Egypt Copts protest over church burning, blogger

Another Church in Egypt Attacked By Muslims

Equality California won’t seek repeal of Prop. 8 in 2012

Sebelius to NARAL: GOP Wants to Roll Back Women’s Health

Archbishop attacks Cameron’s ‘gay marriage’ plan

House panel OKs money cut for UN population fund

Joel Osteen on CNN: Homosexuality Will ‘Still Be a Sin in 200 Years’

House Panel Upbeat About Proposed FTC Update to Child Online Protection Law

    The Blog of Legal Times: The FTC has proposed five changes to rules implementing the law. Among them: updating the definition of “personal information” to include geolocation information and certain types of persistent identifiers, such as tracking cookies; streamlining and clarifying the direct notice that operators must give parents before collecting children’s personal information; adding new methods to obtain verifiable parental consent; and eliminating the “email plus” method of parental consent, which allows operators to obtain consent through an email to the parent, coupled with an additional confirmation.

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NC: Church Sign Controversy Responses Heated, Mixed – “Homosexuality is a Sin” next to school

Alan E. Sears: Why Pastors Must Be Free To Preach On Politics

Military Court reduces Marine’s criminal liability for wearing part of uniform in homosexual porn film

OH pork producers angered at removal of pork from prison menus after Muslim suit

Scalia: Judges ‘ain’t what they used to be’

Darrell Issa to Eric Holder: Admit you knew

Kansas Defends Planned Parenthood De-Funding Law in Court

Germany: Hundreds Of Nazi Cases Reopened

Washington Post: “Scientists report possibly crucial advance in human embryonic stem cell research”

Glenn T. Stanton: Cohabitation & divorce — there is a correlation

Chicago: “City reins in Gay Pride Parade in effort to cut down on drinking”

MO: Lesbian couple kicked out of local hotel for kissing

C.D. Cal. “Gay judicial nominee sails through confirmation hearing”

Minn. marriage ballot question donors face state regulation

NC: Online legal firm in Bar fight An online legal services company is suing the N.C. State Bar over a long-simmering standoff that highlights the uneasy relationship between private-practice lawyers and inexpensive, do-it-yourself online help for simple law problems. The lawsuit by, filed in Wake County Superior Court, asks that a judge declare that the company is entitled to sell standard legal forms on its website and that it be allowed to register in this state to sell prepaid legal services.

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Benchmark for Antonin Scalia: 25 years on court

William J. Bennett: Why men are in trouble

Special election upset in Massachusetts a hopeful sign for pro-life advocates

Wesley J. Smith: “Biological Colonialism: Bioethicists Urge Science Boycott of China Over Organ Killings”

Wesley J. Smith: Assisted Suicide Is the Euthanasia of Hope

L’Osservatore Romano criticises the BBC for wanting to “erase all traces of Christianity from Western culture”

How Do Pro-Life Parents Deal With Pro-Abortion Vaccines?

Will There be Class Conflict Over Life-Extension Technologies?

    Sonia Arrison at The Volokh Conspiracy: Could class conflict or even warfare break out over life-extension technologies? It is true that technology is rarely adopted by everyone at the same time, and when life-extending science hits the market, it will almost certainly be used by the wealthy first. In the early stages of the technology’s rollout, disparities in life expectancy between people within developed countries will surely grow, as will the difference in life expectancy between developed and developing countries.

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“Supreme Court Weighs Rights Of Parochial-School Teachers” | NPR

8th Circuit: Manchester, Missouri funeral protest ordinance violates First Amendment

Canada Considers Creating Office of Religious Freedom In Foreign Affairs Ministry

Jason Adkins: Catholic leaders will not be silenced

Poll: Cain leads GOP field in three states; Gingrich surging

Mike Adams: Postmodern Vanderbilt

School’s Exclusion of Good News Club From Enrichment Program Upheld

USCIRF Reauthorization Bill Still Pending

Graduate Student Says She Was Dismissed From Program Due To Beliefs Toward Homosexuality | Fox News

Potential cost of defending DOMA goes up as DOJ abandons duties

Where does church end and state begin? | The Washington Post

Appeals court hears arguments over ouster of EMU counselor | Detroit Free Press

Castle: Anti-same-sex marriage debater ignores research

Court Hears Appeal of Grad Student Expelled for Religious Beliefs on Homosexuality

“Ward v. Wilbanks, case of EMU grad student expelled for refusal to counsel gay clients, heard by federal appeals court”

New Hampshire fights fed contract with Planned Parenthood

Huge Battle on Abortion, Planned Parenthood Funding Coming

Michael W. McConnell: Washington Wants a Say Over Your Minister

Announced Job Cuts in U.S. More Than Triple From Year Ago