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Jordan Lorence: In NYC, schools in churches are OK, but churches in schools are not? | Baptist Press

Romney, Gingrich tie for Fla. evangelical vote

John Marshall grads sue school over employment statistics

“‘Knock Off’ the Hate Speech, Says LGBT Super Bowl Ads”

UK: Lawyers can seek volunteers to help ‘locked-in’ man die

Lambda Legal: HIV-Positive Man Denied Job as Atlanta Police Officer Wins in 11th Circuit

Florida: Senate passes school prayer bill

Law Schools Sued for Lying About Lawyering

Maryland: “Same-sex marriage bill goes in the House with 56 cosponsors”

ADF: Austin renews attack on pro-life centers

WA: Amazon joins business push to redefine marriage

“Disabled vet in same-sex marriage sues over denial of full benefits”

Philadelphia Archbishop Chaput: Catholic school crisis shows need for vouchers

India: Karnataka Hindu extremists attack a Jesuit Catholic College. Students and teachers beaten

Ross Douthat: Government and Its Rivals |

Mohler says insurance mandate not just ‘Catholic’ issue

Canada: Pro-life MP rebukes Harper’s “ironclad” party discipline

Taiwan’s crackdown on sex-selective abortion showing marginally positive results

Abortion lobby jumps to defend birth control mandate as groundswell of opposition rises

Australia: Couple sue IVF doctor for $10M in ‘wrongful birth’ case

Gingrich Blasts Obama’s Anti-Religious Coverage Mandate

Virginia Senate OKs Allowing Women Pre-Abortion Ultrasound

Gallup state numbers predict huge Obama loss

Electing judges still works for N.C.

President’s Press Secretary in Response to Catholic Bishops: “I don’t believe there are any constitutional issues . . . “

How America made its children crazy

    Asia Times Online: Now we know that computers don’t help children learn and that drugs don’t help them concentrate, because the establishment mandarins who sold us the computers and drugs have conceded failure. In the January 29 New York Times, [1] a prominent professor of child development shows that attention-deficit-disorder drugs only harm the three million children who take them. One out of 10 American children have been diagnosed with so-called Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder and most of them have been medicated. [2] Some months ago, the Times reported that test scores lagged in school districts that invested massively in digital education.

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Washington: Mother challenges viewing of Internet porn at library; girl saw it

Sweden’s New Home Schooling Limits Being Tested By Chabad Rabbi

MT: FFRF to sue over Catholic Shrine on federal land

Indiana Senate approves right-to-work bill

Who Is Behind Susan G. Komen’s Split From Planned Parenthood? | The Atlantic

New York City is wrongly expelling religious groups from public schools | NY Daily News

Cancer charity halts grants to Planned Parenthood | Journal Times

Md. Senate hearing on marriage draws hundreds | Washington Blade

Supporters, opponents of same-sex marriage bill square off at Md. legislative hearing | The Washington Post

MD: Same-sex marriage evokes range of attitudes | The Capital – The Capital: The hearing attracted a few witnesses from out of state. Brian W. Raum, is senior counsel for the Arizona-based Alliance Defense Fund. He said the bill fails to protect “religious-minded” individuals and businesses, such as wedding planners and venue halls. “Certain kinds of businesses are going to be negatively affected,” he said. “They may be people of deep faith who don’t want to participate.” After the hearing, Raum seemed perturbed when asked to explain why businesses should be free to discriminate against same-sex couples, while discrimination on racial or religious grounds is illegal. “If you don’t see the difference between race-based discrimination and a protection for marriage between a man and a woman, then I can’t help you on that,” he said.

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Cookies With Christianity: After School, Public Education May Be Parochial | Huffington Post

Oregon Community College Drops Free Speech Zone | The Moral Liberal

Maryland Marriage Debate Takes on Wife of Its Own: “Proud to be a coward. Defend marriage.”

    FRC: If Maryland’s same-sex “marriage” bill was controversial before, then the Governor’s wife just poured gasoline on the fire. In a speech last week, Catherine O’Malley certainly didn’t help her husband’s cause when she was caught on tape calling leaders “cowards” for supporting traditional marriage.

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Fresh off Florida victory, Romney pushes on to next primary fight

R.R. Reno: Rights of Conscience | A First Things Blog

Homeownership ratesfalls to 66%, values continue decline