ADF: Mt. Soledad decision may be U.S. Supreme Court’s third memorial cross case to bear

Okla. judge blocks abortion law from taking effect

Ultrasounds Dominate NC Abortion Lawsuit Arguments

ACLU of Delaware’s next First Amendment target is Capital School District

Applicants Announced for D.C. Superior Court Vacancy

US asks China for policies on Internet censorship and how they work pursuant to WTO rules

Indiana Planned Parenthood Won’t Stop Abortions to Get Tax Funds

UK: Backdoor euthanasia in the NHS

‘Muslim’ Nations and The Problem of Christian Persecution

    Quasim Rashid at the Huffington Post: The problem is persecution, and in this case, of Christians. Some fourteen centuries after Prophet Muhammad wrote, “Christians are my citizens, and by God, I hold out against anything that displeases them,” Christian persecution has become a norm in these Muslim majority nations. While persecution in even one nation is too much, the problem is far beyond just one nation.

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Nixon appoints Judge George Draper to Missouri Supreme Court

“An Opportunity for Cain on the Issue of Same-Sex Marriage”

“Spanish town rushes to wed gays before election”

Oregon group eyes ballot measure to reverse marriage amendment

“Eastman is the new general in gay marriage war”

Post-revolt Tunisia wrestles with resurgent Islam

Connecticut abortion providers may be underreporting procedures, group says

Officials urge Ind. Planned Parenthood to split up

UK: Peer slates ‘appalling’ content of sex ed materials for kids

San Francisco targets crisis pregnancy centers

MN Catholic Bishops urge parish priests to form committees to help pass marriage amendment

Mars Hill Church in Portland protested for opposing homosexual conduct

Rumors Swirl on Iranian Pastor’s Execution Status: What Has Happened? Ayatollah Khamenei reviewing?

Father Pavone Turns Down Meeting With Bishop Zurek

Student loans outstanding will exceed $1 trillion this year |

At issue: Kline’s ‘ethical misconduct’

Pro-Lifers shift attention to Senate

“B.C. gay couple barred from B&B get human rights tribunal hearing”

Robert George: Does Sex Ed Undermine Parental Rights?

UK: Church moves step closer to appointing women bishops

Scotland: RC bishop: ‘marriage older than the state’

CA: “Fremont members vote to leave Presbyterian Church USA over gay minister”

How Muslim immigration has transformed European politics

Will the Senate Quietly Kill the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom?

S.C. Episcopal Church to Break From National Body Over Homosexuality?

How Long Can Evangelical Chaplains Effectively Function Within the Military?

Alan E. Sears: Hope In The Legal And Political War To Defend Life

Casey Mattox: Take Heart Pro-Life Students. You’re Winning!

CT: Highschoolers horrified at gay male kiss in school play, while officials praise exposure

‘Defund abortion’: Ontario taxpayers to rally in Toronto on Oct. 22nd

Terry Jeffrey: Court Ruling Proves: Kagan Must Recuse from Obamacare litigation

Pro-Life Leaders Meet for Asia-Pacific Congress in Kazakhstan

Congressional Prayer Caucus denounces Vanderbilt rule

Dalai Lama’s prayers for Tibetans ‘terrorism in disguise’, China says

TN: Sycamore community gathers to pray

Florida Supreme Court to Decide If Noise Limits on Car Stereos Is Unconstitutional

Obama Lawyers Urge Court to Limit Scope of Health-Care Case

Canada: Gentle grilling of top court appointees not to everyone’s taste

Anti-Church Party Gets Surprising 3rd Place Win In Poland

SCOTUS Considers Free Speech: FCC Indecency, Stolen Valor Act

Republican Debate Includes Role of Religion In Choosing Nominee

China’s top communists call for cultural campaign to export ideology

Iran’s supreme leader ups fight with Ahmadinejad

Ron Paul’s economic plan targets TSA

Questions sparked on CBO reform The implosion of the long-term care benefit known as the CLASS Act, which administration officials acknowledged could not be made to pay for itself, as its critics had always maintained, is giving new life to lawmaker proposals to change the way CBO scores legislation.

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High Court Denies Review of Case Upholding a Daily Moment of Silence in Public Schools

Stanley Fish: Is Religion Above the Law?

Top Income in U.S. Is…Gasp!…Wash. D.C. Area

TX: Courthouse Arrests of Moroccan Muslims May Have Terror Link