ECHR: Britain loses 3 in 4 cases at human rights court

Ontario Judge upholds Canada’s nudity laws

“Gay couples register with city of Orlando”

Woman Faces Jail After Giving Teen RU 486 Abortion Drug

David French: Ron Paul’s Appeal Among the Military | National Review Online

LA council tentatively OKs porn condom ordinance

WV delegates introduce bill to limit sexually oriented businesses

Are the assassinations of Iranian scientists an act of terrorism?

Another GOP lawmaker from California to retire

UK: Christian radio station will be allowed to challenge ad ban

Ky.: Judge sends Kentucky Amish men to jail over fines

Ben Bull: Special Rights For Some Undercut Equal Rights For All

    ADF Attorney Benjamin Bull Townhall : While we sit in our soft chairs watching big screen TVs and complaining that microwave popcorn takes too long to cook, activists backing the homosexual agenda relentlessly march on. Availing themselves of avenues that are notably left of center, both culturally and politically, they incrementally pursue and secure special treatment under the guise of “rights” and “equality.” And while we’ve seen this happen at many levels of government—both state and national—we err greatly if we fail to see the inroads being made on an international level as well.

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Florida: ACLU “warns of school prayer bill’s legal problems as it moves forward”

Kevin Theriot: Supreme Court Affirms – A Church Should Determine Who Its Ministers Are, Not The Gov’t

Piero A. Tozzi: Clash of Competing Rights Claims Raises Free Speech Concerns

Survey: U.S. Protestant pastors reject evolution, split on Earth’s age

“How Thomas Jefferson’s secret Bible might have changed history”

Poll finds Mormons worry about acceptance but embrace differences

Lord’s Prayer lawsuit brings up ‘weighty issues’ in Delaware

Rick Santorum’s tax policy rewards marriage and having larger families

American Evangelicals beginning to rethink birth control, argues author of new book

Planned Parenthood Kills 332,278 Kids at Taxpayer Expense

“Religious leaders: Same-sex marriage threatens religious freedom”

“Democrats Line Up the Votes to Pass Gay Marriage Bill”

Google’s love-hate relationship with China back on

WV: State of the Family Address

US Chamber Head: Won’t Sue ‘Today’ To Block Cordray Appointment

Planned Parenthood: Pre-Abortion Ultrasounds “Abhorrent”

Canadian gov’t nullifies ‘gay marriages’ for non-Canadians

U.S. jobless claims rise sharply to 6-week high

    CNBC: The number of Americans applying for first-time jobless benefits rose last week, a report showed on Thursday, reversing a recent decline and suggesting the labor market remains brittle.

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DOJ Memo: Lawfullness of Recess Appointments During a Recess of the Senate Notwithstanding Periodic Pro Forma Sessions

Obama Nominees Cool Heels as Divided Senate Stalls on Confirmation Votes

Justice memo argues Obama recess appointments were legal

AG says Pocono Mountain Charter School violated state law – entanglement with church

In Canadian Province, Catholic Schools Hit By Complaints Under Parental Rights Law

Why the government should “be in the marriage business”

    What’s Wrong with the World Blog: The every-fourth-year-ly hoopla about a certain politician whose name rhymes with “Don Tall” has brought into view a slogan (perhaps I may say a “canard”) which evidently is this politician’s position–namely, that “government should get out of the marriage business.”

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WV: Turner rallies for open prayer

RI: Cranston West Prayer Banner must come down says Judge

FFRF protests New Haven clerk’s call for school prayer

Jordan Lorence on the Radio: Churches fight ouster from NYC school buildings

Pastors scrambling for their churches | One News Now

“Anti-Gay Legal Guns For Hire: How The Right Uses ‘Religious Liberty’ To Fight Discrimination Suits” | TPM

Churches Change Tactics to Fight Ouster From N.Y.C. Schools |

Nearly 500 state lawmakers to press Supreme Court to uphold healthcare mandate

Full speed ahead for Web domain name expansion, despite FTC warning

Federal court allows students to challenge ban on racially divisive courses in AZ schools

Study finds no better odds using 3 embryos in IVF

Shariah in America’s courts | Washington Times

Ky. Amish men ignoring highway law face jail time

Obama asks Congress for $1.2 trillion debt increase – its just a “formality”

Children ‘dumped in streets by Greek parents who can’t afford to look after them any more’