Keith Ablow: “Let’s Make a New Way to Get Married and Get the State Out of the Matrimony Business” | Fox News

    Keith Ablow at Fox News: Trust me, if marriage were thus structured as a union of heart and mind between competent adults making reasoned decisions, rather than abdicating their autonomy and infantilizing themselves, it would have a much better chance of surviving in our culture. As currently conceived—with the state lording over anyone who decides to pull a marriage license—the institution is doomed and will barely exist in 75 years.

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MP calls for Parliament to examine Canada’s total lack of abortion law

Abortion Industry Drooling over Latin America

Victims of the Apostasy law in Islam

    EuropeNews: Interview with Kamal Fahmi, director of Set My People Free (10th of December 2011, Stockholm). What is the purpose of today’s event? Today, actually is the international day of human rights. This is one of the reasons we chose this day, and the second one also, that it is that we give the Nobel prize, so there is a lot of media attention, and what we want to bring the attention of the people to is the apostasy law in Islam, which not many people know about. Islam is a one way religion. If you are a Muslim you can not change your belief. And this is very sad that this is happening in the 21st century.

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Egypt’s ultraconservative Islamist party says it doesn’t oppose peace treaty with Israel

UK: Affair baby must be adopted, rule judges out of fear of “honor killing”

US population growth slowest since 1940s

UK: “Deputy PM: I don’t support the marriage tax break plan”

Salvation Army USA Furious Over International Group’s Abortion Stance

WI: Second complaint filed against Justice Gableman

Colorado to challenge school-funding ruling

Ohio pro-life group resubmits proposed amendment that would define life at fertilization

Gov. John Kasich signs 13 bills into law, including another anti-abortion measure

Christmas is Not About Jesus’ Birthday

91 Congressmen Support No Confidence Vote on Eric Holder

In first, lesbian couple get first kiss at Navy homecoming

Missouri City Refuses To Turn On Water For Adult Sex-Shop

EPA unveils rules which could force closure of some power plants

Ontario – McGuinty: Catholic schools will use the word ‘gay’

Armenian women still have average of 8 and as high as 20 abortions in lifetime

Peru president replaces pro-abort women’s minister with pro-lifer in ongoing shakeup

“Ron Paul’s patients speak out in new pro-life ad”

Chaplains commend Air Force decision to keep Christmas display

NAACP Abandons Blacks by Opposing Ban on Race-Based Abortion

Benjamin Bull: Peace on Earth

Ontario: Vandals deface nativity scene – again

U.S. House Resolution Presses Turkey On Religious Liberty Issues

ADF: Will NJ hospital be allowed to continue forcing nurses to help with abortions?

William Saunders and Kellie Fiedorek: Giving Thanks for Pro-Life Victories on Abortion in 2011

FL: Bondi Revises Ballot Language for ‘Religious Freedom’ Amendment

AL: Tuscumbia school proceeds with ‘Silent Night’ in Christmas program

MI: Warren’s Mayor Fouts defends Nativity scene

Texas Pastors’ Group Urges Congress to Reverse Anti-Holiday Rule

Big Victory in Evansville After Churches Rally to Protect Their Ministries | AFA of Indiana

Alan E. Sears: A quarterback, an R&B singer & a society’s split response | Baptist Press

LETTER: War on Christmas is not fabricated

Gary Johnson to drop GOP bid for Libertarian run

China says Christian Bale should feel embarrassed

Planned Parenthood Botches Abortion, Sends Woman to Hospital

Labor board approves new union election rules

British Judges: UK has 4 weeks to free US-held Pakistani

Jacob Sullum: “One-Man Intervention: Ron Paul Challenges His Party’s Mindless Militarism”

    Jacob Sullum at Townhall: For 35 years, Ron Paul has been speaking truths that the foreign policy mavens of both parties prefer to ignore: that the Constitution gives Congress alone the power to declare war, that unjustified interventions breed resentment that undermines our security, that there is a difference between military spending and defense spending, that foreign aid rewards autocrats and their cronies and that economic sanctions are an “an act of war” that hurts people in the name of punishing the governments that oppress them. If there really is no room for these arguments in the Republican Party, that is the party’s fault, not Paul’s.

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Hawaii Charter School System Slammed in Audit

TX: Lawsuit Claims CPS Removed Kids Out of Spite

Family of State-napped Swedish Child Savors Small Victory | HSLDA

HSLDA Oppose S. 1877, Federal Mandatory Reporting of Child Abuse Legislation — bill has stalled

Faith-based groups face hard lessons about federal strings | Washington Examiner

Top Iowa conservative asks Bachmann to drop out of presidential race

Ron Paul becoming serious contender in Republican presidential race

Santorum showing signs of life in Iowa

    The Hill: While the large religious conservative voting bloc remains split between Santorum, Michele Bachmann and Rick Perry, many experts in the state say Santorum has more structure and momentum than the other two and could coalesce enough support to win the state.

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IN: Vanderburgh Commissioners delays vote on discrimination ordinance

Saint-Petersburg Resolution on the anti-family trends in the United Nations, on the unacceptable actions of the United Nations human rights treaty monitoring bodies

    We, being the representatives of the civil society and non-governmental organizations of the Russian Federation and Ukraine, taking part in the second hearing conducted in Saint-Petersburg on November 24th, 2011, addressing the influence of international political organizations on the condition and welfare of the family in our countries, have examined the current trends concerning family problems in the United Nations, and in particular some activities of the UN treaty monitoring bodies, including the Committee on the Rights of the Child.

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MN: Preliminary Injunction Protects Street Preachers At Holiday Festival In Park

MN: Preaching allowed at Duluth’s Bentleyville, federal judge rules | Duluth News Tribune

Judge bars interference with street preachers at Christmas display in Duluth | Bellingham Herald

NYC churches, booted from schools, ‘scrambling’ for space | Baptist Press

“Gay couple sue Hawaii B&B, claim discrimination” | Newsday (AP)