Florida court says both lesbian “mothers” have parental rights

Kevin Theriot: Without Religious Freedom There Is No Other Liberty

UK: Floren and Reuben Blake – the twins born five years apart

Theology of the Body Institute Names Executive Director

“Looking forward: [LGBT] Drama for 2012″

U.K. Christians lose ground as unbelief grows

Group Sues Wyoming Officials Over Abortion Protests

    K2 Radio: “We’re interested in protecting First Amendment rights across the country in situations like this where a group is being singled out because of their religious expression and that expression is being banned, even where other groups are allowed to erect similar displays and similar viewpoints in the area,” said Jonathan Scruggs, a lawyer for the Alliance Defense Fund. Scruggs said WyWatch Family Action wants to put up materials communicating members’ belief that “life begins in the womb.” “I don’t think it’s the type of situation where it’s any type of gruesome photo or anything along those lines, where it’s a baby that’s been aborted, or a fetus that’s been aborted,” Scruggs. “It’s more of a depiction of a baby in the womb.”

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Illinois abortion clinic agrees to $9,750 fine

Stopping the spread of sharia should be central to British foreign policy Comment

Is Hague doing enough to stop the Arab Spring becoming a Winter for Christians?

High Court judge launching pro-marriage foundation

Planned Parenthood’s Annual Report: Got $487.4M in Tax Money, Did 329,445 Abortions

McConnell blasts Obama’s Cordray non-recess recess appointment

Santorum wants tax code to reward traditional marriage and families

    The Washington Post: Rick Santorum’s socially conservative brand has helped him break through with a last-minute surge in Iowa. But his agenda isn’t restricted to reimposing “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” outlawing gay marriage nationwide, or promoting prayer in public schools. Santorum also wants to use the federal tax incentives to promote traditional marriage and families.

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WA Gov. to put forward legislation to redefine marriage

Obama’s DOJ says ‘recess’ appointment illegal

Staggering abortion rate among UK’s teenagers

Stem cell research on donor eggs often not disclosed

Nigeria’s president declares state of emergency after Christmas attacks

IN: Tippecanoe County commissioners OK rezoning for Islamic center

France’s Tottery Effort to Reverse Creeping Islamization

India: Christians report attacks in Mangalore

Santorum looks for staying power

Nigerian prelate urges Christians: ignore terrorist ultimatum to leave area

Egypt: Christians’ homes burned over Facebook Muhammad images

Australia: MP takes vow of consensus on same-sex “marriage” bill

MD: Another labor group to back same-sex marriage

MD: Budget cuts, same-sex marriage on tap for 2012 session

IL: Rockford abortion clinic to reopen

Michael Norton: Is Planned Parenthood Texting Your Kids?

“States Put Same-Sex Marriage on Ballot in 2012 as Public Opinion Swings”

Ron Paul: Debt Burden Threatens American Families

Will Cal. Condoms in Porn Initiative Interfere with OSHA Compliance?

Va. AG weighs in on prayer at public meetings issue

Salvation Army USA clashes with international group over abortion

Michele Bachmann Drops Out of Presidential Race

Constitutional experts: pro-life ‘terrorists’ could be permanently detained without trial under law

Citizens ask Maryland State Ethics Commission to Correct: “Use the Wrong Pronouns and You’re Out” Ruling

Planned Parenthood Sees 28% Decline in Private Donations

Recess Appointment of Richard Cordray Despite Pro Forma Sessions

U.S. Senator Scott Brown: “Gingrich off base on the judiciary” | The Boston Globe

    U.S. Senator Scott Brown at The Boston Globe: GOP PRESIDENTIAL hopeful Newt Gingrich recently made disturbing comments regarding the judiciary. He proposed that Congress should be able to impeach judges whose decisions he believes to be wrong. If elected, he would abolish courts that displease him, ignore Supreme Court decisions he doesn’t approve of, and order US marshals to arrest judges to force them to explain their decisions to Congress.

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Fired Muslim Bookkeeper Settles Suit Against Catholic Diocese

Split Decisions on Courthouse Nativity Scenes

A Life of Passion: Progressive Eugenics and Planned Parenthood

Boys raised by traditional families ‘do better at school’

Why European Loans Could Hurt U.S. Taxpayers

Obama to bypass Senate GOP, recess-appoint key nominee

Palin: GOP better not marginalize Ron Paul; “he understands Americans are war weary and broke”

Gingrich’s fraud claim may not matter for Virginia ballot

Romney doubles down on argument that state health mandate is ‘conservative’

Fed to shine light on interest rate plans

Obama under strong pressure to break precedent on recess appointments