Dutch Guidelines Compel Doctors to Refer for Euthanasia

Effort to repeal CO’s marriage amendment dropped

Chile Senate Passes Measure Aimed at Legalizing Abortion

India: police make arrests for gang-violence damage in church

Nun, priest beaten in China

Will Irish legislation challenge seal of confession?

The Commercialization of Reproduction and Donor Anonymity in Canada

The Arab Spring and Christian Persecution

Video: Tory Peers send ‘equality law’ warning

Andrew Breitbart: “The F Troop: How the GOP Candidates Failed Simply by Showing Up at MSNBC/Politico ‘Debate’”

    Andrew Breitbart at Big Government: give all but one of the GOP candidates an “F” for last night’s performance. The very premise of the Republican presidential debate, hosted by NBC/Politico and broadcast by corporate welfare queen MSNBC proves that conservatives don’t understand the power the media is trying to exert over the next election.

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EU: Call to limit ‘trivial’ human rights cases

Should the Constitution Be Read as Protecting Parental Rights? Excerpts from Troxel v. Granville

Rates of Unpublished Opinions in the Different Circuits — And Especially the Fourth Circuit

Obama Admin May Give $1.8M to Planned Parenthood in New Hampshire and Takover Grant Process

Second Circuit panel reverses child porn restitution award to “Amy”

KY: Church-state separation seen as issue in hospital merger

Maryland Politics: O’Malley raises money for same-sex marriage campaign

“Is There a War on Birth Control?”

FRC Action: Family Breakdown Must be Addressed to Reverse Economic Decline

    FRC Action: “Until the crisis within the family is reversed, America’s economic slowdown is only going to increase. The Baby Boom generation has already entered its peak productivity phase. As this generation’s skilled workers retire, they is being replaced by a smaller and less productive and skilled work force. This can only spell more trouble for America’s economy.

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Conservatives Step Up Attacks On Public Funding For Birth Control

Oklahoma School Districts Sue To Challenge Voucher Program

“Regretting Your Abortion Is Not Grounds For A Lawsuit”

Florida County Yanks $500K for Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz

New York Rejects Church As Polling Place After Orthodox Jewish Objection

Liechtenstein prince threatens to veto abortion legalization referendum

Tennessee ACLU releases religion guide for school administrators, teachers

ACLU sues over “Choose Life” NC license plates

Byron York: Left Paints the Campaign as a Religious War

    Byron York at Townhall : Surveying those articles, the executive editor of The New York Times, Bill Keller, concludes that “an unusually large number” of Republican candidates “belong to churches that are mysterious or suspect to many Americans.” Perry and Bachmann, in particular, are connected to “fervid subsets of evangelical Christianity,” which Keller says “has raised concerns about their respect for the separation of church and state, not to mention the separation of fact and fiction.”

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Robert Knight: When Science Is a Matter of Political Faith

Ed Whelan: Defend Our Laws: Justice Matters

George Will: Why liberals fear the ‘Lochner’ decision

    George Will at The Washington Post: Since the New Deal, courts have stopped defending liberty of contract and other unenumerated rights grounded in America’s natural rights tradition. These are referred to by the Ninth Amendment, which explicitly protects unenumerated rights “retained by the people,” and by the “privileges or immunities” and “liberty” cited in the 14th Amendment. Progressivism, Bernstein argues, is hostile to America’s premise that individuals possess rights that preexist government and are not fully enumerated in the Constitution.

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Pro-Life Youth Can’t Vote But Can Do Much to Stop Abortion

4th Circuit Panel (Dem Appointees) Shoots Down Va. Challenges to Healthcare Law

How Rich Are The Supreme Court Justices?

Fighting ‘dumbing down’ of public schools

What a woman must know before aborting

After First Amendment challenge, Livingston amends zoning code to allow cross on resident’s front lawn

    NJ.com: Racaniello, who felt that the township was preventing him from expressing his constitutionally protected religious beliefs, enlisted the Arizona-based Alliance Defense Fund — a coalition of Christian attorneys — which argued that the township was violating Racaniello’s First Amendment rights by enforcing “vague” ordinances in “ad hoc” manner. Although his attorney, Jonathan Scruggs, said in July that the alliance would take the township to court unless Racaniello was allowed to display his cross on the tree — which is within the right-of-way — Scruggs yesterday said he was “satisfied” that the new ordinance addressed his and Racaniello’s concerns. “I think it’s an appropriate response,” Scruggs said of the amended ordinance. “We’re satisfied that the vagueness of the ordinance was corrected.”

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Snoqualmie man files free speech suit against Issaquah

Muslim militant group claims western China attacks

Mass. groups seeks school Pledge of Allegiance ban

Boehner encourages all members to attend Obama’s speech

Ohio Supreme court mulls child-porn evidence dispute

6th Circuit upholds Ohio ‘no touch’ strip clubs law

“Britain to lift ban on gay men donating blood”

In wake of controversial gov’t raid, Gibson CEO to attend Obama’s jobs speech as Boehner guest

South Africa’s new chief justice appointed

Michael Barone: Last Night The Reagan Library/MSNBC/Politico debate: Brian Williams . . . embarrassing

    Michael Barone at The Washington Examiner: The biggest mystery about the Reagan Library/MSNBC debate last night is why the Reagan Library allowed MSNBC to be the co-sponsor. Brian Williams, whom I haven’t watched much in recent years, seems to have been drinking liberally of the MSNBC kool-aid; many of his questions were so steeped in liberal distaste for Republican positions that it was embarrassing

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A New Kind of Presidential Debate: Monday’s The APP Palmetto Freedom Forum Debate

    Maggie Gallagher at Human Events: The goal of the APP Palmetto Freedom Forum on Monday in Columbia, S.C., was a different kind of debate that would break new ground. Boy, did it succeed . . . | The debate is available at YouTube in 8 high quality videos. The first video is here. Links to the others will be visible after clicking the link to the first one.

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