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California Pro-Lifers Try Again for Parental Notice on Abortion

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Iowa: Man Arrested After Forcing Girlfriend to Take Abortion Drug

Nine year old British girls forced to marry under sharia

Same-sex marriage: Numerous reasons for Maryland lawmakers to oppose it Many Maryland citizens are morally opposed to same-sex marriage. There is real outrage aimed at Gov. Martin O’Malley for encouraging another legislative battle on this issue. I believe it is arrogant and dangerous to redefine God’s eternal law. Doing so would usher in an era of depravity that no amount of lawmaking could ever correct. I recognize that some legislators may not agree with my opinion, so I offer pragmatic reasons to oppose same sex marriage.

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EU summit: UK and Czechs refuse to join fiscal compact

Washington Post Poll: “Half of Maryland residents back legalizing same-sex marriage”

Julea Ward, ADF Win Free Speech Rights Appeal in Counseling Case

“N.J. gay rights advocates fight a vote on same-sex marriage”

Michelle Obama drops $50,000 in lingerie spending spree

UK: “John Sentamu’s argument against gay marriage is already lost”

Evidence Mounts Against Justice Kagan For Recusal In ObamaCare Suit

NY Times: “Filibustering Nominees Must End”

LA Times: “The Senate should reject a House-passed bill that would allow religious symbols on war memorials.”

South Dakota Supreme Court Refuses To Order Church Dissolution Because of Religious Issues Involved

Saudi Arabia: News of imprisonment delayed

Supreme Court Fails to Communicate Effectively to Public, Law Scholar Argues

Herman Cain endorses Newt Gingrich

Syrian Uprising Becoming Shiite-Sunni Conflict

FDA staffers sue agency over surveillance of personal e-mail

Illinois: Bishop blasts secularist intolerance, calls for ‘assertive action’ to defend Church

SD: Study of Bible in state’s schools

West Point under pressure to de-invite Islam critic

N.J. will need money to fund new anti-bullying law, council rules

Mississippi: To spank … or not to spank

Rally on Brooklyn Bridge against ban on renting schools for worship

Newt Gingrich v. The Nine: Can POTUS Ignore SCOTUS?

Europe’s Top Courts Are on a Pro-Life Roll | Christianity Today

Stubborn Law Students Insist They Would Do It All Over Again

Santorum Says Disabled Daughter Bella’s Condition Improving

Free speech now allowed campus-wide |

“Anti-Gay Student’s Suit Revived” | Inside Higher Ed

University blasted for intolerance of Christianity | WorldNetDaily

Expelled Eastern Michigan University grad student can take case to jury over refusal to counsel on gay lifestyle | Detroit Free Press

Sixth Circuit extends Hazelwood to colleges, universities | Student Press Law Center

N.H. House Votes to Bar Funds for Planned Parenthood | Baptist Press

Counselor can sue employer for firing | UPI

Expelled counseling student wins OK to sue | Sacramento Bee

Fleeced by the Fed: Fed’s zero interest rate bails out Wall Street and Treasury, sinks middle class

Chris Christie’s “gay” judicial nominee wrote an e-mail supporting marriage redefinition

“Julea Ward, Christian Counseling Student Expelled For Gay And Lesbian Views, To Argue Discrimination Case In Court”

Court tells college to be tolerant of Christians |

“UN chief: Africa leaders should respect gay rights”

Gingrich wants panel to look at in vitro clinics

Islamists’ attack kills 2 in N. Nigeria

Canadian jury finds all guilty of 1st-degree murder in Islamic family’s honor killings

ACLU: “New HUD Rule Delivers for LGBT Americans”

The Same-Sex “Marriage” Proposal is Unjust Discrimination

Miami’s Cuban vote shifting, but still strongly Republican

A Florida Bush Stays Silent, and to Many, That Says a Lot

Proposed Federal Rules Would Limit Kids’ Work on Farms

    NCPA Policy Digest: After four years of silence on the issue, the Labor Department has released a swathe of new regulations governing child labor in the agriculture sector. Citing injury and fatality reports from recent years, labor officials state that the new rules were proposed in order to protect youths from activities that have proven to be exceedingly dangerous, says USA Today.

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