Inter-American Commission Criticized for “Insidious” Push for Sexual Orientation | Piero Tozzi, Senior Legal Counsel, Global, with the Alliance Defense Fund, criticized the Commission. “The IACHR has repeatedly overstepped its mandate these past two years, placing ideology over rule of law principles. For example, in the Karen Atala case, the Commission actually demanded that Chile’s executive power ‘punish’ Chilean Supreme Court judges for discriminating on the grounds of ‘sexual orientation’ for determining that placing children with the father over their mother, a self-described ‘lesbian,’ to be in the children’s best interest.” “If the IACHR weren’t so blinded by advancing the homosexual agenda, they would understand that undermining the independence of the judiciary and violating the principle of separation of powers actually undermines rule of law and the integrity of the Inter-American system,” Tozzi told the Friday Fax.