Raul Castro’s daughter: Cuba eyes same-sex unions

ADF: U.S. Supreme Court refuses Forsyth County prayer case despite divided lower courts

International Planned Parenthood’s Strategic Goal: Increase Abortion Services by 82 Percent–in Africa

“Rick Santorum endorsement: An evangelical-Catholic truce or marriage of convenience?”

    Mary C. Curtis at The Washington Post: The debate about how one chooses to practice any faith – or not – is public. While many still see the separation as benefit for both church and state, Santorum has said he judges Kennedy’s speech and his sentiments “appalling,” and he hopes South Carolina voters agree. When the divide is not just over religious doctrine but also the role of faith itself in government, the alliance between conservative Catholics and evangelical Protestants isn’t puzzling at all. It makes perfect sense.

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NJ governor signs sports betting bill into law

Treasury dips into pension funds to avoid debt

Missouri Pro-Life Bill Protects Conscience Rights on Abortion

Ken Klukowski: Shocker! Supreme Court lets stand lower bench’s ban on saying ‘Jesus’ too often in public prayers | Washington Examiner

More States Look to Legalize Online Gambling

    NYTimes.com: It has been more than four decades since states first began putting numbers runners out of business by starting their own legal lotteries, which now yield them about $18 billion a year. Now several states are thinking about trying to plug budget gaps by profiting . . .

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