ADF: 12 nurses sue NJ hospital for forcing them to participate in abortions

“Uganda fury at David Cameron aid threat over gay rights”

European Parliament backs tougher penalties and EU-wide deletion of porn web pages

Atheist Takes Ill. Cross Monument to Appeals Court Over Funding

Toomey Signs On to Bill Opposing HHS Contraceptive Regulation

Obama Withdraws Nomination of Charles Day for Maryland District Court

Alan E. Sears: The battle is joined over the right to pray…

U.S. Supreme Court declines to rule on student free speech in Connecticut case

Erik Stanley: “Pulpit Freedom Sunday 2011 – A Success By All Accounts”

Scots families ‘should stop at two children’

Algeria Detains Christians For ‘Illegal’ Worship

E.D. Penn. refuses to stop Catholic Group from protesting sex superstore

The Village Voice and the selling of children for sex on the Internet

We’ve been Guttmacher’d! Exposing the Planned Parenthood-funded research organization |

Planned Parenthood completely defunded in Tennessee

Cal Thomas: “Abortion ultrasound requirement: Not a matter of free speech”

U.S. News Media Group and Best Lawyers® Release 2011-2012 “Best Law Firms” Rankings

New HRC campaign targets blacks on marriage issue

Kansas mosque that burned had received anti-Islam letters, leader says

“Microsoft and Yahoo Equalize Health Benefits for Gay Employees”

“N.J. trying to get lawsuit dismissed that would force state to recognize gay marriage”

Countries that ban homosexuality risk losing aid, warns David Cameron

Ken Connor: Abortion: An Inconvenient Truth

Pat Buchanan: Let DC Office of Human Rights bureaucrats “test the magic of the workplace” if they investigate Catholic U. Muslim complaints

Florida: Lauderdale Co. Schools will not lead prayer

Big government killing the American Dream

    Michael LeGault at The Detroit News: In a 2010 NBC-Wall Street Journal poll, 63 percent of respondents said the standard of living will not get better for average families. Hope has been replaced by despair for tens of millions of Americans, the notable exceptions being those lucky enough to reside in Hollywood, academia, Silicon Valley, lawyer-ville or Washington, D.C. — the hotbeds of American liberalism.

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Nepalese police detain more than 100 Tibetan exiles protesting against Chinese rule

Student Loan Debt Shows High Cost of Federal Aid

Phyllis Schlafly: Rick Perry’s Marriage Problems

Dennis Prager: Four Legacies of Feminism

    Dennis Prager at Townhall: The first was the feminist message to young women to have sex just like men do . . . The second awful legacy of feminism has been the belief among women that they can and should postpone marriage until they develop their careers — and that only then should they seriously consider looking for a husband . . . The third sad feminist legacy: So many women — and men — have bought into the notion that women should work outside the home that for the first time in American history, and perhaps world history, vast numbers of children are not primarily raised by their mothers or even by an extended family member . . . And the fourth awful legacy of feminism has been the de-masculinization of men.

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Bishops May Sue Obama Admin for Denying Grant Over Abortion

School Attorney Says Weekly Flag Pole Prayer Violates Establishment Clause

D.C. Council Considering Requiring Speech Code in City Parks and the University of District Columbia

Eugene Volokh: The First Amendment and the Government as K-12 Educator

Markets fall on as Greece announces referendum on euro bail-out

Atheism, Religion, and Presidential Voting

LA Times: “Election 2012: A Republican assault on the judiciary”

HHS Defunds Bishops Trafficking Program – Abortion Politics at Work

Fla. Federal Court Upholds School’s Ban of Anti-Islam T-Shirts

Hospital Told Nurses: Assist Abortions or Lose Your Job |

“Gay ‘marriage,’ young adults & polling” | Baptist Press

Supremes slap down memorials to fallen officers: Thomas says Establishment Clause jurisprudence ‘in shambles’

Ken Klukowski: Court decides against hearing roadside crosses case | Washington Examiner

Ron Paul: Leaving Iraq? While I applaud the spirit of this announcement – since all our troops should come home from overseas – I have strong reservations about any actual improvements in the situation in Iraq, since plans are already being made to increase the number of troops in surrounding regions. What we really need is a new foreign policy and there is no indication that that is what we have gotten.

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Poland has largest gathering of rabbis since WWII

AP: “World economy needs China to slow growth gradually”: China 9.5%, U.S. 1.3% annual growth

Matthew J. Franck: Tenure Bedevils the University

Texas gun instructor draws heat for anti-Muslim ad

FCC cracks down on religious broadcasters

The Hard Business Problems Facing U.S. Law Faculty

What are we paying members of Congress $285,000 per year for?

    The Hill : Despite these dire circumstances, those responsible for these pressing national concerns, the United States Congress, still receive pay and benefits totaling $285,000 per year. This makes members of Congress among the highest-paid five percent of American workers.

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Today – Senate expected to confirm Stephen Higginson to the Fifth Circuit

Health, abortion issues split Obama administration and Catholic groups

No clarity on religious displays | SCOTUSblog

Fury in Germany after Greek referendum call

Missouri Attorney Pushes Public Display of National Motto

Egypt’s Massacre of Christians: What the Media Does Not Want You To Know