Florida: U.S.-born children sue over in-state tuition

Dutch Jews and Muslims fight for circumcision right

China’s One-Child Policy Blasted in Congressional Hearing

Catholic Bishops Confront Illinois Governor on Abortion Issue

Austrian Law Banning Egg and Sperm Donation In a Single IVF Procedure Upheld

Tory MP blasts legal-abortion supporter Justin Trudeau over talk to Catholic students

Scotland: Opposition parties unite against sectarianism Bill

Scotland: Councillors in Glasgow vote in favour of redefining marriage

RI: Litigation planned over Obamacare abortion mandate

African nations angered by UK’s threat to cut aid budget over homosexuality

Episcopal Church in Minn. passes resolution opposing marriage amendment

Maryland AG pushes marriage redefinition

Senate Judiciary postpones vote on federal marriage law

George F. Will: Conformity for diversity’s sake – Vanderbilt’s diversity policy

“Florida Lesbian Couple Calls Driver’s License Change Rejection ‘Humiliating’”

Ontario: Law profession faces an ‘articling crisis’

TX: Local governments give Rock the Desert financial assistance

Make abortion ‘core’ hospital service, designate later-term abortion sites, urges Ontario report

Another Study Shows Abortion-Mental Health Issues Link

Congressional Panel Says ObamaCare Violates Conscience Rights

WV U. SGA resolution supports LGBTQ student community

American Snapshot: Only 20% of married households have kids; 14% of men 25-34 lived with parents

Frank D. Mylar: High court ignores Utah’s crosses

“A feminine face for the anti-abortion movement” | The Washington Post

Matt Bowman: Twelve Nurses Forced to Take Part in Abortions

SC: School district responds to ACLU

Same-sex marriage: GOP cites pro-gay psychologist

TX: Clergy Sexual Assault Provision Upheld Against Constitutional Challenge

Oklahoma: Lawmakers study repeal of state ‘no-fault’ divorce laws

The Birth Control Solution | NYTimes.com

Lawmakers study repeal of state ‘no-fault’ divorce laws | Tulsa Beacon

‘Gay’ activists given free reign in public schools

Nurses Sue Hospital Over New Abortion Policy | Crosswalk

Son taken from parents to be taken overseas?

EPPC Event: George Washington’s Vision for Religious Freedom and Church-State Relations

    EPPC: The Ethics and Public Policy Center takes pleasure in announcing the inaugural event of its American Religious Freedom Program. President Washington’s vision for religious freedom and church-state relations established enduring precedents to guide American political life and civil society. His Thanksgiving Day Proclamation, Letter to the Newport Synagogue, Farewell Address, and similar acts and statements set the stage for America’s history of protecting robust religious rights and freedoms for persons of all faiths.

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15% of U.S. Population on Food Stamps – 45.8 Million

Debt Increased $203 Billion in Oct.–$650 for Every Man, Woman and Child in America