86 percent of pastors say gov’t shouldn’t regulate sermons under threat of revoking tax exemption

September 12, 2011 – FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE
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86 percent of pastors say gov’t shouldn’t regulate sermons under threat of revoking tax exemption

New study demonstrates that desire of Christians to keep gospel central does not equal desire for invasive IRS regulation

NASHVILLE — A new survey conducted by the Alliance Defense Fund and LifeWay Research has found that nearly nine out of 10 Protestant pastors believe that the government should not regulate their sermons. The survey asked the pastors about their agreement with the statement, “The government should regulate sermons by revoking a church’s tax exemption if its pastor approves of or criticizes candidates based on the church’s moral beliefs or theology.” Eighty-six percent disagreed with the statement, including 79 percent who strongly disagreed.

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