Why more women in Beijing are delaying marriage

“Gay rights campaigners brand church’s attempt to ‘cure’ homosexuality ‘Dark Ages stuff’”

UK: Church shunned over leaflet on homosexuality

Cameron ignores aides to choose his own verses for 400 yr anniversary of KJV Bible

Dutch doctors end the life of senile dementia patient

Jordan Lorence: Penn State, Nebraska Football Players Pray For Abuse Victims; Some Object

Iowa Christian baker refuses to make cake for Lesbian “wedding”

UK courts following European human rights rulings too strictly, warn judges

60% of abortions in island city. Gender bias to blame?

Ex-porn star’s school appearance prompts review

Kevin Theriot: Top Legal Issues That Concern Churches – Issue #9 Housing Allowance

Mass. lawmakers OK 3 casino, 1 slots parlor bill

WI: Recall papers filed against four GOP state senators

Missouri Supreme Court upholds law regulating sexually oriented businesses

Obama to award medal to Lambda Legal client

Holly Carmichael: Should we be happy that ‘nobody’s dead’

Update: Alan E. Sears on EWTN with Fr. Benedict Groeschel

Justices unlikely to have last word on health care

Perry Calls for U.S. Judge Term Limits and Less Government

MI: “Gay, Muslim groups relieved by changes to bullying bill”

New Jersey’s ‘Nurses of Conscience’ and the Assault on Conscience Rights | NCRegister.com

‘Assist with abortions or be fired’: Ultimatum ‘given to 12 pro-life nurses by hospital’ | Daily Mail

Abortion advocates attacking individual rights | WorldNetDaily

Congress Gives Law Schools the Stink Eye

Law school disinvited to campus: Liberty University openly discriminates based on sexual orientation

Oklahoma City Council passes sexual orientation discrimination measure

With supercommittee deadlocked, leaders Reid and Boehner meet

San Diego mayor urges Congress to overturn Defense of Marriage Act

Quebec family programs doomed due to low fertility, abortion, debt: report

Planned Parenthood Closes Missouri Abortion-Referral Clinic

Florida: Manatee County commissioners asked to halt prayers before meetings

Obama turns his back on Catholics – The Washington Post

Congressman Says Hospital Guilty of ‘Abortion Coercion’ | FOX News

Freedom of not having a choice | Philly.com

Children Lose Attorney-Client Privilege in CO Ad Litem Cases

    Findlaw: Despite this requirement, a recent Colorado Supreme Court ruling states the attorney-client privilege does not apply to guardians ad litem. Confidentiality between a guardian and an abused or neglected child does not exist. Guardians are not advocates, explained the court. Their job is to represent the child’s best interests, not the child’s interests.

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Will Clarence Thomas Recuse Himself From Obamacare Case?

Scalia and Thomas dine with healthcare law challengers as court takes case

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Nurses: Lawsuit hasn’t halted abortion duties | OneNewsNow.com

Defending women’s ‘right to know’ | OneNewsNow.com

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NY drivers can now “choose life” over death

NJ nurses say suit hasn’t halted abortion duties

Mandating Our Religious Freedom

Geron halting embryonic stem cell research, laying off staff

“Australian PM says she favors vote on gay marriage”

HHS makes available $1 billion for innovative healthcare hiring

Dems fear Supreme Court will rule against Obama on healthcare reform

Lousiana files Supreme Court suit challenging use of illegals in Census Congressional apportionment

Republican Party Candidates in Four-Way Dead Heat

Police in Riot Gear Clear Occupy Wall Street, Mayor Calls It “Intolerable Situation”; Judge restrains city

Kagan to Tribe on Day Obamacare Passed: ‘I Hear They Have the Votes, Larry!! Simply Amazing.’