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  • Posted: 09/30/2011
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  • Category: ADF in the News

U.S. Senate confirms “openly gay” U.S. attorney in Texas

Ohio abortions decrease for 10th straight year

WA: Doctors sue state over limits on ER visits

Canadian gvmt caught violating promise not to fund abortion abroad, MPs ticked

French abortionist complains that doctors are increasingly refusing to do abortions

Comment period for federal birth control mandate ends tonight

UN toys with euthanasia, considers new treaty on aging

UK: Councils told to stop praying before meetings

AZ Gov. Brewer seeks to uphold legislative repeal of domestic partner benefits

Dozens of churches closed or demolished in Indonesia

India: Orissa, Christians ordeal of violence and injustice continues

Attorney: Probe Planned Parenthood Over Tax-Funding, Fraud

Egypt: desire for divorce drives Coptic-Muslim tensions

Four New York Democratic Senators: “Proponents of a More Refined First Amendment Argue That This Freedom Should Be Treated Not as a Right But as a Privilege”

Institute revokes offer to locate con law center at N.C. school after faculty, alums object to conservative donor

Dems want probe of Justice Thomas as health law ruling looms

Supreme Court to weigh churches’ hiring rights

Judge: 1 trial for Pa. abortion doctor, staffers

Mexico City considers temporary marriage licenses

New Hampshire Fights Obama on Planned Parenthood Funding |

Chaplains allowed to perform same-sex marriages |

NH council protesting Planned Parenthood contract –

Erik Stanley: Pulpit Freedom for Nearly 500 American Pastors – Dakota Voice

End the Link Between Labor Unions and Pro-Abortion Candidates

NH council protesting feds contracting with Planned Parenthood; council voted against contract | The Republic

Matt Bowman: Obama Abortion-Sterilization Mandate Violates Religious Freedom |

“Pastors who play politics from the pulpit” – Christian Science Monitor

Mission exempts churches from ‘driveway tax’ –

New York clerk faces lawsuit for refusing to sign same-sex ‘marriage’ license – LifeSite News

“Clergy warned about ‘Pulpit Freedom Sunday’”

“New York Christian clerk may go to court over gay marriages”

Kansas Town Relents on Church ‘Driveway Tax’

AP Top Kansas News at 5:45 a.m. CDT |

‘Equal access means equal access’

“Duty vs. Principle: Ledyard clerk wrong to defy gay marriage law”

KS: Mission Exempts Churches From Driveway Tax

“Gay weddings can be performed by military chaplains, Pentagon says”

“Who Has the Right? Christian Town Clerk Shirks Role Over Gay Marriage Licenses”

Catholic Colleges Stand Against Obamacare Coverage Mandate

18 Catholic colleges appeal to Obama admin to rewrite abortifacient contraception mandate

Jordan Lorence: ADF Appeals NYC Church Access Case to U.S. Supreme Court

Heck: When Bullying is Okay