Fears for welfare of Iranian pastor facing execution

UK: “Trans lesbian couple marry after one half has sex change”

Duties to the Unborn: Alabama Supreme Court Deems Viability Irrelevant to Fetal Wrongful-Death Actions

    Jonathan Berry at The Federalist Society: April Mack sued to recover for the wrongful death of her unborn child, who miscarried after a car accident. The Alabama Supreme Court ultimately vindicated her right to recovery, despite her having miscarried her child before the point of viability. In order to do so, the court found that viability made no sense as a prerequisite to wrongful-death recovery, holding an unborn child’s gestational age irrelevant as a matter of law. Conspicuously, the court never saw fit to even mention the U.S. Supreme Court’s abortion jurisprudence and its treatment of viability.

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Senate Dems Poised to Hold Defense Authorization Bill Hostage to DOMA Repeal

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Miss. abortion amendment backers creating political committee

FRC to Hold News Conference on Second Annual Index of Family Belonging and Rejection

DC lawmakers reject Issa’s bill due to abortion provision

Brooklyn Museum to display video criticized as anti-Christian

Reclusive North Korea opens door a crack

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Kansas State Court Quietly Stops Pro-Life Abortion Law

Australia: Christian lobby angered by Gillard’s position on conscience vote

Australia: “Labor Left fights for policy change over same-sex marriage”

Royal Society of Canada report urging legalization of euthanasia a ‘sham’: anti-euthanasia leader

‘Vegetative’ patients may be fully conscious: Lancet study

NY lawsuit: Same-sex ‘marriage’ legal by unlawful means

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Abortion Practitioner Quits After Texas Passes Pro-Life Laws

Supreme Court will hear in vitro Social Security case

Sessions presses Holder on Justice Kagan’s involvement with health law

TSA encourages ‘family lane’ use for holiday travel

    The Hill: The Transportation Security Administration is encouraging families traveling for the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays to use a dedicated lane that would allow frequent fliers to avoid them.

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