3rd Circuit: FCC Wrongly Fined CBS over Janet Jackson breast display

Crosses on public land caught in judicial ‘mess’ | Baptist Press

FL: School prayer bill approved by Senate committee

Speech Code of the Month: Colorado College

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Il: “Gay couple files complaints over bed-and-breakfasts”

“Anglicans won’t allow civil partnerships in churches”

In 5 Hours Jesus Statue Support Eclipses Atheist Group’s Membership

Wichita abortion clinic on track to open in 2012

French satirical magazine petrol bombed after caricature of Prophet Mohammed

Abortion Practitioner Under Investigation in Indiana

Barbour: Life-at-fertilization prop on Miss. ballot ‘ambiguous,’ says he’s unsure on his vote

“NH gay advocate resigns, citing no funding”

“NY PTA official says gay group never got approval”

Policy Forces Nurses to Perform Abortions

12 nurses sue NJ hospital for forcing them to participate in abortions | ProLifeBlogs

Senate Effort to Repeal Defense of Marriage Act is Another Attack on Marriage

Md. man dies before hearing on feeding-tube fight

Are Christians facing extinction on the Arab street?

Radical Islamists seize control of Tunisia mosques

Over 93,000 children killed by abortion in Canada in 2009 according to new stats

Persecuted Canadian Pro-Life Students See Charges Withdrawn

“Anti-Gay Statements About Fellow Building Resident = Liability for ‘Hostile Housing Environment Harassment’”

Diversity Within Student Groups vs. Diversity Across Student Groups

Health law ruling could be political earthquake

Durham to retire from Oregon Supreme Court: 2 Seats Open on the Court

Daniel Blomberg: Abortion Not About Terminating Pregnancy, It’s Killing a Baby

David L. Hudson: “Clarence Thomas: Court needs to ‘clean up our mess’”

FRC Action’s Values Voter Bus to Hold News Conference at Roadside Cross Now Facing Court Ordered Removal

House Hearing Today On Health Law and Conscience Rights

IRS Changes Preserve Social Security Conscience Exemption For LLCs

TN: “Group: Teacher’s rights violated”

Supreme Court Won’t Tackle Roadside Crosses Fight | Crosswalk

Winston Salem Journal Editorial: “Prayer has no place at government meetings”

12 nurses sue NJ hospital for forcing them to participate in abortions | Canada Free Press

Obama rips GOP for vote on ‘In God We Trust’ motto

Nurses File Suit to Stop Requirement to Participate in Abortions | NRL News Today

12 nurses sue over being forced to help with abortions | World Net Daily

NJ Nurses Sue Hospital Over New Abortion Policy | Christian Post

“T.C. Voters To Decide On Legal Protections For People Who Are Gay, Transgender” | Interlochen Public Radio

    Interlochen Public Radio: But Elk Rapids Attorney Steve Francis has been scrutinizing the local law and he says there’s a certain group of Traverse City business owners who might want to take notice.
    “The secondary effect of this particular ordinance is really the restriction of Christian speech and Christian belief, and that’s what really concerns me,” Francis says . . . He volunteers as an attorney with a national group called the Alliance Defense Fund, which defended a Christian couple who ran a photography studio in New Mexico. The owners ran afoul of a similar law when they refused to photograph a civil union between two women.
    “So we argued that to force this couple to take pictures of a lesbian commitment ceremony, which was against their religious beliefs, was forced speech,” he says. “The human rights commission found against this couple, fined them $6,600 and that’s being appealed in state court in New Mexico. That’s the kind of thing that really concerns me with this particular ordinance.”

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Md. man dies before hearing on feeding-tube clash

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