Video: Christie explains same-sex “marriage” veto

Iowa Supreme Court ruling allows Davenport strip club to stay open

Irish poised to revisit abortion law

Abortion debate flares in Ga. legislature

Steve Aden: Planned Parenthood Poised to Get Even Richer Thanks to ObamaCare

Jordan Lorence: NYC Churches Endure Tumultuous Week in the Courts

The Left Is Still Ignoring the Costs of Family Breakdown

Hysterical Abortion Advocates Equate Ultrasounds To Rape

Maryland Senate committee approves bill to redefine marriage

Pickles demands return of Christian Britain

UK: Christian carer who refused to work on Sundays ‘denied rights given to a Muslim allowed to visit mosque’

Fla. Family Policy Council echoes objections to school prayer bill

Wyoming homeschooling threat averted

Religious broadcasters protest exclusion from social media

KS House panel backs religious freedom bill

Obama setting up taxpayer funded insurance competitors

“Sheriff’s ‘outing’ pushes Arizona to top of states with gay candidates for Congress”

“Al McAffrey, Oklahoma State Representative, Becomes State’s First Openly Gay Senator”

“Illinois push begins for gay marriage, amid much skepticism”

Harvard Conference Calls For Eliminating Jewish State

“Young Mothers Describe Marriage’s Fading Allure” | NYT

NC: Rowan board ignores ACLU, starts with prayer

Proposition 8 Proponents to Seek Full Ninth Circuit Review

Maryland: “Gay marriage bill doesn’t do enough to protect religious freedom”

Australian PM: Marriage redefinition ‘inevitable’

FBI ditches training materials criticized as anti-Muslim

Southern Baptist panel recommends add-on to name

    AP: Southern Baptists first considered changing their name in 1903. Leaders have seriously proposed it at least 13 times since then.

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Homosexuals lobby Australian PM over dinner to redefine marriage

Ex-judge in Mass. defends forced abortion ruling

Yale objects to monitoring of Muslim students

The U.N. Threat to Internet Freedom

McGurn: “Sex, Lies and Rick Santorum: The politics of the double standard on social issues”

    William McGurn at the Wall Street Journal: It’s arguably the most glaring double standard in American life today. It helps explain why candidates with social views that are fairly conventional among ordinary Americans—the citizens of 31 states including California have rejected same-sex marriage when put to a vote—find themselves depicted as extreme.

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Supreme Court refuses grandparents case

Thinking of having a baby solo? Don’t.

Drudge Report: Santorum’s Satan Warning

Government Prolongs Church Evictions | EurWeb

New York Can Enforce Ban Against Use of Schools for Worship | Bloomberg

School: Zombies – yes; pro-life – no

At issue: Planned Parenthood’s illegal gov’t funding | One News Now

La. College sues Obama administration over health-care rules on birth control | The Town Talk

HHS mandate means ‘ongoing, comprehensive government surveillance’: two new colleges sue |

Religious colleges join fight over contraceptives: Lawsuits challenge Obama’s mandate | Washington Times

Louisiana College suit challenges Obama on birth control |

Geneva suing to stop birth-control legislation | Times Online

Four colleges now suing over contraception mandate | World Mag

Another Judge Says Prop. 8 Violates Constitution | National Catholic Register

Obama Faces More Lawsuits Over Pro-Abortion HHS Mandate

For Rick Santorum voters, it’s character that counts

Gallup Poll: Santorum opens up double-digit national lead over Romney

Romney campaign spent three times what it raised in January

High court to take new look at affirmative action

Michael Stokes Paulsen: “Obama’s Contraception Cram-down: The Pork Precedent”

“Why teaching children at home violates progressive values” | Slate

Obama Admin plans new rules on school vending vachines

‘Buying’ House Votes for Unpopular Legislation

For boomers, it’s a new era of ‘work til you drop’