ADF Allied Attorney Success Stories: October 2011

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Congratulations to allied attorneys Jim Bopp, Steve Fitschen, Jakub Kriz, Chris Lane, ­­­­­Roberta Livesay, Matthew McReynolds, Douglas Meyers, Arthur Schulcz, and Kevin Snider as well as new Honor Corps member Robert Reynolds for their recent accomplishments and successes listed below.  Please take time to congratulate them!

James Bopp, Jr. (The Bopp Law Firm). In Hatchett v. Barland a federal judge ruled that a Wisconsin law requiring individuals to register with the state and place disclaimers on mailings for or against a ballot proposition was unconstitutional.

Steven Fitschen, Douglas E. Meyers (National Legal Foundation). NLF filed an amicus brief on behalf of an Idaho rescue mission that was accused of religious discrimination. The court ruled that the religious exemption in the federal Fair Housing Act prohibited a claim of religious discrimination for feeding those who attend religious services before those who do not, or for requiring a participant in a drug treatment program to become a Christian before graduating.

Steven Fitschen, Douglas E. Meyers (National Legal Foundation); Arthur A. Schulcz, Sr. (Attorney at Law). NLF and Art filed separate amicus briefs supporting the constitutionality of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” in Log Cabin Republicans v. United States.  The Ninth Circuit vacated the trial court’s order overturning DADT on the ground that it is moot in view of congressional action repealing the law.

Jakub Kriz (Czech Republic). Jakub filed an amicus brief asking the court to require the Czech Republic to pay restitution to churches for property seized during the communist era.  The Constitutional Court ruled that the government must pay $2.5 billion to the Roman Catholic church over a seventeen-year period, and make restitution to sixteen other religious bodies as well. The decision is an important first step in the goal for churches to regain their lost property.

Chris B. Lane (Lane Law Offices). Chris persuaded Louisville, Kentucky police officers and a concert organizer not to interfere with a group of open-air street evangelists preaching in a public park outside of a music concert.  The evangelists were arrested for preaching outside this event the prior two years.

Roberta S. Livesay (Helm, Livesay, & Worthington, LTD.). The Arizona Supreme Court granted review of a property tax case Roberta won in the tax court, but had overturned on appeal.  This will be Roberta’s fourth appearance in the Arizona Supreme Court.

Kevin Snider, Matthew McReynolds (Pacific Justice Institute). Kevin and Matt avoided Supreme Court cert on a Ninth Circuit victory overturning the dismissal of RLUIPA claims against the City of San Leandro.  They now have the opportunity to prove the City placed a substantial burden on a church’s religious exercise by refusing to allow it to use its facility.

Allied Attorney Honor Corps. This month Robert J. Reynolds was inducted into the Allied Attorney Honor Corps. Allied Attorneys become Honor Corps members when they have reported at least 450 hours of qualifying pro bono work.

Pro Bono Reporting: Last month, we received pro bono reports from 77 attorneys.   Thank you!


Don’t forget: if you have had a recent success or noteworthy accomplishment, we want to hear from you even if the issue is unrelated to the ADF core areas! It’s a great way for us to encourage each other.

Please note that we sometimes report successes or noteworthy items that are not within ADF areas of focus and that would not qualify for pro bono credit.

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