Ky. attorney general rules U of L hospital company is public, not private

World facing worst financial crisis in history, Bank of England Governor says

UK: PM’s speech claiming it is conservative to redefine marriage criticised by church leaders

UK: No, homosexual marriage isn’t conservative

ADF: Austin ordinance forces pregnancy resource centers to highlight abortion

Porn sites could hijack company names

Pakistan: Christian Village under siege near Mian Channu – Sabir Masih (RIP) Gunned to death

Carlos Slim Boosts Stake In New York Times Again

Group armed with swords tries to force Tunisian university to enroll veiled students

Alan E. Sears: Freedom under fire at Vanderbilt University

Montana State University Passes New Policy Expanding Areas for Free Speech on Campus

Pakistani doctor who helped U.S. get bin Laden could be accused of treason

“Fund supports municipal clerks who oppose same-sex marriage”

Memo to Democrats: Opposition to Marriage Amendments is No Party

Ron Paul Blasts Obama Admin Over Abortion Drug Mandate

The pro-abortion legacy of Justice O’Connor: 30 years after joining the court, the damage continues

Ireland Justice Minister fails to defend nation’s pro-life laws at UN hearing

Paul Linton: There is No Silver Bullet to Overturning Roe v. Wade

Most popular contraceptive in southern and eastern Africa may double HIV infection risk

‘Like pigs in the slaughterhouse’: The day Chinese officials brutally murdered my unborn child

President Obama: ‘Complete Confidence’ In Attorney General Holder

More Women Judges on the Bench Needed, Says Advocate Greenberger

Council of Europe Blasts Sex-Selection Abortions, But Promotes UNFPA

House Votes Next Week on Bill to Stop Abortion in Obamacare

UK: “Unfairly judged: gay lawyers say judiciary still plagued by homophobia”

Oklahoma: Abortion drug law challenged

Feds target CA pot dispensaries

CA: SB 48 referendum striking a nerve

Fifteen law schools to be sued over job reporting data

Land: Cut U.S. Funding to UN’s Population Fund

ACLU objects to Pa. school exec’s blog on prayer

Major Pro-Life Legal/Scientific Document Launched at UN Headquarters

If the mandate goes, will the health law stay?

In Hill testimony, justices lift high court’s veil: Breyer and Scalia

Politics and the Pulpit | Open Salon

Austin, Texas Law Attacking Pregnancy Centers Faces Lawsuit |

Teresa Collett: Human Dignity and Supreme Court Jurisprudence

Teresa Collett: Abortion, Paternity and Fathers’ Rights

Civil Rights Attorney’s File First Amendment Action Against the City of Austin for Violating the Civil Rights of Pregnancy Resource Centers

Dangerous Sermons |

Counseling student’s appeals case begins

NC: La Grange Town Council to bring back prayer despite federal ruling

Whiteville board seeks advice on cross dispute: Aldermen vote to work with Alliance Defense Fund

Snoqualmie resident can hand out leaflets

    SnoValley Star: “Christians shouldn’t be threatened with arrest and quarantined in isolated ‘expression areas’ when they want to share their beliefs,” Alliance Defense Fund Senior Counsel Nate Kellum said in a statement. “The federal judge did the right thing by halting the enforcement of a city ordinance that effectively censors anyone who wishes to express his or her beliefs through the distribution of literature. That violates the constitutionally protected right to free speech in public areas at a free event that’s open to everyone.”

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9th Circuit judge: district court ‘sacrifice(d) the rule of law’ in striking down DADT

“To Protect Freedom, ADF Needs IRS to Punish Pastors” | Christianity Today

TN: ACLU concerns still linger – Cheatam County school district

Judge upholds firing of Ohio teacher in Bible case

Ga. ban on guns in places of worship before 11th Circuit

European court rules against Soros in trading case

World bank weighs in on U.S. tax code, fossil fuel ‘subsidies’

Palin not running for president in 2012, will support conservative candidates

Can Neuroscience Tell Us Anything About Virtue?

The Crisis of Data in College Admissions

‘Darn Tooting!’ Obama Brags About HHS Reg Catholic Bishops Call Attack on Liberty