Polygamist ‘Sister Wives’ family describes harm caused by Utah bigamy investigation

Tommy Thompson to address stem cell conference at Vatican

Kansas: Federal judge orders restoration of taxpayer funds to abortion clinic, for now

Abortion-Breast Cancer: 53 of 66 Studies in 54 Years Show Link

    LifeNews.com: In 1996, the Brind quantitative meta-analysis of the extant induced abortion and breast cancer studies showed that there were 23 studies, 10 of which were statistically significant. Since then, there has been no tabulation to include the studies after 1997. An unpublished review in 2003 showed that there were 40 studies which showed a positive association between induced abortion and breast cancer.

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Wales: Police force displays rainbow stickers at front desks to promote ‘diversity’

UK: Halt the bandwagon on same-sex marriage, PM told

Va. GOP May Capture Senate; Revive Prayer, Abortion Bills

Rhode Island Atheist Student, School Clash Over Prayer Mural Lawsuit

Where is Herman Cain’s campaign money coming from?

“LGBT Workplace Summit Convenes in Dallas October 25-28, 2011″

    MarketWatch: Executives, human resources and diversity professionals, employee resource groups and lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people and allies will gather in Dallas, Texas, on October 25-28 to consider ways to advance workplace equality.

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UK: Judge slates same-sex couples’ fight over girls

Video – Herman Cain: “I wouldn’t seek” a Federal marriage amendment

Iowa Dems worried about marriage issue in critical Senate race after Supremes thrown out of office

“Same-Sex Couples Allowed Equal Rights In Alaska Despite Marriage Amendement” | Forbes

Herman Cain Presses No Compromise Pro-Life View on Abortion

Is Islamic law to blame for the Middle East’s economic failures?

Planned Parenthood Denied $397K in Tax Funding in Tennessee

“Updating the Way ‘Parent’ is Defined in New York Law”

    JURIST: Melanie Lazarus, St. John’s University School of Law Class of 2012, is the author of the ninth article in a ten part series from the staffers of the Journal of Civil Rights and Economic Development under the direction of Professor Leonard Baynes. She writes on the need for New York to update the way it defines “parent” for custodial and childcare purposes…

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ADF to NJ school district: Retaliation against teacher for Facebook comments would be illegal

Ill. Senate Introduces Bill to Allow Catholic Charities to Continue Adoptions

Lawyer who argued for same sex “marriage” appointed to Vermont Supreme Court

Illinois: “Opposite-sex couple in civil union assail NU’s health insurance rules”

LifeSiteNews banned from public sessions of Canadian bishops’ meeting

Planned Parenthood Awards Number Two Senate Democrat

‘We want the debate’ declares Canadian pro-life group

Chinese woman dies during forced abortion: was six months pregnant

Flawed miscarriage diagnosis criteria may lead to abortion of healthy babies: study

ADF Allied Attorney Success Stories: October 2011

    Congratulations to allied attorneys Jim Bopp, Steve Fitschen, Jakub Kriz, Chris Lane, ­­­­­Roberta Livesay, Matthew McReynolds, Douglas Meyers, Arthur Schulcz, and Kevin Snider as well as new Honor Corps member Robert Reynolds for their recent accomplishments and successes listed below.  …

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Second Students for Life staffer passes away after car accident

Cal Thomas: Pictures will change minds on abortion

Off-campus online student speech case appealed to high court

Polling the Occupy Wall Street Crowd

Fiscal Illusion and Fiscal Obfuscation: Tax Perception in Sweden

FAQ: How does reproductive cloning work? | LiveScience

    LiveScience: A team of South Korean scientists led by the Hwang Woo-suk – who made headlines in 2005 for falsely claiming to have extracted stem cells from cloned human embryos – has just announced that they have successfully cloned coyotes for the first time. Here are some answers to a few questions you may have about reproductive cloning.

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Supreme Court mulling if highway crosses case will be argued

Iowa officially picks Jan. 3 for caucuses

Missouri Congressmen Vote to Purge Abortion from Obamacare

Obama nominates Paul Watford to 9th Circuit Court of Appeals

Harper’s picks highlight new direction for Supreme Court

Texas school refuses to call off evangelizers – Freedom From Religion Foundation

Mississippi Voters May Change Abortion Debate | Personhood USA

ACLU and Planned Parenthood File Lawsuit to challenge Nevada Personhood ballot initiatives

World Congress of Families VI (2012) Takes Shape at Madrid Planning Committee Meeting

    World Congress of Families VI (2012) Takes Shape at Madrid Planning Committee Meeting: The following participated in the International Planning Committee Meeting for World Congress of Families VI: Ignacio Arsuaga — HazteOir.org, (Spain) and head of the local organizing committee for WCF VI, Lola Velarde — Institute for Family Policies (Spain), Christine Vollmer — Alliance for the Family (Venezuela), Natalia Yakunina — Sanctity of Motherhood Foundation (Russia), Larry Jacobs — WCF Managing Director, Don Feder — WCF Communications Director, Geert-Jan Poker — Familyfacts.nl (Netherlands), Lech and Ewa Kowalewski — Human Life International (Poland), Fr. Jaroslaw Szymczak — Institute for Family Studies (Poland), Silvio Dalle Valle — Association for the Defense of Christian Values (Italy), Austin Ruse — Catholic Family and Human Rights Foundation, Bev Adair — Family First New Zealand, Mary-Louise Fowler — Australian Family Association, Peter Westmore — National Civic Council (Australia), Alexey Komov — WCF Representatiive in Russia and CIS, Benjamin Bull — Alliance Defense Fund, Dorothy Patterson — Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Mary Ellen Smoot — Women’s Relief Society, Janice and Gil Crouse — Concerned Women for America, Roberta Kraft — Windway Foundation, Susan Roylance — Howard Center for Family, Religion & Society, Chris and Christine Carmouche — GrassTopsUSA, and Preston Noell — Tradition, Family & Property.

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Reclaiming Texas For Christ 2nd Annual Conference – October 20, 2011

Family, Marriage on Trial in Chile

    NCRegister.com: “I believe the intent here is to fabricate an illegitimate transnationalist jurisprudence to alter the essential foundations of Chilean society — family and marriage,” Bishop Juan Ignacio González Errazuriz of San Bernardo, Chile, told the Register via email. “This is undoubtedly a very grave concern.” Bishop González’s concerns about the Atala case are shared by the Alliance Defense Fund, an Arizona-based legal organization dedicated to protection of religious freedom, the sanctity of life and marriage and the family. The commission’s decision contained four fundamental flaws, according to a legal brief the ADF submitted last month to the Inter-American Court.

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Phyllis Schlafly: America’s Decline: Candidates Just Don’t Get It

What’s A First-Year Lawyer Worth? Not Much, Say a Growing Number of Corporate Clients Who Refuse to Pay

‘Government persecution does target homeschoolers’

“ACLU in Court to Challenge Religious Restrictions on Government-Funded Trafficking Victims’ Program”

Alan E. Sears: A grisly tragedy in the culture of death

Robert P. George: Pornography, Public Morality, and Constitutional Rights

Education Week: ACLU Puts Pressure on Districts to Ease Internet Filtering

Hoping to end Swedish discrimination

Teachers steer clear of religious expression

Mere Weeks After Implementation, the Arizona Abortion Consent Act is Already Saving Hundreds of Lives

UN chief: People are losing trust in governments and institutions to do right

Italian priest shot dead in Philippines

Calif. Poll Shows Most Americans Believe in Traditional Marriage

    Christian Post: Gene Ulm, Public Opinion Strategies partner and ADF survey director, said the survey’s findings, which are similar to that of Lawrence Research, are not surprising. “More than 63 million Americans in 31 state elections have voted on constitutional marriage amendments. Forty million Americans in all … have voted to affirm marriage as a union between a man and a woman,” he said in a statement. “This survey, along with the nearly 80 percent win rate in ADF marriage cases, shows the opposition has created an illusion of momentum, but not a real base of support or track record of victory in the court.”

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National Secular Society publish European Court of Human Rights intervention

The Scientific Revolution and Contemporary Ethics

Suit Dropped Challenging Faith-Based DC Homeless Shelter After Revised Arrangements

Bashir says Sudan will adopt entirely Islamic constitution

9th Circuit Denies En Banc Review of Mt. Soledad Case, Over Dissents

Supreme Court declines free-speech case

Church Sues New Jersy City Over Zoning Delay

Kazakh President Signs Restrictive New Religion Law

Legal Periodical: “Sexual Rights and religion: Same-sex Marriage and Lawmakers’ Catholic Identity in Argentina”

    (abstract only below)

    Juan Marco Vaggione, Sexual Rights and religion: Same-sex Marriage and Lawmakers’ Catholic Identity in Argentina, 65 University of Miami Law Review 935-954 (2011).

    The legal regulation of marriage in Argentina has undergone reforms that, in a variety of ways, have dismantled religion’s influence over law. While these reforms reaffirm the centrality of marriage in the construction of the sexual order, they also redefine marriage, distancing it from the sacrament defended by the Catholic Church. In 1888, civil and religious marriages were distinguished from one another as part of a reform process in response to late-century secularist and liberal ideologies. 1 Church and State became, at least legally, autonomous with respect to marriage; while the latter regulated the civil contract, the Church only concerned itself with the celebration of the religious sacrament. However, the legal construction of marriage was, of course, substantiated by the religious doctrine. Almost a century later, in 1987, 2 the related Divorce Law was passed, 3 made possible largely by the recent restoration of democracy and the influence of women’s movements in the region. 4 The law distanced itself from religious sacrament by establishing the solubility of the bond as a constitutive part of the institution of marriage. Finally, in 2010, a new reform took place through which marriage was authorized between same-sex couples, 5 arising from a demand primarily promoted by the movement for sexual diversity. This reform broke from the principle of Catholic doctrine that the sexes are complementary and generated complete equality in marriage between partners of the same or opposite sexes.

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NY: Lawsuit accuses school of holding boy back because he’s Muslim

Australia: UWA Embryonic-like Stem Cells In Breast Milk

Justice Scalia Tells Senate ‘Every Banana Republic Has a Bill of Rights’

Names of Petition Signers Released – WA Domestic Partnership Referendum 71

Sweden: 23 women convicted of child pornography

Top Europe court bans stem cell technique patents

Supreme Court to hear Stolen Valor case – unauthorized wearing of military medals/ribbons