9th Circuit rules in case of teacher who posted “In God We Trust”, other banners in classroom

Homeschool victory in Spain

Alan E. Sears: ADF Contests Move to Ban ‘Religious Texts’ from Idaho Classrooms

Appeals to ‘conscience’ weakened by rise of relativism

“Antiabortion protesters target clinic’s landlord outside child’s Md. school”

“Obama sets historic pace in diversifying federal judiciary; white males under half his choices”

Transhumanism: Do we really want extreme human enhancement? — Sept. 15 event at ASU

Lambda Legal objects to Idaho School Districts parental consent requirement for “Gay-Straight Alliances”

    Lambda Legal: Last week, the school board issued a revised policy that now makes clear that student clubs are not prohibited from discussing “sexual orientation including such subjects as combating unfair treatment, prejudices, or stereotypes.” However, the policy retains the requirement for parental consent to join a club. Furthermore, it maintains a three-tier structure for student organizations (exempt, curriculum, and non-curriculum), relegating all non-curriculum clubs, including Gay-Straight Alliances (GSAs), to the third tier and significantly limiting their ability to access school resources.

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Pro-Life groups seek to overturn NC campaign spending law

Archdiocese closing Philadelphia-area Catholic high schools for duration of teachers’ strike

24 go on trial in Sweden over child pornography

Danish cartoonist back home after possible threat

Josh Tijerina: I Hear The Anti-Marriage Rallying Cry . . . I Just Don’t See The People

Jordan Lorence: “Banned Books” or Exaggerated Hype?

Judges: Too many civil cases kept secret

Planned Parenthood won’t appeal Arizona abortion ruling, could fight other restrictions

Complaint filed at the International Criminal Court against the Pope

Perry facing new criticism for Texas vaccine order

Virginia: “Public comment period on gay adoption reopens”

William Saunders: “European Court of Human Rights Finds No Right to Abortion Under European Human Rights Convention”

    William Saunders at The Federalist Society: Before the European Court of Human Rights (“ECHR” or “the Court”) delivered its decision in the case of A. B. and C. v. Ireland (“ABC” or “ABC v. Ireland”) on December 16, 2010, there had been widespread speculation as to the potential breadth of the decision and its implications for the sovereignty of nation states that are members of the Council of Europe. Such speculation was encouraged by the fact that instead of being heard by a single Chamber of the ECHR, the case had been referred to the Grand Chamber, composed of all judges of the ECHR, and by the fact that the Court took longer than it normally does to issue its opinion…

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“Same-Sex Marriage and Conscience Exemptions”

Gregory Baylor and Ronald Chen: Did the Supreme Court Properly Decide Christian Legal Society v. Martinez?

Oregon GOP removes marriage protections from party platform

“School Bullying: LAUSD Board to Consider Anti-Gay Bullying Resolution”

NC: Brunswick schools’ creationism debate resurfaces

Prop 8 Lawyers Push To Remove IRS Rules Prohibiting Churches From Campaigning

Uganda: First Lady “behind gays bill”

NY Times: “Gay Students Bullied in Anoka, Minn., Suit Says”

Island nation of Mauritius gives way to UN pressure to legalize abortion

ACLU sues Giles County School Board to stop Ten Commandments postings

Is the NH Health Commissioner conspiring with the Obama Admin. to force New Hampshire to fund Planned Parenthood?

Bachmann, Perry spar in Tampa over vaccine order

Pa. federal judge rules against Obamacare individual mandate

Planned Parenthood Drops Bid for New California Abortion Biz

Amish Men Sentenced To Jail For Refusing To Pay Fines

Wisconsin State Supreme Court dispute may be tough to decide

10th Circuit Hears Arguments On Anti-Shariah Amendment As Muslim Group Endorses Michigan’s Bill

Last night’s GOP debate: All eyes on Social Security – Perry v. Romney video clips

Why they hate us: Ron Paul explains his foreign policy views that are driving Neocons crazy

    Paul Mulshine at the NJ Star Ledger (links to video and audio): In this post at the Lew Rockwell blog, Ron Paul explains the statement at Monday night’s debate that drove so many neocons crazy. It would be nice to see some of these liberal internationalists address the issues here. I can’t see much a rational person would disagree with . . .

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Father Frank Pavone Prevented From Running Priests for Life by Bishop

Breaking! NC Senate approves vote on Marriage Amendment

North Carolina House approves marriage amendment vote

Is Higher Education Worth It? Boomer assumptions may not apply to today’s grads

Tax law vs. the first amendment: should politicking from the pulpit be allowed?

‘Divorce Hotel:’ Couples end their marriage in luxury hotels

CBO chief warns debt panel spending cuts could slow recovery

PFAW Foundation Demands that NY Town Clerks End Marriage Discrimination

John Whitehead: Constitution Day: Is the Constitution on Life Support?

VA: ACLU preparing lawsuit against Pittsylvania County Board of Supervisors

Massachusetts OKs assisted suicide vote for 2012 ballot

“Standing on Principle”

Religious freedom group backs Mo. district

North Carolina House Fast-Tracks New Marriage Amendment Without Public Comment

‘Biological’ Does Not Equal ‘Father’ in Thorny Family Court Matter

    Andrew Keshner at New York Law Journal (9/9/2011): Facing a “made for television fact pattern,” a Long Island judge—in the “most heart-wrenching decision” of her 14 years on the bench—has rejected a man’s bid to be declared the legal father of a 6-year-old child that he claims is biologically his. [subscription only]

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Chinese Human Rights Oppression: Anyone deemed disloyal to the Party is excluded from the people and loses his rights

Thai court to military: transsexuals not ill

Dutch government to change transgender rules

The Cato Institute to Host Symposium on Supreme Court’s October 2010 and 2011 Terms

David Limbaugh: “Memo to GOP: Social Security Demagoguery Is the Province of Liberals”

Rep. Frank looks to overhaul the Fed

U.S. Poverty Climbed to 17-Year High in 2010

    Bloomberg: Data released by the Census Bureau today showed the proportion of people living in poverty climbed to 15.1 percent last year from 14.3 percent in 2009, and median household income declined 2.3 percent. The number of Americans living in poverty was the highest in the 52 years since the Census Bureau began gathering that statistic.

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Labor Dept. Data: Only 1.75 Full-Time Private Sector Workers Per Social Security Recipient

    CNSnews.com: That means that for each husband and wife who worked full-time in the private sector last year there was a Social Security recipient somewhere in the country taking benefits from the federal government.

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22 percent of American children lived in poverty last year

Men Biologically Wired to Be Nurturing Fathers

    Jennifer Corbett Doren at WSJ.com: The study, led by Northwestern University researchers, followed a large group of men in their 20s and found testosterone levels fell after they found partners and became fathers. Testosterone is the primary male sex hormone thought to contribute to behaviors and other traits that help men find mates. But lower testosterone levels could help men who are fathers better handle the demands of parenting and allow them to become more nurturing, the researchers suggested . . .

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