Forced Marriages in Germany Becoming More Prevalent

UK: Muslims Against Crusades banned

Egypt’s Christians Protest Military Rule: Coptics Fear Further Marginalization After Elections

Evangelicals talk marriage and hot sex

Wyo. Supreme Court considers limits to keep pro-life protesters away from Boy Scouts

Steven Ertelt: “Put Personhood Amendments Aside, Focus on Ending Abortion”

UN Committee Tells Peru to Compensate Girl Denied an Abortion

Investigator: Lie detector software shows Herman Cain innocent of sexual advances

“Basic Rights Oregon will not put same-sex marriage on 2012 ballot”

Burma Army Attacks Church, Shooting and Torturing Worshipers

‘Gay marriage’ activists using issue to impose their worldview, UK writer warns

Three Christians Killed in Attacks in Nigeria’s Kaduna State

Pastor Nadarknani Apostacy Verdict Expected from Iranian Supreme Leader in Mid-December

Demoted Christian gets backing from Govt minister

In Sweden, a generation of kids who’ve never been spanked | CNN

Anti-Defamation League condemns film that compares abortion to the Holocaust

Turkey: Price of opposing government is concentration camp

The human rights debate and the European Court of Human Rights

    Lexology: The Human Rights Act 1998 has been in the news recently, with certain politicians and other commentators lamenting the fact that British courts are bound by European Court rulings. David Cameron appears to be leading the crusade. He plans to use the UK’s forthcoming chairmanship of the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe to spearhead a radical shake-up of the European Court of Human Rights. But, leaving aside those relatively rare cases where the European Court disagrees with what have been the accepted norms in the UK, such as for example whether prisoners should have the right to vote, what effect has the Human Rights Act had on decisions within the medical sphere?

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Georgia Scholarship Tax Credit Program Set to Help Record Number of Children in 2012

UK should not waste this opportunity in Strasbourg

European Court of Human Rights: Forcibly Sterilizing Women Against Human Rights

Eropean Court of Human Rights “fines Turkey in harassment case of transgender Esma Halat”

Steven Aden: Penn State and Planned Parenthood

Senate Judiciary Committee DOMA Vote Shows Disrespect for Marriage and Voters

U.S. to Delay Decision on Pipeline Until After Election

Iowa Court of Apeals grants students broad free press rights

Ashland, WI: “The Readers Say: No Praying At Council Meetings”

N.J. Supreme Court to hear case of state judge who opposes contributing more toward benefits, pension

Supreme Court health care reform path could be set Thursday

MA: Muslim school holiday an ‘in-your-face’ gesture?

Near term fate of marriage in Iowa rests with Catholic Senate Democrats

CA: Medical marijuana advocates sue to halt dispensary closings

Backers of abortion ban in Nevada still pushing forward

Senate Judiciary votes for repeal of Defense of Marriage Act along party lines

5th Circuit: Court Affirms Prisoner Right to Access Islamic Newspaper

Probe Sought Over Sebelius Destroying Planned Parenthood Docs

Not Safe to Display an American Flag in an American High School

Justice Blocks and Predictability of U.S. Supreme Court Votes

Federal Court Orders N.Y. to Approve ‘Choose Life’ License Plates | Christian Post

Video: Global ‘right to abortion’ rejected at Brazilian pro-life conference

New York Court Gives Choose Life License Plate a Victory |

‘Choose Life’ plates win a round | Albany Times Union

New York state should’ve allowed anti-abortion vanity plate, federal judge in Syracuse rules |

Group criticizes Ark agency for not specifying rules for grant to school that teaches religion | The Republic (AP)

After Seven-Year Lawsuit, Federal Court Allows ‘Choose Life’ License Plate | Fox News

Activists fight injunction against N.C. mandatory ultrasound law | Florida Independent

Judge backs ‘Choose Life’ NY license plates | AP on WSJ

Fifth Defendant in Gosnell Abortion Case Pleads Guilty

Texas City’s Food Ordinance May Infringe Group’s Religious Liberty

NY: Court Refuses To Order Town To Allow Eruv

9th Circuit vacates lower DADT ruling

Christmas Tree Tax Is Microcosm of What’s Wrong with Constitutional Law

NARAL: Abortion issue can help Obama win back ‘defectors’ to reelection

Conservatives uniting to defeat Romney

Perry has debate ‘oops’; crowd cheers Cain in face of allegations

    The Hill: Rick Perry struggled to remember which federal agencies he would cut, Herman Cain had the crowd’s support in dealing with sexual harassment allegations, and Mitt Romney sailed through Wednesday night’s GOP presidential debate.

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Democrats push repeal of Defense of Marriage Act

Arab Christians, minorities, reshaping US enclaves

Israel police investigate vandalized Muslim graves

Debate crowd cheers Cain in face of sexual harassment claims