Deaths Put Focus on Pastor’s Advocacy of Spanking

New Zealand Prime Minister Wrong to Back Assisted Suicide

Video: “Levin: U.S. Has Become A ‘Post-Constitutional Gov’t’ Heading For ‘Utopian Tyranny’”

Planned Parenthood Continues Falsifying Medicaid Documents

Supreme Court Refuses Review In Jehovah’s Witness Challenge To Controlled Access Law

The Islamic Case for Religious Liberty

Dozens killed in Islamist attack on churches in Nigeria

UK: Bill to tackle Sharia will help curb anti-women prejudice

Cameron’s plan to redefine marriage will cost votes

Philadelphia Male Student Suspended for Wearing Makeup

Students leave 182 Indiana districts under voucher program

Pastor leads prayer circle outside elementary school

Choosing Your Gender | Cal. Family Policy Council

Arkansas: Lawmakers defend religious instruction in state-funded schools 

The Debt Travails of One of Our Law Faculty Colleagues

    Balkinization: In response to posts I have been writing about the broken economics of attending law school today, I have heard from several law professors (and a dean) who are skeptical that law school debt is as much of a problem as I make it out to be. In the hope that law professors will be persuaded that the situation is indeed severe, I am reprinting below a comment on one of my posts by a visiting fellow currently on a law faculty (I have confirmed this) . . .

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Heavy crackdown by Nigeria military on Muslim sect behind deadly attacks may provoke backlash

“Reform law schools, don’t deregulate them”

Bachmann: GOP rivals appear ‘frugal socialists’

Mississippi and the abortion rights powder keg

Iowa Judge set to weigh two moms birth certificate case

Rep. Smith to make emergency trip to see Chinese activist Chen Guangcheng: may be dead already

Archbishop of Canterbury: ‘Why Royal family must stay Anglican’

Poll: Iowa Senate 18 race close, but Democrat leading

“Same sex marriage fight focuses on Iowa state special election”

Iowa: Golding rips media for making Iowa Senate 18 election a single-issue race

Levy Itzhak Rosenbaum Becomes First Person Convicted of Brokering Kidney Sales in the US

    Ilya Somin at The Volokh Conspiracy: Brooklyn resident Levy Itzhak Rosenbaum recently became the first person convicted of brokering the sale of kidneys in the United States [HT: George Mason law student Michael Mortorano]. The real tragedy here is not what Rosenbaum did, but the fact that organ sales are illegal to begin with. Legalizing them would save thousands of lives every year by increasing the supply of kidneys available to those suffering from organ failure.

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GA: Court hears challenge to assisted-suicide law  

Poll: ‘Personhood’ a toss-up in Miss.

MI AG Files Suit to Dissolve Improperly Incorporated Abortion Clinics in Eaton, Saginaw Counties

When grandparents sue for visitation

Abortion referendum in Mississippi would redefine ‘personhood’

Erik Stanley: Two Common Objections to Pulpit Freedom Sunday

Jordan Lorence: Atheists and Agnostics Are the Largest Affiliation of Yale Law School Students

Greg Baylor: A Christ-Centered College Moves to Preserve Its Identity: Why the Fuss?

Today’s Supreme Court Order List

Summum Sues Pleasant Grove Again– Now In State Court

Air Force Academy cowers as atheist group complains about Christmas toy drive for kids

Mississippi Governor Supports Personhood Amendment

Hospital Sues Over Whether It Is A Public Agency– Church-State Implications

Nike, Microsoft, Google other major companies support striking down Defense of Marriage Act

“Town Clerks Bullied over NY Gay Marriage Law”

Ark. agency investigating whether legislator’s state funds promote religion at his preschool | The Republic

Judge Issues TRO temporarily stopping New Jersey Hospital from Compelling Pro-Life Nurses to assist in abortions | NRL News Today

Court Blocks NJ Hospital From Forcing Nurses to Assist in Abortions

Mich. Senator: Protect All Students From Bullying, Not Just LGBT

Conservatives and Social Justice

Conscience rights for nurses |

Unions geared up for Ohio referendum vote

It’s time to bring our cash home

Kenyan church attacked, 2 killed

WV Dept. of Ed taking comments on bullying policy

US wealth gap between young and old is widest ever

Virginia challenged on health care

Under the U.S. Supreme Court: Thomas spanks court on religious displays