ADF comment on AZ bill protecting religious freedom from Obama mandate

The following quote may be attributed to Alliance Defense Fund Chief Solicitor Gary McCaleb regarding today’s 6-3 Arizona House Judiciary Committee vote to pass HB 2625 (the “strike everything” amendment) out of committee:

“This amendment protects the rights of all religious citizens without disturbing anyone else’s legal rights. Currently, Arizona law echoes the recent mandate by President Obama, who demanded that people of faith violate their conscience to fund contraception, sterilization, and abortion-inducing drugs. This amendment fixes that problem and protects the right of conscience for all Arizonans, just as the state constitution intended. ADF thanks the committee for considering the legal analysis we submitted and looks forward to having this bad law removed from the books.”


  • ADF letter to Arizona House Judiciary Committee on legal implications of HB 2625

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