Parenthood Funding

Concerned about side effects of an ever burgeoning number of vaccines, more parents opt out

Christine Rosen: “Place and Placelessness in America: The New Meaning of Mobility”

    Christine Rose at The New Atlantis: Mobility also continues to erode social institutions. As one writer for the Carnegie Council put it in summarizing the findings of a German research project, “Increased mobility goes hand in hand with increased economic uncertainty, especially among young professionals,” which has led to delays in marriage and childrearing. “Not only are young people less economically able to start a family, but they also change locations more often than ever with the fluidity of labor markets. Spouses or couples are less likely to find appropriate work in the same place.” What was at first the freedom that mobility newly granted us to move about is increasingly becoming an economic necessity.

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Pope: Greater ethics needed in economic policy

WSJ: Perry right to put monetary policy front and center in 2012 Presidential debate

Carlos Ball: Why timing is crucial in the ongoing same-sex marriage cases

William Duncan: Same-sex marriage: The tortuous road to the Supreme Court

Bob Barr: The true marriage divide

Bachmann: I’ll bring back $2 gas

Air Force discharging sergeant who doubts Obama birth certificate

Child Poverty in U.S. Increased 18 pct in 9 Years