TX: Judge strikes down key provisions of sonogram law

Pakistan: boy kidnapped while at Mass?

Releasing Calif. Gay Marriage Trial Video Would Be ‘Act of Hostility,’ Says Group, Christian News

Judge Orders Kansas to Send Tax Money to Planned Parenthood

Chuck Colson: Investigating Planned Parenthood

India: Protestant pastor murdered in Orissa

Alan E. Sears: Seven Hundred Clergy Can Be Wrong

    ADF President and General Counsel Alan E. Sears at Breakpoint: “They provided a kind of political and theological cover to the moderate and conservative state senators,” as The New York Times explains it. In the words of Princeton history professor Julian E. Zelizer, “Politicians draw on clergy to give themselves moral authority when taking on these kinds of social and cultural issues.” What he means is, if a wolf is looking for sheep’s clothing, there’s no better place to get it than from a shepherd.

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“Married lesbian Episcopal priest named finalist for Bishop of New York”

Nebraska Supreme Court rules former lesbian partner can seek custody versus biological parent

Law Schools Would Have to Disclose Scholarship Retention Rates Online Under ABA Section Proposal

    ABA Journal: Law schools would have to publish on their websites the percentage of students whose scholarships are renewed under a proposal being considered by the ABA section overseeing accreditation. The ABA Section of Legal Education and Admissions to the Bar disclosed it is considering the idea in a second response to U.S. Sen. Charles Grassley, R-Iowa, who has posed two sets of questions to the ABA about its oversight of law schools, according to an ABA press release.

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In letter to senator, ABA insists it’s serious about law school oversight

Abortion and the not-so-hidden population control agenda

PBS: “Brazil’s Shifting Views of Church, Abortion and Lifestyle”

European Court of Human Rights aims to increase efficiency

CNN: “Choosing death can be like a ‘birth,’ advocates say”

    CNN.com: “After he took the medication, he fell asleep really quickly. His body just relaxed. He went into deep snoring. There were tears, but also it felt like a real family gathering of support,” his daughter Katy, 61, remembers. “After he died you could pretty much feel the spirit kind of lift in the room. Thank goodness he’s free of that horrible suffering and pain.”

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Muslims in Russia Pray in the Streets to Celebrate Eid al-Fitr

Civil Unions Rare In RI So Far

Jordan Lorence: “Rock for Life Case Shows How University ‘Speech Codes’ Threaten Freedom of Speech”

Jim Garlow: “August 31st Webinar: Meet the Most Courageous Pastor in America”

Travis C. Barham: “Kevin DeYoung Addresses Campus Decadence”

Alan E. Sears: A Major Setback for Planned Parenthood and a Victory for an Alliance

Kosovo’s leader to be investigated over organ trafficking allegations

Islam in the new Egypt

Top Pro-Abortion Activists to Headline Obama Fundraiser

Former gang members want lawsuit dismissed

“ACLU fighting schools over banning gay Web sites”

Ottawa school board joins homosexual ‘pride’ parade

Bishop ‘continues to be silent’ in face of abortions at Barcelona area hospitals, says priest

Pro-lifers ‘wary’ about UK bill mandating independent abortion counselling

Iowa Senate leader vows to prevent voters from deciding marriage in 2012; Pro-family forces vow to work for his defeat at the polls

Washington lawmakers consider push to redefine marriage, Say DP’s were always viewed as stepping stone

New Rules to Shut Down Virginia Abortion Clinics

UK: Live-in couples split after marriage

Mormon men postponing marriage, concerning church officials

House GOP leaders press N.C. marriage amendment

Cypress College Settles Free Speech Case From Pro-Lifers

Planned Parenthood May Close Kansas Center Unless $ Restored

Goodwin Liu appears to have clear path to California Supreme Court

CA: “State Bar gives rave review to nominee Goodwin Liu” who favors marriage redefinition

Kosovo’s Parliament Votes Down Religion In Schools, Hijab In Classroom

Pat Buchanan: “A Conspiracy of Counterfeiters” Perry, Paul right to put the spotlight on the FED

    Pat Buchanan at Townhall: “Lenin is said to have declared that the best way to destroy the Capitalist System was to debauch the currency. By a continuing process of inflation, governments can confiscate, secretly and unobserved, an important part of the wealth of their citizens.”

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Phyllis Schlafly: Candidates Should be Talking About China

August is deadliest month for US in Afghanistan

New HIV case causes LA porn industry shutdown and prompts contraception ballot measure

Parents sue over suggestive images of 15-year-old girl

“30 Signs That America Has Become A Horrible Place For Children”

    We physically abuse our children at staggering rates, we pump them full of antidepressants and other pharmaceutical drugs and we send them off to public schools that more closely resemble prison camps every single day.
    Meanwhile, the economic decline of the America is hitting children far harder than it is hitting the adult population . . . The following are 30 signs that America has become a horrible place for children….

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William McGurn: Mike Bloomberg and the End of Tolerance

“Most US Muslims feel targeted by terror policies”

Elon University: New “LGBTQ office” set to challenge perceptions,” create environment that celebrates gender identities, and raises awareness about heteronormativity

Rights concerns shadow US alliance with Indonesia

DeSoto schools accused of allowing Bible distribution

Obama to speak at prayer service on 9/11

Justice Ginsburg Says ACLU Connections Would Likely Prevent Her Confirmation Today

Legal advice to schools: Protect kids, ignore ACLU

Missouri State Senator Defends New Student Protection Bill

Ilya Shapiro: “Constitutional Structure Matters: A Response to Larry Tribe”

New Blue Nightmare: Clarence Thomas and the Amendment of Doom

Erwin Chemerinsky at SCOTUS Blog: “Reflections on a dialogue: Getting to marriage equality”

    SCOTUSblog: Written by the University of California, Irvine’s Dean Erwin Chemerinsky, this is the final post in our online symposium on same-sex marriage. The whole symposium is available here . . . Brian Raum argued that it is based on the benefits of children having parents of different genders. He wrote: “Not only that, but mothers and fathers bring different gifts to the parenting table, and this complementarity is not fungible. Even the plaintiffs’ expert in Perry v. Brown agrees on this point. Dr. Michael Lamb, the ‘parenting expert’ who testified in that case, readily acknowledged in his book Fathers: Forgotten Contributors to Child Development that ‘[b]oth mothers and fathers play crucial and qualitatively different roles in the socialization of the child.’” But this totally misses the point, even if there were studies, and there are not, that children of heterosexual couples are somehow better off than those of same-sex couples. The issue (thankfully) is not whether to prohibit gay and lesbian couples, or even single parents, from having children. They will. The question is, once they do have children, will those children be better off with married or unmarried parents. A prohibition of same-sex marriage does absolutely nothing to increase the likelihood that children will have two parents who are of opposite sexes.

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“Religious liberty’s days are numbered”

Religion Dispatches: “Beyond Alarmism and Denial in the Dominionism Debate”

    Sarah Posner and Anthea Butler at Religion Dispatches: That’s too narrow, and I think has (1) opened a door for the dominionism deniers, and (2) caused people to overlook some of the real-world creations of dominionism. The religious right has, in so many ways, succeeded in creating institutions meant to supplant “secular” ones. One of the founders of Oral Roberts University law school (where Michele Bachmann earned her law degree) called this his “dominion mandate.” Look at Regent University, where Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell earned his graduate degrees, or Liberty University Law School, where students are taught to engage in “civil disobedience” when a court order conflicts, in their view, with “biblical law,” or the Alliance Defense Fund, a law firm created to take on cases that would result in overturning of Supreme Court jurisprudence on separation of church and state. That’s the sort of thing dominionism has actually accomplished, in the legal field alone.

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“ACLU battles schools over gay websites”

Most American Muslims are satisfied Obama backers

CNN/ORC Poll: Perry 32, Romney 18, Bachmann 12, Gingrich 7, Paul 6