“Gingrich, Romney warn of gay marriage impact”

3 candidates pledge to enforce obscenity law

Critics claim MSNBC has ‘suspended’ Pat Buchanan

Sex education standards encourage teaching of sexual identity, anti-bullying in schools

Eugenics: America’s Past Genocide of Poor Minorities; NC considers sterilization compensation

GOP Candidates Decry Bigotry Against Christians on Campaign Trail in New Hampshire

UK teen abortions are nearly double EU average

Critics blame tax system for number of single parents

Opinion: Can U.S. adjust to Islamist Mideast?

Iran Sentences American Man to Death as Alleged CIA Spy

Why is the US marriage rate falling sharply?

“Gay marriage a threat to humanity’s future: Pope”

“Gary Johnson: Obama ‘opposes’ same-sex marriage because of black voters”

Planned Parenthood 2010 report: $487.4 million in taxpayer money, 329,445 unborn babies killed

Sex-Selection Abortion in India: War Against the Unwanted

Suit by Conservative Sees Bias in Law School Hiring

High court backs foreign campaign contribution ban

Egypt tycoon faces trial for insulting Islam after tweeting cartoon of bearded Mickey Mouse

Same-Sex-Marriage Is Trenton Democrats’ Priority

Czech government split on religious restitution

Ind. Dems ending boycott, won’t promise labor vote

Daley to step down as White House chief of staff

Romney seeks to limit damage from remark about firing people

NYC Housing Authority Relents, Allows Churches’ Worship Services To Remain In The Community Centers

David Hacker: ADF Joins Coalition Calling on U.S. Department of Education to Protect Speech on Campus

ADF: Court says pregnancy help centers can defend SD abortion waiting period law

Arizona shootings: Year to honor Judge John Roll

Evangelicals Hurry to Find Alternative to Romney

“Arkansas AG shows true pro-abortion colors”

Legal to Fire Pregnant Waitress From Strip Club?

Fifth Circuit Mulls Free Speech Rights Under Texas Sonogram Bill

MO: Police Officer Fired After Religious Refusal To Get Medical Help For Wife Sues

ACLU threatens lawsuit to hasten student transfers – KansasCity.com

At issue: Marriage in NC

Girl Scout Employee Quits, Not Allowed to Wear Pro-Life Shirt

ACLU At It Again | One News Now

How campus codes threaten free speech | Bangor Daily News

Pastoral Protest: Seven are arrested in New York for protesting a discriminatory ban against churches

‘Gay’ rights … or business-owner rights?

N.J. Hospital Reverses Requirement for Pro-Life Nurses | Baptist Press

FIRE Urges Department of Education to Protect Speech

A.W.R. Hawkins: Book Review: “Society Against Itself: Political Correctness and the War Against Authority”

    A.W.R. Hawkins at KirkCenter.org: What are the origins of a force this great? And what kind of world will ours become if political correctness continues to permeate our culture unabated? These questions and many others are answered in Howard S. Schwartz’s Society Against Itself: Political Correctness and Organizational Self-Destruction.

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Eastern Pennslvania Citizens Against Gambling Opposes Proposal for Table Games at Valley Forge

Ron Paul says corporate medicine not much better than socialized medicine

On education policy, Santorum is longtime critic of public school system

Vast Web of Federal Regulation Causing Drug Shortages

    NCPA Policy Digest: The number of prescription drug shortages reached record levels in 2011, far surpassing the same figure for even recent years. These shortages have been costly and have disrupted chemotherapy, surgery and care for patients in various states of health. Not surprisingly, government price and output controls are largely to blame . . .

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David Carroll Cochran: “Religion and Freedom” | Public Discourse

Ken Starr: Can I vote for a Mormon?

Legal Periodical: Justice Ginsburg and Religious Liberty