Judge denies bid to block start of HI civil unions

Georgia Administrative Court: Obama must be ‘constitutionally’ eligible

Personhood battle shifts to Miss. lawmakers

Evangelical leaders call on Canadian Parliament to open abortion debate

Eagan, MN: Proposed Domestic Partner Registry On Council Agenda

Catholic Bishops of Angola oppose move to decriminalize abortion

“No to Nuptials: Will opposite-sex civil unions spell the end of traditional marriage?”

    John Mulhane at Slate Magazine: While it’s true that marriage is in serious trouble in the United States, it’s not because of the gay and lesbian couples seeking to achieve it. If my own research telegraphs future marriage trends, the real peril may come from an increasing number of straight folks who have had their fill of traditional marriage. Instead of fretting about how gay couples are redefining marriage, maybe we should start talking about why straight couples are rejecting it.

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48 Chinese Christians detained New Year’s Day

American Exceptionalism? Clinton’s Human Rights Day Speech

Abortion decriminalization passes in Uruguay Senate

NY: Charges dropped against women who performed self-abortion

Virginia Gov. McDonnell Signs Regs That Could Stop Abortions

Hawaii Attorney General Affirms Assisted Suicides Illegal

The Framers and the Difference Between Freedom of Speech and Freedom of the Press

Battling Anew Over the Place of Religion in Public Schools

Under the U.S. Supreme Court: Gingrich threats a dark omen for courts?

NH: Parental notification law on abortion takes effect today

Supreme Court takes up Idaho wetlands property rights dispute

A Federal Judge Responds Defiantly to Chief Justice Roberts

Court Allows Pregnancy Centers To Intervene In Establishment Clause Challenge To Informed Consent Abortion Law

Hungary Again Passes Restrictive Religion Law

In India, Conversion Law Is Used By Hindu Family To Oppose Daughter’s Marriage

Indian Government Sets New OBC Sub-Quota In Bid For Muslim Votes

Goldman Sachs Enters Islamic Finance Market Amid Some Criticism

Spurned by the ABA, law school strikes back with antitrust suit

CA: Lure of Chinese Tuition Pushes Out Asian-Americans

Suit Challenges Denial of Charter School Application By Minister

“Gay rights in N.C. face scrutiny in spotlight of Democratic Convention”

The daughter’s return: A glimmer of hope in the sad tale of sex-selective abortion in India

ACLU warns St, Joe schools about religious speakers

ACLU, Others Slam Obama for Signing Defense Bill That Includes Detainee Provisions

Israel parliament approves law on top court judges

New Year’s Resolution: 10 Pro-Life Things You Can Do in 2012

    Bryan Kemper at LifeNews: 6. Wear pro-life t-shirts and clothing. You can reach thousands of people a day wearing a pro-life t-shirt. My favorite place to wear mine is the airport; I think I get maximum visibility there. School is also a great place to wear a pro-life t-shirt – if your school gives you trouble, you can always contact the Alliance Defense Fund at 1-800-tell-adf. You can order great pro-life t-shirts at Pro-life World: www.prolifeworld.com

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Fire dog joins Fla. probe at burnt abortion clinic

Morocco king keeps checks on new Islamist govt

“2011 International LGBT Roundup: Decriminalization of Homosexuality and Anti-Discrimination”

“The Department of State’s Accomplishments Promoting the Human Rights of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender People”

    State.gov: Human rights are inalienable and belong to every person, no matter who that person is or whom that person loves. Since January 2009, Secretary Clinton has directed the Department to champion a comprehensive human rights agenda—one that includes the protection of the human rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people. The Department uses its full range of diplomatic and development tools to press for the elimination of violence and discrimination against LGBT people worldwide, particularly those forced to flee their homes or countries.

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The future of the republican party may be in the hands of its youth

Let’s hope Supreme Court hears Bible case (take poll at right)

UL professor files civil suit against co-workers

    The Advertiser: Oller and UL officials did not return calls for comment, and his local council referred The Daily Advertiser’s requests for comment to the Alliance Defense Fund, which is also representing Oller. According to the group’s website, the ADF formed in the 90s and is, “a servant organization that provides the resources that will keep the door open for the spread of the Gospel through the legal defense of religious freedom, the sanctity of life, marriage and the family.” The group claims on the website that it is fighting against ACLU attacks on religious freedom and other religious dogma. One of the ADF’s deceased founders, Marlin Maddoux, is quoted praising ADF in its fight against “radical attacks.” “ADF gives Christians a unique way to fight back against the radical attacks of groups like the ACLU, homosexual activists and anti-family activists,” Maddoux is quoted as saying.

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New Jersey Congressman Urges Vigilance at Hospital that Wanted Nurses to Assist at Abortions

12 pro-life nurses win victory in New Jersey hospital case

2011 Victories and Challenges for Religious Liberty

Forsyth County Files Final Brief with SCOTUS

Pro-Life Nurses Win Over Hospital Abortion-Assistance Requirements

Partisanship in the pulpit, then and now: Prohibition Johnson put through in 1954 could face court challenges

    National Catholic Reporter (12/28): This quietude of the courts could well change. The conservative Alliance Defense Fund recruited a group of more than 30 pastors to preach explicitly on the moral qualities of the candidates on Sunday, Sept. 28, 2008, which they deemed “Pulpit Freedom Sunday.” As Mayer notes, the group “then made a list of the participating pastors and churches public, in effect daring the IRS to investigate them.” The Internal Revenue Service may be reluctant to get into a clash with a church, but at some point, the government must enforce its own laws, and a challenge to the constitutionality of the proscription on partisanship in the pulpits may come before the courts.

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Victory for New Jersey nurses told to participate in abortions

Minnesota City Must Allow People to Share Faith

County says Supreme Court should hear prayer case

Twelve New Jersey Pro-Life Nurses Successful in Negotiated Settlement with Hospital

Pennsylvania Court Rules on Rubber Stamp Teen Abortions | Life News

    LifeNews: Officials with the Alliance Defense Fund and Americans United for Life submitted a friend-of-the-court brief to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court supporting the law. “Parents should have a right to be involved in their child’s critical life-changing decisions, and that includes abortions,” ADF Legal Counsel Matt Bowman told LifeNews.com previously. “Secret abortions performed on minors leave children in the hands of a predatory abortion industry that has put profits above parents’ rights and the health and safety of young girls and their preborn children.”

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Hu Says West Is Trying to Divide China by Using Ideology, Cultural Weapons

Nurses Were Right to Resist Pressure to Assist Abortions | Life News

Judge bars interference with street preachers | Norman Transcipt (AP)

Muslim Brotherhood vows not to recognize Israel

MN: Wayzata congregation wins dispute with city

Scientists grow sperm in laboratory dish

ACLU Asks Court to Stop Missouri Library From Censoring “Minority Religion” Websites

Planned Parenthood’s “Abortions Are Just 3%” Claim is False

Chief Justice Roberts defends Justices’ ethics