Fear of Demographic Deficit Leads to Abortion Restrictions Being Tightened in Russia

Minnesota ACLU board targets constitutional amendments

Iowa Bill requiring ultrasound before abortion clears House subcommittee

Virginia legislature approves ultrasound bill, personhood bills advances

“If God made us in His image, how can the religious oppose gay marriage?”

Rand Paul Holds Up Senate Action on 11th Cir. Nominee Over Detainees in Egypt

Abortion’s Hard Case Exceptions: Responding to Rape, Incest

Gendercide: when choice becomes an issue

Pro-Life Groups: Amendment Needed to Blunt Obama Mandate

Plaintiff in Va. prayer lawsuit reveals identity

Wherefore Art Thou ACLU?

UK: Government tsar claims male and female school uniforms ‘discriminatory’

Sexual freedom fallout costs Britain £100 billion-a-year

“Uganda police shut down meeting of gay activists”

Chinese blocked visit by U.S. religious freedom envoy, advocates say

Ron Paul: Obamacare is about suppression of the nuclear family, some Catholic leaders naively supported it

“Des Moines church is site of gay rights protest: Pastor says homosexuality is sin, just like adultery is sin”

Illinois marriage vote to be set during lame duck session?

WA House OKs mandatory insurance coverage for abortion

MO: Abortion Rights and Religious Advocates Clash in State Capitol

“Same-sex marriage march in Edinburgh”

Rick Santorum edges ahead of Mitt Romney in race for GOP presidential nomination: poll

“Sports anchor fired over pro-marriage tweet to put Rogers on the hot seat in May”

John W. Whitehead: “Dawn of the Drones: The Realization of the Total Surveillance State”

    The Rutherford Institute: Congress has just passed a bill, the FAA Reauthorization Act, mandating that the Federal Aviation Administration create a comprehensive program for the integration of drone technology into the national air space by 2015. The FAA predicts that there will be 30,000 drones crisscrossing the skies of America by 2020, all part of an industry that could be worth hundreds of millions of dollars per year.

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2011 Census data reveals bleak demographic future for Canada

NYC pastor fears ‘agenda’ against churches

Israel Will Not Extradite Fugitive To U.S. Unless He Will Have Kosher Food In Prison

Canada: The EFC Supports Parliamentary Study on “Human Being”

Joe Infranco: Contraception mandate is not an issue of money but of conscience

Senate May Vote on Amendment to Stop Obama’s Abortion Mandate

James Kalb: The tyranny of misunderstood freedom

Travis C. Barham: Vanderbilt’s Nondiscrimination Nonsense

Muslim Brotherhood Warns U.S. Aid Cut May Affect Egypt’s Peace Treaty With Israel

Court to Hear Appeal on Worship in Schools Ban | Norwood News

6th Circuit: “Federal court rules for free speech at fest”

New hope for Swedish home-schooling family

‘State Religion’: Bloomberg Defends NYC Policy Evicting Dozens of Churches From Public School Buildings | Yahoo! News

Pastor fasts for softened hearts in NYC | One News Now

NY: Bill to allow religious groups to worship at city school put on hold

New arguments in the case against Obamacare: Legal heavy hitters line up to take down president’s health-care overhaul | WND

Supreme Court Told ObamaCare Makes Americans Fund Abortions | LifeNews.com

Americans United for Life Files a Brief Regarding the Constitutionality of the Abortion | PRNewswire-USNewswire

Prop. 8 Appeal: Will Supreme Court Decide Gay Marriage Once and for All? | Christian Post

Federal court rules for Ohio festival free speech

12 state attorneys general: we will file lawsuit against Obama mandate ‘in weeks, not months’ | LifeSiteNews.com

Honduras Supreme Court Upholds Absolute Ban on Emergency Contraception

    Center for Reproductive Rights: The Honduras Supreme Court has upheld the country’s absolute ban on emergency contraception, which would criminalize the sale, distribution, and use of the “morning-after pill” — imposing punishment for offenders equal to that of obtaining or performing an abortion, which in Honduras is completely restricted.

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The Big Apple’s Expiration Date | FRC

White House Birth Control Statistics Don’t Add Up

Sen. Paul proposes bonuses for federal workers who identify budget savings

    The Hill: Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) on Sunday introduced legislation that would encourage federal agencies to return unspent money to the Treasury by giving federal workers bonuses for proposing spending cuts.

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Sherif Girgis and Robert P. George: Morals and Mandates

Pew study: 2 million dead Americans on active voter rolls

Montana and the Supreme Court

Congress looks for ways around Supreme Court

RUSE: Planned Parenthood, Girl Scout cookie monster