Evangelist Billy Graham hospitalized for evaluation, lung treatment

Parental Notice of Abortion Act Heading to Illinois Supreme Court

James Hochberg: Beware of activists’ false argument that an old Hawaii law allows assisted suicide | Honolulu Star-Advertiser (subscription)

D.C. tosses complaint against Catholic University dorms

India’s proposed two-child policy: targeting freedom and the privacy of the bedroom

Siri Sends Women to Pregnancy Centers, Not Abortion Clinics

    LifeNews.com: Technology has been instrumental in moving public opinion on abortion. From the advent of ultrasound technology, which provides stunning glimpses into life in the womb, to iPad applications that allow a pregnant mother to track her baby’s development, the pro-life movement has benefited from greater awareness of the humanity of the unborn child. Now, the latest model of Apple’s iPhone provides women with alternatives to abortion when making related abortion searches on its new voice-directed Siri technology.

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Vatican Cardinal Burke: ‘We’re well on the way’ to Christian persecution in the U.S.

Fordham law students organize birth control clinic

Pro-life nurse asked to assist abortion told: ‘You just have to catch the baby’s head’ | LifeSiteNews.com

D.C. Bar Wants Feedback on Local Judges

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Schools set to receive a King James Bible from UK Government

New group, ‘Scotland for Marriage’, launched today

Pro-Abortion Groups Push Abortions at Military Base Hospitals

Michael Norton: Planned Parenthood now hiring someone who wasn’t aborted

Federal judge blocks NC “Choose Life” plates, for now

VA: Giles County school Ten Commandments suit moves forward

Michigan Legislature Passes Anti-Bullying Law, Dropping Religious Exemption

Azerbaijan Government Agency Busy Examining Religious Literature

Federal Election Commission Releases Enforcement Files On Catholic Group’s Robocalls

RI governor defends holiday tree in Statehouse

Arlington Cemetery breaking ground on columbarium

Egypt: Partial results show Islamist lead in vote

China military condemns US-Australia military pact

FRC: And to the Republic for Witch It Stands

MN: Disputed Jesus statue stays for now

Lawmakers propose end to congressional pensions

Church graduations still a court matter | One News

Michael Fragoso: The Costs of Taking Conscience

NY Church Fights to Hold Services at School | CBN.com

“Ga. counseling student in court over view on gays” | AP

Pro-life New Jersey nurses sue hospital over new policy on abortions | Catholic Review

“Suit Against New York Gay Marriage Law May Proceed” | The Advocate

Congressional Bill Bans Sex-Selection, Race-Based Abortions | LifeNews.com

    LifeNews.com: The Alliance Defense Fund, a pro-life law firm, worked with Franks’ staff on a previous version of the measure. “No one should be allowed to decide that an innocent life is worthless, least of all because a child isn’t of the preferred sex or race,” ADF Senior Legal Counsel Steven Aden told LifeNews.com. “There is nothing constitutionally protected or medically necessary about an abortion that takes place because a child is not the preferred sex or race. And there is nothing in the law or the Constitution that prohibits America from joining other civilized nations in prohibiting such barbaric procedures,” he said. “ADF commends Rep. Franks for his leadership in affirming the rule of law’s protection for every American, regardless of race or gender, beginning in the womb,” said Aden in 2009 when it was previously introduced.

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Judge nixes El Paso mayor’s request to halt recall | OneNewsNow.com

Christian Groups having Tough Time on College Campuses

Fed, ECB and other central banks coordinate dollar liquidity

NY: Judge Says Suit to Void Same Sex “Marriage” Act May Proceed