European Court of Human Rights: Critics of Homosexuality don’t enjoy freedom of opinion

Government Loses Money Minting Money

    Ben Shapiro at Big Government: Seriously. According to Time, the new Obama budget proposes using cheaper metals to manufacture pennies and nickels. Apparently, it cost the feds 2.4 cents to actually manufacture a penny and 11.2 cents to manufacture a nickel. So we’re losing money making money.

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Washington marriage referendum filed

India: Homosexuality is to be seen in context of changing society

Poll: Santorum leads by 18 among evangelicals

UN Committee Temporarily Shuts the Door on Pro-Abortion and Anti-Catholic Advocacy Groups | C-Fam

UK: Married couples ‘won’t get tax breaks’ in March budget

“It is moronic to compare opposition to gay marriage with opposition to interracial marriage” | Telegraph

    Brendan O’Neill at Telegraph Blogs: . . . there is one very important difference between those who campaigned against bans on interracial marriage and those who campaign against restrictions on gay marriage: the anti-racist activists of old were calling for democratic equity within an already-existing institution, whereas today’s pro-gay marriage activists are calling for the creation of an entirely new institution.

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Court Halts City’s Ban on Churches in Public Schools

Health care, ambassadors and other matters of conscience | ABP

Churches Win 10-Day Reprieve on Ouster From N.Y. Public Schools |

NYC Church Evictions Temporarily Lifted | CBN

NYC Mayor Bloomberg wrong to keep religious meetings out of school facilities on weekends, court rules | Human Events

Islamic religious persecution goes unnoticed (Video)

Lesbian minister at crux of Presbyterian divide

“Gay Marriage Represented 7 Percent of Marriages Since Law in New York”

Ore. state workers sue over wellness program coerced surveys

Queens parents sue over vaccines

Maryland: Beidle, Olszewski will both vote yes on marriage redefinition

Obama Mulls 80 Percent Disarmament of Nuclear Arsenal

Senate panel advances bill that would strip abortion funding for Medicaid recipients

Foster Friess: In my day, ‘gals’ put aspirin ‘between their knees’ for contraception

Democrats protest religious freedom hearing on Obama mandate

GOP senators unveil new Medicare overhaul plan

Ohio GOP Primary: Santorum 42%, Romney 24%

Canada’s Supreme Court to rule Friday on who has final say in education: parents or the state?

Pope: Large families a witness to faith, source of ‘wealth and hope’ to nation

HSLDA opposes Furman nomination to the S.D. of New York

NY: Revised Contraceptive Coverage Mandate Challenged In Lawsuit

SC: Christian Employee’s Title VII Claim May Proceed

MA: Challenge To Excommunication Dismissed Under Church Autonomy Doctrine

Public prayer under attack in U.K.

What contraception has wrought: Looting the future to pay for present benefits

UK: Opening prayer at Ilminster Town Council under review

Panel Behind Obama Mandate Dominated by Pro-Abortion Orgs

SC: Prayer missing from school board meeting

Joe Conason: Will Catholic Bishops and the Religious Right Save Obama? | Rasmussen

Colorado Public School Student Quits Choir When Forced to Sing “There is no truth except Allah,” “Allah is the only eternal and immortal”

New life: Like a phoenix rising, churches can continue meeting in NYC schools

NC “ACLU: Opening prayers at commissioner meetings need to stop”

MS: Surveilling homeschoolers, the 2nd try …

Joint Vatican, British declaration stresses commitment to religious freedom

Justice Kennedy, Abortion, and Same-Sex Marriage

“Filipino LGBT community in California lauds court rule vs Prop. 8″

NYC church defenders ‘not going away’ | One News Now

Colorado civil unions bill advances toward showdown

Will the State Re-Plant Churches in Public Schools? | Gay City News

School OK with zombies, but not pro-life posters | WND

Possible New Injunction May Allow NY Churches to Remain in School Buildings

“Birth Control, Meet Damage Control”: States prep to battle Obamacare mandate | FRC

Kevin Theriot: The “shire” of religious freedom under siege

Meet the ObamaCare Mandate Committee: Think the contraception mandate was bad? Just wait . . .

Social conservatives press Obama on administration’s birth-control mandate

ACLU: Court Orders Missouri School District to Stop Censoring LGBT Websites

Oklahoma Senate approves, “personhood” bill advances to House

Colorado civil unions bill advances to Senate floor

Interracial marriage in US hits new high: 1 in 12

Foreclosures on the Rise Again

Thailand: Iranians planned to attack Israelis

Zimbabwe civic groups dismiss charity groups ban

New American Dream is renting to get rich