Recent Opinions Show 4th Circuit’s Shift to Left; Court Is ‘Almost One of the Most Liberal’

The Costs of Legal Scholarship: $575M in Tuition and Grads Who Don’t Know How to Practice

    ABA Journal: The chances of obtaining a tenure-track job at a law school begin to diminish after eight or nine years of practice. And that is partly why law schools are not producing lawyers who are trained in legal practice, the New York Times reports. The story quotes an unidentified lawyer who is an adjunct professor. Law practice experience “can be fatal,” he says, “because the academy wants people who are not sullied by the practice of law.”

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The GOP’s China syndrome

Sen. Demint apologize to El Salvador for Obama’s Proposed Ambassador

Alan E. Sears: In North Carolina, A Legal Fight To Save Lives

Virginia Regs That Could Close Abortion Clinics Go to Gov

EU global approach to migration and mobility

Mo. shop owner apologizes for briefly barring religious skeptics from his ‘Christian Business’

Pregnancy Centers: Greatest Threat to the Abortion Industry

New Poll Reveals Real Reason Behind Mississippi Personhood Loss

Romney Names Pro-Life Senator as Possible GOP Running Mate

Texas Choose Life License Plates Now Available Statewide

Former Obama fundraiser Rezko gets 10-year sentence

B.C. Supreme Court’s polygamy ruling expected tomorrow

ABA Rejects Many Obama Prospects for Judgeships

Kevin Theriot: Top Legal Issues That Concern Churches – Issue # 10 Financial Oversight

Switzerland: Top court rules against schooling at home via webcam

Switzerland: “Politician compares gay couples to cocaine”

“Gay-straight clubs break down barriers” |

Maine TV Ads: Paving Way for New Same-Sex Marriage Campaign?

MLB’s new collective bargaining agreement to reportedly add ‘sexual orientation’ to discrimination clause

Colorado Dems elect “gay” House Minority Leader

SLDN Lawyers Tell Court “American Servicemembers and Their Families Are Among DOMA’s Victims”

Senate bill would extend federal benefits to domestic partners

“Why Law Schools Are So Bad at Creating Lawyers (And How to Fix It)”

Planned Parenthood Misleads on Birth Control Statistics

“Off-Island abortion costs hidden, Prince Edward Island warned”

Virginia legislator files personhood bill

America 2011: 11 year old girl kisses boy on school playground, authorities called?

America 2011: School officials said murdered crossdressing boy had right to explore sexuality and proposition other boys?

NJ hospital ignoring court order | “These pro-life nurses should not be bullied into employment discrimination that is forbidden both by federal law and a court order,” Bowman contends. “The hospital is threatening to impose discriminatory ‘transfers’ or ‘changes’ in the employment conditions for these nurses because of their religious and moral objections to abortion. Such discrimination against pro-life nurses violates state and federal law, the court’s order in this case, and even the hospital’s own public statements saying that ‘no nurse must assist in procedures to which they object.’”

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‘Ten Commandments judge’ seeks top Ala. post again

Calif. High Court Ruling Favorable for Traditional Marriage | The New American

Hospital accused of bullying nurses who oppose abortion | WorldNetDaily

El Paso churches won’t be silenced |

San Francisco Sued Over Law Attacking Pregnancy Centers |

Measuring Justice Sotomayor’s Liberal Bona Fides

Court Orders Father To End Mormon Education of Children Without Mother’s Consent

Michael Brown: Rush Limbaugh Exposes the Elephant in the Closet

FRC: Debating Homosexuality Understanding Two Views

Herman Cain Reverses, Signs Pro-Life Pledge on Abortion

Tibet group video allegedly shows nun burning

“Nigeria Moves To Ban, Criminalize Gay Marriage”

Morocco’s Islamists may bolster next government

Teachers union leader says battle’s just begun

Bishop Braxton on Belleville Diocese’s Catholic Charities: Time to reassess dependence on government funding, implications for school choice

Analysis: Health care’s “sleeper issue”

Prop. 8 cases joined, moving faster

Pelosi Bashes Catholics: “They Have This Conscience Thing” |