ADF, Louisiana College challenge Obama mandate

India: Religion may be kept out of marriage certificates

Gary Bauer: ‘Contracepting’ a campaign

ADF, Geneva College to reveal lawsuit against Obama mandate Tuesday

Alabama: “Gay rights advocates rally in Montgomery to expand hate crime law”

NE: “Gay rights advocates fight for anti-discrimination measure”

John 3:16 Valentine’s Day Messages Confiscated by Elementary School

Lawmaker’s Resolution Condemns Iran For Christian Pastor’s Death Sentence

More People Die in Switzerland Via Assisted Suicide in 2011

“Gay marriage: David Cameron faces church backlash over ‘cultural vandalism’”

Kansas House committee delays vote on bill preventing abortion subsidization

UK: “Petition against same-sex marriage”

Women protest pro-life legislation at Virginia Capitol

Maryland Senate committee vote on marriage Tuesday, floor vote possible on Wednesday

Pastors in Maryland address vote on same-sex “marriage”

As Santorum seizes social issues, Romney demurs

Canada: Court ruling wrests education authority from parents, hands to state: lawyer in case

EU abortion roundup: Albania gender imbalance due to sex-selection; Spanish abortion bankrupt

“Top UK gay lobby presents legislation to abolish ‘husband’ ‘wife’; coalition launched to oppose”

KS: No charges against Sebelius admin in destruction of Planned Parenthood documents

The Church should ‘stay out of the bedroom,’ but pick up the tab for what happens there?

Chinese Forced Abortion Opponent Collapses From Home Detention

Ireland Statistics: 94% of Pregnant Women Reject Abortion

George Weigel: The Catholic Betrayal of Religious Freedom

Alabama Supreme Court justice blasts U.S. abortion law

Trust and the Supreme Court | NYT The authority of the Supreme Court depends on the trust of the public. But in recent years, that trust has been undermined by controversies surrounding the court’s lack of openness in how justices deal with ethics questions and in the court’s continuing refusal to let oral arguments be televised.

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Christie’s brash words on N.J. Supreme Court may be undermining state’s judicial branch This pattern of politicizing the judicial branch across the country is leading to loss in public trust in the courts, says one analyst tracking the issue. And that loss of trust and increased partisanship comes at the same time as lawmakers, activists and others try to push state policies through the courts to test political ideas to their limits.

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Ron Paul on Social Conservatism: ‘I Think It’s a Losing Position’, cites role of Federalism

2,500 Religious Leaders Sign Letter Protesting Obama Mandate

“Gay Marriage’s Slow Stroll to the Supreme Court”

God and Country prayer rally calls for religious freedom

Rhode Island Teen Who Fought Against Prayer Banner Gets Scholarship From Atheist Group

Preacher Loses Challenge To University’s Speaker Rules

2nd Circuit: TRO On Church Use of Schools Only Applies To One Church

Christopher O. Tollefsen: Mandates and Bad Law

Santorum challenges Obama’s worldview

“Arizona sheriff facing long odds after gay outing”

Orthodox leader urges greater religious freedom in Turkey

U.S. seeks delay on Belmont Abbey College challenge to Obama mandate

James Taranto: The Producers | WSJ

James Hochberg: In Hawaii, it’s 1984 all over again

Reid threatens recess appointment of all outstanding Obama nominees

Obama campaign turns attention to Santorum | The Washington Post

Social Issues and the Santorum Surge | WSJ

Ross Douthat: Can the Working Class Be Saved?

54% Favor Full Combat Role for Women in Military | Rasmussen

NC: Take Jesus Out Of Prayers, Asks ACLU

NJ: “Christie vetoes gay marriage bill”

The New Democratic Litmus Test

Obama Admin to give oil-rich Alaskan islands to Russia; Alaskan Congressional delegation silent?

With potential House bid, Rabbi Boteach hopes to make GOP rethink social issues

Matt Bowman: Obama’s Imaginary Mandate Compromise: Don’t Hope for Change

DOJ indicates denying same-sex couples military benefits is unconstitutional

US Supreme Court blocks enforcement of Montana campaign spending law

Planned Parenthood fraud charges: Taxpayers funding abortions | Washington Times

Prop 8 Challenge Brings New Approach to Pro Bono |

“Md. House roll call on same-sex marriage”

States attack ‘Obamacare’ with birth control bills |

Maryland bill redefining marriage passes House, moves to Senate

Anti-Marriage Ruling in California Sparks New Appeal, Day of Prayer | Christian Post

Pro-lifers win expansion of campus free speech | Catholic Sentinel

Baptist College Joins Catholic Bishops In Fight Against ObamaCare Birth Control Rule

Paul says US `slipping into a fascist system’

“Sex-changing treatment for kids: It’s on the rise”

UK: “Five-year-old boy lives as girl in youngest case of gov’t approved Gender Identity Disorder

Legal Periodical: Indonesia’s Blasphemy Law: Bleak Outlook for Minority Religions