Texas’ Ultrasound-Abortion Law to Get Appeals Court Battle

Cal. Gov. Signs Bill: Businesses Contracting With The State Must Provide Benefits to Same Sex Partners

Cal. Gardasil bill an assault on parental rights, Catholic official says

Brian Raum: News Outlets Twist Numbers to Exaggerate Same-Sex Statistics

IN: Judge rules against city in Family Dollar property case

Clergy to File Federal Lawsuit in New York City if They are Denied the Right to Hold Prayer Service at Ground Zero on Saturday, September 10

Vote on Planned Parenthood set for St. Lucie Children’s Services Council

China’s billionaires double in last two years

Another Spanish town bans burka in public

“Netherlands: Indebted states must be made ‘wards’ of the commission or leave euro”

Quebec spousal support battle heads to Supreme Court

In Indonesia, church runs afoul of Islamic street name

San Francisco may restrict public nudity, at least sometimes

NYC: “New religious freedoms law in the workplace first step towards Islamic Sharia”

Erik Stanley: When Biblical becomes Political

Pelosi Peeved Republicans Opt Out Of Rebuttal To Obama Speech

Kosovo Bans Islamic Headscarf and Religious Instruction in Public Schools

MI: Oakland County judge rules 60 days on disputed Planned Parenthood clinic

Kansas forwards funds to Planned Parenthood

Couples who receive government assistance report less marital satisfaction, commitment, study finds

UK: Proposals to give cohabiting couples increased rights are dropped

UK: End ‘intrusive’ equality surveys, says Govt minster

“Black clergy vow: No gay marriage in N.C.”

Coalition Files Lawsuit Challenging Montana’s Campaign Finance Law

Australia: Marriage at the heart of a crucial commitment to children

    Patrick Parkinson at SMH.com.au: But we need to do more than this. We need to look afresh at the overwhelming evidence that children do best in families with two married parents. It is not the wedding ring that does it. What seems to make the difference is that process of clear decision and public commitment. The promise to commit for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health really matters when the ”worse” happens, when money is tight, and when sickness strikes. Of course it is not a guarantee, but the likelihood that a non-marital relationship with children will break down is many times higher than for marriages.

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Pro-lifers endorse Ohio health care amendment

Abortion Facility Cited for Violations in Louisiana Closes

Judges Don’t Need Roe to Overturn Abortion Laws

“How the millennial generation is transforming the politics of gay and lesbian issues”

    The Washington Post: New data from the Public Religion Research Institute shows, however, that this Republican campaign dynamic-opposition to same-sex marriage as a litmus test of conservative authenticity-has waning appeal to younger Republicans now, and promises to lose steam in years to come. Our new poll, “Millennials, Religion and Gay & Lesbian Issues,” released on August 29, shows a 20-point generation gap between millennials (age 18 to 29) and seniors (age 65 and up) on a whole range of gay and lesbian issues.

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Systematic Muslim Persecution of Christians

    Middle East Forum: This series was developed in order to collate some—by no means all—of the foulest instances of Muslim persecution of Christians that surface each month. It serves two purposes . . . Because these accounts of persecution span different ethnicities, languages, and locales—from Morocco in the west, to India in the east, and even throughout the West, wherever there are Muslims—it is clear that one thing alone binds them: Islam—whether the strict application of Sharia, or the supremacist culture borne of it.

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Theology a hot issue in 2012 GOP campaign

    SeattlePi.com: It used to be simpler. Protestants were the majority, and candidates could show their piety just by attending church. Now, politicians are navigating a landscape in which rifts over faith and policy have become chasms. An outlook that appeals to one group enrages another. Campaigns are desperate to find language generic enough for a broad constituency that also conveys an unshakable faith.

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“HHS Pledges $248,000 Toward Gay Health Centers”

Scotland: Cardinal’s warning on same-sex marriage

Incubators Give Birth to Flocks of Solo Practitioners

    Texas Lawyer: Patel took the leap in February after receiving an enticing offer from the City University of New York (CUNY) School of Law, where he’d received his J.D. in 2006. The school offered Patel a spot in its incubator — a program that helps recent graduates establish solo practices while also encouraging free or low-cost legal services to underserved communities.

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Romney against the grain on personhood

“N.C. lawmakers stake positions on same-sex marriage”

CEOs to Obama: ‘Get Out of the Way’ for Job Growth

Egypt: Church to sue prime minister over New Year’s Eve church bombing

News Corp., parent company of Fox News, to publish mag promoting gay ‘marriage’

Legalising Death

Polish lawmakers threatened with fine for supporting abortion ban defend vote

Pakistan: wealthy Christians kidnapped to fund al-Qaida

Republican Candidate Should Target Obama’s Judges, Abortion

Obama Still Ignores Planned Parenthood Sex Trafficking Issues

Philippines: Three Pro-RH Bill Groups Support Abortion

Pro-Lifers: Tell Obama Admin to Protect Conscience Rights

DOJ using an ever expanding and increasingly vague federal criminal code to bully?

    Carrie Severino at Bench Memos – National Review Online: This particular case is emblematic of a much larger public-policy problem that a growing number of high-profile organizations and individuals, on the right and the left, have been highlighting. It is often called “over-criminalization,” but it might as well be thrown in with the problem of over-regulation and federal overreach. According to this Federalist Society study, the federal criminal code has exploded in recent decades. As of 2004, there were “over 4,000 offenses that carry criminal penalties in the United States Code

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“Obama faces crucial period for judicial nominations”

U.S. Dist. Judge Bernice Donald of Memphis wins confirmation to 6th Circuit Court of Appeals

Missouri high court to hear arguments today on law regulating sexually oriented businesses

27 Colo. lawmakers form prayer caucus

VA: 200+ rally to support prayer at Pittsylvania Co. Board of Supervisors

Former Nampa charter school officials ask federal judges to reconsider lawsuit against state

Religion Clauses of South Sudan’s Transitional Constitution Revealed

New Report Surveys American Attitudes On Religious Diversity

Four Ways Obama Has Blocked Job Growth

    Heritage Foundation, The Foundry: Wonder who’s to blame for today’s stagnant economy? Look no further than 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue to see where the buck ought to stop. Though President Barack Obama constantly points fingers at others for America’s economic woes, his policies are to blame for preventing the U.S. economy from getting back on track. Before you watch President Obama present his latest jobs plan in his speech on Thursday, be sure you know the four major measures he has taken to prevent job growth in America:

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Hearing: Speed Bump Unlikely to Derail Proposition 8 Appeal

Defending the right to defend marriage

Appeals court upholds critical portions of South Dakota informed consent law

America’s True Debt — The Fiscal Gap is $211 Trillion

    This amount has to cover the government’s official debt plus the present value of all future government purchases of goods and services (discretionary spending). If it doesn’t, the difference that’s not covered is called the fiscal gap.

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“California high court steps into gay marriage fight”

Top of Chinese wealthy’s wish list? To leave China

UK legislators reject curb on abortion advice

Survey: US falls to 5th in global competitiveness

Feds ask SCOTUS to review 9th Circuit Stolen Valor Act ruling

News from Missouri Family Policy Council

Female Blogger Threatened With Defamation Suit For Writing About TSA ‘Rape’

    Forbes: After a particularly aggressive patdown in March that might be better termed a feel-up, advice blogger Amy Alkon graphically described how she sobbed loudly while a TSA agent put her hands “into” her — four times. She screamed “You raped me” after the LAX patdown and took the agent’s name with plans to file charges of sexual assault. Those plans fell through after consulting an attorney, but she did blog about it and included the agent’s name, thereby inflicting her own assault — on the agent’s Google search results.

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Terror blast at Delhi High Court; 11 killed, over 80 injured

Legal Periodical: The Declining Influence of the United States Constitution