UK: Equality Commission wavers over Christian cases in Europe

ACLU: Schools must stop blocking kids’ access to pornography

Census Report: Children of Divorce More Likely to Be Poor

Ramesh Ponnuru: Recess Appointments and the Constitution

Georgia grants Catholic Church legal status

In Sweden, no ‘he’ or ‘she,’ just ‘friend’

UK: 2200 abortions for each adoption in 2009

“Apple’s new CEO, Tim Cook, could be the world’s most powerful gay executive”

Conversation with Associate Justice Elena Kagan (video)

Should States Deregulate the Practice of Law?

    Nathan Koppel at WSJ: The issue: Should the legal business be deregulated? In many states, people need to graduate from an ABA-accredited law school to take the bar exam. And state bars, of course, impose numerous regulations on who can and can’t practice law.
    Unleash these shackles, the argument goes, and you’d allow a broader array of folks to offer legal services, thus lowering their cost.

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Indonesian Sharia police separate lesbian couple; threaten burning and beheading

Want the secret of a long and happy marriage? Live in North Dakota – Map charts U.S. marriage rates

“Santorum Q&A: Marriage for gays threatens religious freedom”

CT: Pro-Lifers ask judge to end clinic buffer zones

Survey: Nearly 98% oppose marriage redefinition in some parts of Australia

Australia: Only 31 of 150 MPs support marriage redefinition

Australia: MP says 80% of constituent calls opposed to marriage redefinition

Australia: MPs overwhelmingly against marriage redefinition

How Accurate Are Counts of Same-Sex Couples?

Pakistan: Punjab: Muslims kidnap 14 year old Christian to convert her to Islam

MS: Faithful won’t bow to prayer law

ABC: Millions of American Kids Go Hungry; 49% of Babies Born in Families on WIC

Angolan pro-lifers fight proposal to remove penalties for abortion

Pro-life and pro-abortion forces duel with opposing legislation in Mexican state

North Carolina Eyes Appeal of Planned Parenthood Funding Decision

United Nations’ Forecasts Invent Nonexistent Overpopulation

Delta Airlines Will Not Facilitate Saudi Policy Requiring Travelers To Disclose Religion

China state news agency blasts US defense report

Census: South, West lead US in marriages, divorces

New rule requires union rights posters at work

Teen vaccinations against cervical cancer lagging

Heathens at the gate: homosexual advocacy group protests Christian college in Kansas

Grandparents play a bigger role in child-rearing

Ed Whelan: “Defend Our Laws: Justice Matters”

    Ed Whelan at Public Discourse: In developing their positions on Supreme Court appointments and the Department of Justice, presidential candidates should 1) welcome the battle over the Supreme Court, 2) determine to fight hard for high-quality justices, 3) frame the argument for why abortion policy should be restored to the democratic processes, 4) support the Defense of Marriage Act, and 5) commit to select senior legal leaders who fully embrace their goals and priorities.

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John Eastman: The constitutionality of traditional marriage

    SCOTUSblog: John Eastman, professor of Law at Chapman University, questions whether the Court should hear a marriage equality case . . . That the state can lend support to such an institution, rooted in human nature and drawing its unique benefit from the biological complementarity of the sexes, without running afoul of the commands of the Equal Protection and Due Process Clauses, should be self-evident. The Equal Protection Clause, after all, demands that government afford equal treatment to those who are similarly situated.

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Pacific Justice Institute: Church Raises Alarm Over City’s Push for More Control of Private Property

Ron Paul: Mobs In Europe A Sign Of Things Coming

Robert Levy: “Marriage equality: protect or promote?”

    SCOTUSblog: Robert Levy, Chairman of the Cato Institute, responds to Brian Raum as part of our same-sex marriage symposium . . . Contrasting Lawrence v. Texas with Perry, Brian Raum contends in his post (“If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em”) that “the central holding in Lawrence is perfectly reasonable because the law need not promote everything it protects.” Brian continues, “The Constitution contains an equal protection clause, not an equal promotion clause.” . . . Yet Brian suggests that Kris Perry’s goal, expedited by Judge Walker, was to promote same-sex marriage rather than protect a right to marriage equality. That suggestion is totally unsubstantiated. No part of Judge Walker’s holding actively encourages, much less expresses a preference for, same-sex marriage.

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Charles Fried: The courts, the political process, and DOMA

Fla. teacher exonerated, reinstated

Catholic League: ClergyBanned from 9/11 NYC Ceremony

Komen Gave $569K to Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz in 2010

Study: Birth Control Not Stopping Unplanned Pregnancies, Abortions

Brian Raum: Marriage does not consist of straw men

Steven Aden: How Does a Culture of Life Take Root?

God Discussion: “The New American blog blasts the Freedom from Religion Foundation for ‘harassment of school districts’ over school prayer”

School Districts Harassed by Secular Group on Issue of Prayer

    The New American: In reality, a majority of Americans are probably more aligned with the views of legal advocacy groups like the Alliance Defense Fund (ADF), which in a similar case involving the FFRF has advised a Mississippi school district that its officials and students are well within their constitutionally guaranteed rights to pray at school functions . . . ADF Senior Counsel David Cortman noted in reference to the case. “Contrary to what the Freedom From Religion Foundation is arguing, this is not a government establishment of religion by any stretch of the imagination, except theirs.” . . . ADF Legal Counsel Jeremy Tedesco noted that the circumstances in question “would be no different from Principal Sparkman teaching a Sunday school class at a church that rented school facilities for its Sunday services. In both situations, Principal Sparkman is acting in his personal capacity as a citizen and has the same right to express his religious beliefs as any other citizen.”

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MS: Principal, teachers at Pascagoula school told prayers are protected

Campaigners sue US schools over porn web filters