4th Circuit Panel (Dem Appointees) Shoots Down Va. Challenges to Healthcare Law

The Hill : The 4th Circuit Court of Appeals said Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli (R) does not have a legal right to sue over the law’s requirement that most people buy insurance. The court vacated a lower court’s ruling in the case and instructed the lower court to dismiss the suit.

Virginia v. Sebelius {alt. link} | Liberty University v. Geithner {alt. link}

How Appealing reports: In the suit brought by Liberty University, the three-judge panel has ruled by a 2-to-1 vote that “Because this suit constitutes a pre-enforcement action seeking to restrain the assessment of a tax, the Anti-Injunction Act strips us of jurisdiction.” And, in the suit brought by Virginia, the court has unanumously ruled that Virginia lacks standing to bring the suit.

Washington Examiner: A three-judge Fourth Circuit panel comprised of two juges appointed by President Obama and one named by President Clinton, has dismissed a Virginia-based lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of the national health care law’s individual mandate, saying the state lacked standing to sue.