Florida: Student prayer in Sunshine State

1/5 of the human race being aborted

Jordan Lorence: Mayor Bloomberg’s war on worship | NYPOST.com

“Rel. liberty takes hit in new gay ‘marriage’ suits” | Baptist Press

    Michael Foust at Baptist Press: Jim Campbell, an attorney with the Alliance Defense Fund — which is representing the Methodist group — said the cases prove that there is harm to religious liberty when states legalize gay “marriage” or civil unions or pass broad legislation incorporating sexual orientation into non-discrimination laws. “When people hear that their legislature is considering a law like this and they think, ‘What’s the harm?’ they need to realize that there is this direct threat to religious liberty — to business owners, employees, religious entities and people who attend all those religious entities,” Campbell told Baptist Press. “These four cases are a good demonstration of that. People who are concerned about religious liberty should be concerned about these legal developments.”

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Irish politician sees no place for religious schools

KY: Pastor Under Fire For Prayer Before State Legislative Session

Nigerian Christians Under High State of Alert

NY Senate Dems: GOP Silencing Abortion Talk

Wash. Senate now 1 vote short on legislation to redefine marriage

Sanctity of Human Life Sunday: Resources for Every Person to Celebrate Life | Family Policy Council of WV

South Carolina: Gingrich 33%, Romney 31%, Paul 15%, Santorum 11%: Rasmussen

Wyoming officials ban public displays in Herschler Gallery | Wyoming Tribune

WA: “Microsoft supports gay marriage bills in state Legislature”

Maricopa Community College Charging People For Sharing Religious Faith

Pentagon report: Sexual assault in the military up dramatically

Student’s Opinion Column Censored for Promoting Natural Adoption

    Liberty Counsel: School officials at Shawano High School needlessly censored and apologized for a 15-year-old’s op-ed article supporting natural mother-father adoption. It was a part of an editorial page which presented both viewpoints, each articulated by students. After the school newspaper was published in the local town paper, a homosexual in the community complained to the school. School officials took immediate action and censored the article supporting natural adoption.

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Study: “Marriage, Cohabitation Provide Similar Health Benefit”

N.J. Senate: Legislation to Redefine Marriage Nears Veto-Proof Support

Iowa: “Same-sex marriage backers launch campaign”

Scalia: “absolute madness” to allow nine justices to decide the Constitution means whatever they say

With Loungewear Trend, Teens Wear Pajamas All Day

UK: Criminalising insulting words undermines free speech

College puts $50 daily price on 1st Amendment | WND

UK: Section 5 amendment needed to ‘roll back’ offence culture

Prosecutors ordered to track number of women in Mexico imprisoned for abortion

Denise Burke: Dead wrong: Nearly 40 years after Roe v. Wade, states seek to end tyranny of abortion industry

ACLU attorney says Amish jailings in western Ky. could have waited for Supreme Court appeal

Pro-Family Leader James Dobson Endorses Rick Santorum

Pope hits out at `radical secularism’ | AP

Church In Bankruptcy Need Not Disclose Membership List

Faith leaders choosing up sides

Kansas hoping for ‘personhood’

New B.C. Special Prosecutor Will Look At Charges Other Than Polygamy Against FLDS Members

Begin Sex Ed in Kindergarten, Says New ‘National Standards’ Report

Challenge To Nevada’s Limit On Who Can Perform Marriages Moves Ahead

AUL Report: Louisiana Most Pro-Life, Washington Most Pro-Abortion

“Romney Riches Are Being Seen as New Hurdle” | NY Times

South Carolina social conservative leaders to endorse Rick Santorum

Politico Poll: Gingrich Nears Romney in SC

43 pastors and church members arrested in New York | Christian Concern

Gingrich’s ex-wife claims he wanted an ‘open marriage’

Why doctors might be turning on ‘ObamaCare’

Building Commission blocks tunnel protests | Wyoming Tribune Eagle Online

WY: Officials ban public displays in tunnel | Billings Gazette

An abortion-funding battle in NH | One News Now

Congress’ Pension Math Doesn’t Add Up

    NCPA Policy Digest: Pointing out that local governments’ unfunded retirement obligations may now approach $4 trillion, the Hatch report noted that the failure of a few big public sector pension plans could spark a credit “contagion” that would make it difficult for all governments in America to borrow money.

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Nearly Half of U.S. Households Receive Government Benefits

Religious-Themed Business Course Canceled at ISU in Ames | Ames, IA Patch

    Ames, IA Patch: he Alliance Defense Fund, which advocates for religious freedoms, particularly within the classroom, told Inside Higher Ed that after making adjustments to ensure the class was taught objectively, Iowa State should have allowed the class to continue. “It is a shame that certain academics and groups on the left … would rather engage in educational censorship than allow true academic freedom,” ADF senior counsel David Cortman wrote in a statement released to Inside Higher Ed. “Any objections to the method of teaching the course could have been addressed without canceling the entire course.”

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New Hampshire Considers Defunding Planned Parenthood, Weakening Domestic Violence Laws | Huffington Post

Supreme Court Refuses to Hear Pair of “Jesus’ Name” Prayer Cases | The New American

China sentences activist to 10 years over writings

Free speech at heart of lawsuit against Maricopa CC

New Hampshire House Votes to Strip Abortion Providers of Taxpayer Funds

Perry: Romney abortion flip was for ‘convenience’

Iowa GOP says we will never know who won: Santorum up by 34; 8 precincts missing

GOP field leaves SC’s religious right uninspired

Perry dropping out, will endorse Gingrich

Pakistani government bows to top court’s demand

GOP NJ Sen. Kyrillos to run for US Senate